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Wednesday, December 12 
rachspen's daily log

 Last posted Fri. Oct 31, 12:27pm

Stay under 120

My goals are exercise related as I have been maintaining my weight for about 5 years. Running, lifting, biking, anything active I can do! I try to work out 5 times a week (that's a good week!) but at the bare minimum 3-4.

Weigh Ins:
January 2006: starting point: 141(started peertrainer)
4/7/06: 137 (counting calories and running)
7/7/06: 134.5 (started ww)
11/11/06: 123.2, HIT MY WW GOAL!!!!!
12/23/06: 121.4 HIT LIFETIME WW GOAL!!!! Yay, now it's free!
1/20/07: 121.2
2/08: hoping to make a meeting this month for an official weigh in!
Current Goal: Around 117.0

~Bust: 37.75
Waist: 30
Hips: 38
Love Handles: 35

~Bust: 34 (-3.75)
Waist: 27 (-3)
Hips: 35 (-3)
Love Handles: 32 (-3)
Arms:10.75 (-1.25)
thighs (20.5)

my notes
119.8... Slow and steady...? Had another awesome run at the gym and then some lifting with my weights at home. I am SORE today! Did a few new exercises. Healthy dinner, make lunches, shower, TV, bed! Such is my life during the week! More of the same today! We have the last of our polenta lasagna tonight.

HIIT run at the gym

english muffin, 1/2 a banana, coffee, vitamins

turkey in a ww wrap with olive oil mayo, mustard, spinach and peppers. I'm excited! and an apple

AM: 5 34Degree crackers
PM: a few small carrots w/ LF dressing, a candy cane, a few bites of protein bar. Leaving early - it's slow at work!

we snacked on tortilla chips
then had the last of the lasagna polenta. 3 nights in a row, it's lucky I'm not picky and can eat the same things over and over. :) A small casserole dish feeds the 2 of us for 3 dinners!
a cocktail while we watched 3 episodes of Walking Dead!

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