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Thursday, May 8 
sarah1234's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Aug 15, 9:33am

Upcoming running events:
5/9/14: 5k, Little Rock, AR (Bingo!)
5/24/14: 5k, Kalamazoo, MI (Bingo!)
1/11/15: Disney Marathon, FL

This is my ultimate goal: I am training for a 5K which has not been scheduled yet (in fact, it is probable that the race organizers have not even been born yet!), but it will be March 4, 2062, the first Saturday after I turn 100.

All of my marathons, all my workouts, all my good eating habits – all of this is directed toward that one goal – being healthy and in good condition to run this 5K.

And I will keep running them until I get an age group medal! :-)

my notes
Trendweight says:
You are losing 0.4 lbs/week of total weight.
You are burning 223 cal/day more than you eat.

I abbreviate January and February, and I start questioning the decision to abbreviate when I get to March and April, but I do it anyway. May is already short enough. Then along come June and July, and it just feels super lazy to abbreviate them, so I write them out in full, and then I get lured into writing out August, too, and then September comes, and I realize it was a trap.

Yesterday's excellent Fitbit stats: 19,130 steps, 8.92 miles, 71 floors, 2475 calories. (I'm not going to count any of that as running, although we did jog a little on the 8-mile walk. I thought it was going to be a run, but my friend could only do a little).

Quaker WC Oatmeal

(early, like 10:30)
Lean Cuisine,
Ritz Snack (140 cal)
1 cheese stick.

I thought this was going to be an easy day, but some unexpected big, involved tasks came my way.

I am proofreading my daughter's thesis. In the document, I am writing things like "omit comma" and "reword this sentence." But what my commentary doesn't show is how I am bursting through the walls with uncontainable pride at what a genius my daughter is, and what a brilliant thesis she has written. I'll have to clean up the mess from the busted walls later.

Brought with me:2 Chobani Greek yogurts, peanut butter crackers

And then, in a rare stress-out moment, I totally snarfed down a snickers. It was a reaction to the feeling of not having enough time to get done what I need to get done before leaving town. I did not expect to have this much on my plate, literally or figuratively, today!

Stress eating continued. I am not sure that today should have felt any more stressful than recent weeks -- maybe it's because I was expecting things to let up, and they didn't. All while trying to get ready to go out of town. I'm sure you know this feeling!

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