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Sunday, April 20 
sarah1234's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Aug 15, 9:33am

My main goal is this: I am training for a 5K which has not been scheduled yet (in fact, it is probable that the race organizers have not even been born yet!), but it will be March 4, 2062, the first Saturday afterr I turn 100.

All of my marathons, all my workouts, all my good eating habits – all of this is directed toward that one goal – being healthy and in good condition to run this 5K.

And I will keep running them until I get an age group medal! :-)

my notes
My new favorite show, Resurrection, will not have an episode this week. I will have to wait until the following week. I don't know how I can get through a Sunday with no Resurrection. it's too bad there isn't some kind of holiday or special religious observance to keep me busy and take my mind off the lack of Resurrection.

OK one more service and then life gets easier. We have a brass quartet this morning. Then lunch out with family. I will have at least one student today, but the other two may have canceled. I wouldn't mind having some free time!

Yesterday: 7,972 steps, 3.66 miles, 18 floors

Don't know if I will match that today, but running starts Tuesday, probably!

Quaker WC oatmeal

Surprise! My son bought tickets to the Royals game. So I'll probably eat ballpark food.
ate cheese corn brisket nachos, 1 1/2 beers, and buttered popcorn. That will likely be all I will eat today. It was a lot. But I earned it this week!


one last thing -- Chobani black cherry Greek yogurt. Utter exhaustion. Good night.

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