privacy policy

Membership Data
Once you have signed up for our service, you have joined as a member. We only collect and maintain data that has been knowingly given to us by you as a consumer or member. Such data can include, but is not limited to: name and email address. Remember, when you provide or update information, any and all transmission of personal data is done through our secure server and secure server software so that your data is protected. In this way, we encrypt all such transmissions and further protect the data after transmission against unauthorized access in our secure data storage.

"Cookies" are minute pieces of information stored via your browser on your computer. These cookies allow sites to learn about the users when they visit specific sites. We only use cookies to personalize your experience on PEERtrainer. When you enter the site, we place a cookie in your browser's cookie folder. This allows us to keep track of the areas you visit on PEERtrainer. In addition, if you so choose, your PEERtrainer membership identification and password are saved in a cookie so that you do not have to sign in each time you visit the site. This is a service we offer entirely for your convenience. We are committed to your privacy, and no individual information that is saved in your cookie file will ever be provided to a third party. We may also monitor your passage through the site in order to improve the overall presentation of the site and your ability to use it. Nonetheless, in no way will we be able to identify you personally, and download, transmit or gain access to your personal information through such monitoring unless you have chosen the option to allow for personalization. In sum, your security and privacy is of our utmost concern, and we will never intentionally violate the trust you place in us. Use of cookies are no exception to the PEERtrainer Promise.

If you have any suggestions or concerns, please email us at any time. We will respond promptly. Thank you.