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spotlight babes 2014
spotlight babes 2014
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Member: lynneta6
Member Since: 3/10/2007
City: Orlando

My Goal:

Eat clean
, Train hard, love life. be the most healthiest me possible and inspire and encourage others to do the same by setting a good example and raising the bar on a healthy lifestyle. love the person I am now while becoming the person I was meant to be.

a note from B to me.. to remind me . people are looking at me.. I want to set the example for others to follow.

Netta! I am proud of you. In my honest opinion you are "THE" shinning example of what this site is all about. You don't bitch and moan, you get it done! You keep trying until you find what works for YOU and never quit! I am honored to be your friend and you inspire me! KEEP IT UP GIRL! It's your world and I'm getting out of the way!


CR1- drink 64 oz or more of water
CR2 greens every day.

KH 1- Exercise everyday
KH2- water 64 oz min

1 - Exercise every day in April (at least 3 days @ upper level)
B) walking or jogging & KB, treadmill
C) Walking – easy
PH (placeholder):50 Squats with kb plus steps

CUE- putting shoes at the side of my bed. also calendar on the wall by my bed so I can see the X's of consecutive exercise..

Dragons Quote
"But most of all, whichever of life's passions move you, get out there and make the most of it. Life's too short to pass it up. Truly live life to the fullest."

Breast Cancer Making Strides 5k- Oct 31

Oct 16-Baltimore Maryland 10 annual Half marathon- 3.44.25

About me: I am 43 years old now.. I have accomplished alot on this journey.. I started out at 415 pounds.. Im still a work in progress but have released almost a whole person. I have more work to do. In 2011 I lost my dad to cancer from smoking and I let my life go. I was also taking care of my disabled mom until last month. I met a man this year.. Bry is so amazing and supportive.. I moved to PA away from my family to be with him. He cares about living a healthy lifestyle and were finishing our journeys together. no more yo yoing. I am finished with that. no more excuses its tie to finish what I started years ago. enough of letting my life go. its time to take it back and thats what I am doing this new year.. alot of changes to come. my life is still unwritten. and im writing it this year!..

Diets I like: I don't do diets.. a diet is what you my lifestyle plan is to eat clean, plant based foods. no meat no gluten.

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Workout of choice: anything that keeps me moving.. I do love running and I am aspiring to be like my running inspirations on PT..

My plan: watch what I eat, drink water and exercise.. its worked so far nutrarian eating, plant based foods, beans , seeds, healthy grains eliminate meats eliminate gluten

I need the most help with: staying motivated emotional eating

Additional Info: if I can help anyone feel free to whsiper. I love meeting new people and making friends. I speak My miknd.. dont ask if you dont want to hear the truth. I am very outspoken. sometimesmaybe too much lol I dont pussy foot arround. I care about my friends here. I will support them when they need it, but I will kick thier arse when they need that too. I hppe they continue to do the same for me.. teamwork: we will do this together.. no one is alone on this journey. we all want the same ultimatge goal to be healthy and fit. lets go for it!! Inspirational quotes "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."--Chinese Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Confucius Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe same quote in german.. Es ist nicht genug zu wissen, man muss auch anwenden; es ist nicht genug zu wollen, man muss auch tun Between today and tomorrow lies a long time. Learn quickly to take care of things while you're still fit. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe