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Tuesday, November 20 
russellhe's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Nov 20, 11:54am


my notes
Well I haven't posted for a couple of days because I've just been too busy. Today is a diet day, it's day 11 and it's my 6th fast day. I think the reality of this is hitting a little bit now. I really enjoyed yesterday, steak and chips, half a bar of chocolate (which didn't taste all that brilliant really), home made chicken and bacon sandwiches, muesli, PrĂȘt ham and veg soup: a complete feast. There is a slight feeling of, well I've done well now, time to revert, but that isn't going to work, I have much too much weight to loose.

I was very surprised yesterday morning to discover that I had gone down another pound to 13 st 5 lb. After some great weight loss, I was expecting things to slow up a bit so it was nice to go down another pound. Maybe I was celebrating yesterday.

Having said that, if I am hitting a little wall, it is a happy one. I have realised that my natural inclination is just to eat way too much so the fast days keep that in check and also make me appreciate food so much more. I'm going to find out a bit more about SIRT1 as my levels of that should be rising about now.

It is nice to feel a bit lighter and not to have my clothes all pulling tightly around my middle. If I can be lighter, life is just going to be more and more comfortable physically.

I've figured that on fast days I can comfortably have a couple of green smoothies, some maca and some chia seeds (fill me up nicely) as well as a couple of coffees. That does me about right really.

I have ridden my bike for the 3rd day in a row today and it is so nice getting exercise. I feel quite strong when I am riding, even on fast days.

I can be so thankful for this service for providing the best advice.

It is quite surprising that I don't actually think I have felt real hungry get and I've been doing this a whole 7 days now. I have felt something in my tummy but I'm not sure that it is proper hunger; maybe rumblings. I'm not sure why this can be but I haven't been uncomfortable yet which is quite surprising. This could be because of doing green smoothies on my fast days.

In 6 days I've lost 5lb and it is probably more because I didn't dare weigh myself before I started because I didn't want to face the massive number that I had ballooned to. It's the 14th January today so there are two whole weeks left in the month. If I can get to 13 stones by the end of the month I will be thrilled. Then I might be able to loose another stone in February which would take me down to about 12 stone which would be the lowest I've been in years. I know that exercise has got to form a larger part of my routine as I move forwards from here. It has been a bit frustrating having my period so having to ease up on my exercise but I know, despite the frustration, I am better for going with my natural rhythms and not fighting them.

Today I had muesli for breakfast but a smaller one than of late. I just couldn't manage a muesli with two apples in it today. I feel happily full now. This diet really is manageable.

I have been reading Krista Vardy's book a bit every day to remind me of how this diet is working. Even though I had already read it through it IS helpful to go back and review it again.

Brian says that he can see I'm a bit smaller around my middle. To be honest I don't feel a lot different on the outside yet, a small amount might have gone from my waist but I feel lighter inside, don't have heartburn and am breathing easier, or at least it feels like I am breathing more easily. This could be due to less congestion (not so much dairy, no wheat or other potential triggers). Aches and pains of age are less I'm sure. I feel mentally alert.

The psychology of this diet is the cleverest thing about it. I wish I could fully understand it. You can fast because you know it is only for one day. The psychology of fasting is intriguing. You are taking control of your appetite, not your appetite controlling you. This is a powerful thing. Our relationship with food is such a complicated one. Fast day strips the complications away: you just eat 500 calories. On the 3 feast days before today there was a feeling that I could indulge and let everything go but today I want to eat nice healthy things to make me feel good. That is a massive gift. That is the holy grail of dieting: wanting to eat fruit and veg and light foods and not cakes, ice cream and chocolate.

Amazing stuff!





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