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Sunday, August 19 
fishbread's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Sep 20, 12:17pm

To practice healthy eating to properly fuel my workouts while maintaining or possibly losing some weight. My current short term goal is to re-qualify for Boston at the California International Marathon in December. To re-qualify, I need a 3 hour 45 minute marathon. Would like to get to an ideal racing weight (around 110 pounds), but don't want to "diet" as typical diets do not provide enough to properly fuel my workouts.

my notes
Weighed later than normal, so not sure this is a real accurate reading for me. Had menstrual cramps last night that kept waking me up. Finally gave in and took a couple of ibuprofen...finally eased up enough so I could sleep. Sometimes I really hate TOM....

13 mile run at 8:53 min/mi pace

Smoothie made with a splash of light vanilla soymilk, 1 banana, fresh-picked blackberries, and about 2 cups of spinach. Also threw in 1 tsp of fish oil
About 7 homemade banana chips

Big 'ol salad: romaine, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, tri-color bell peppers, roasted asparagus, hard boiled egg, 1/2 cup rotisserie chicken, 1/2 cup garbanzo beans & fat-free italian dressing
corn on the cob with lemon pepper seasoning
1 plum

Muscle Milk Light - vanilla latte
2 stalks celery with fresh ground peanut butter & raisins
slice peach, cube of watermelon

Steamed kale and sauteed portobello mushrooms topped with Ethiopian lentil stew
1/4 roasted beet
Fage 0% greek yogurt with raspberries

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