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spotlight babes 2014
spotlight babes 2014
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Member: aer2726
Member Since: 6/13/2014
City: Spring, TX

My Goal: Starting: Size 8
Goal: Size 4
Height: 5' 6"

Lessons learned (to date) -- and that I need to remember -- while on the Cheat System Diet:

-- If I'm going to eat a Cheat, eat the real thing -- no substitutes. I won't be satisfied with substitutes.

-- Load up on eats BEFORE going to events where there will be (seemingly!) unlimited Cheats, e.g., Mexican restaurants' 'bottomless' tortilla chips bowls!

-- The Energy Soup is where it's at! Delicious, nutritious, extremely filling, and excellent for losing weight.

About me: I'm a 38 y/o female, 5' 6", starting weight 147; married with no human children but do have the other kind: one dog and two kitty-heads! Since being married – four years now -- I’ve gained 20+ pounds. Since then, I've had more "Tomorrow is the start of a new me" days than I can count! What has finally started working for me: Being an active member of Peer Trainer and following The Cheat System Diet. So grateful for both!

Diets I like: Vegan

Workout of choice: I gravitate toward walking and light jogging, but have started incorporating arm weights and leg exercises (lunges, leg lifts, etc.). Will soon start playing tennis again, too!

My plan: Follow Jackie Wicks' Cheat System book -- eating and exercise "fusion."

I need the most help with: Motivation to exercise in the evenings ... it is SO hot and humid here (Spring, TX), and I can't stand doing cardio in the gym!

Additional Info: I took before pics, but would at least like to have a midway progress pic before posting them ...