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Online Weight Loss Support

By PEERtrainer Founder

I Can Lose Weight On The Internet Using Online Weight Loss Support?

If anyone ever told me 5 years ago, even 3 years ago I could lose weight by logging into the internet, with people I didn't know, I would think they were delusional. After all, isn't losing weight about getting out more, moving more and putting less in your mouth? How could the internet, which isn't about working out, which isn't about eating food have anything to do with helping me lose weight?

The fact is, that the internet is exactly the ideal place to lose weight. Your friends don't want to hear about your weight loss efforts anymore. Secretly, they're kind of upset by it..after all, if you lose weight, maybe they'll be the "fattest" friend. Maybe guys will chose to look at you instead. Your mother, as much as she loves you, might also have a vested interest in keeping you plump around the middle.

If you start to make changes in your appearance, maybe she'll be forced to acknowledge her own weight problem. Your boyfriend, as much as he'd love to be supportive of your efforts, he might start to feel very insecure and think, uh oh, now that she looks hotter, maybe she'll want to trade up.

Online Weight Loss Help Works!

When you go online and join an anonymous group, there is no agenda. The people around you only feed off of the successes of those around them. There is only a vested interest in seeing you lose weight because it motivates THEM to put in the effort and make them lose weight.

Weight Loss Support Online Is Customizable Via Groups and Teams

You can hand pick your PEERtrainer group. You can upload as much information as you want, or as little as you want. You can reveal all of your little dirty secrets - there was a thread a while back that said, I just picked up a piece of cake that I THREW IN THE GARBAGE and BEGAN TO EAT IT AGAIN. Where in real life can you actually admit that problem and get help for it?

You can talk about the little frustrations that your husband couldn't care less about but your group mates care very much about and are motivated to help solve, because they feel the same "little" frustrations. Why is it so satisfying? Because your frustrations aren't little....they're very real and they're very much apart of the steps you take to losing the weight and getting the body you want and deserve.

You have your online group to turn to when your family rolls their eyes when you chose to pass on the apple pie and ice cream. You have your group to report to when you want to shout, "hey! I went to the gym today!". You have people there when you have no idea how to handle social situations like group dinners or cocktail hour or nights home alone, lonely in front of the TV. Your group mates are there to offer advice, strategies and simple kind words to help you in those moments that are the hardest.

The internet provides just enough intimacy to feel accountable to your groups and just enough "removal" so that you're not mired in the social difficulties of "real life". PEERtrainer's central platform is the internet group, which gives you a way to form a positive supportive place for you to get the help you know you need, but just weren't sure where to find people who actually wanted to do the same thing.

Research Supports The Effectiveness Of Online Support Groups

Not only is online weight loss support highly effective, but research also shows that it can help with other conditions like depression. The simple act of not feeling as alone can be very helpful!

When You Give Support You Get Support

One of the great things about the PEERtrainer Online Weight Loss Support Platform is that you can get help and at the same time, you can also inspire others. It's the powerful give and take that really works. And it's a new group, one you created all by yourself to help you get exactly what you want.

How does PEERtrainer work and How Does It Support Me Losing Weight?

When you join PEERtrainer, you create an account which gives you a log and automatically places you in a group of people who also joined the site that month. Our top tip is to simply develop the logging habit. Poke around- you'll see how easy it is.

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PEERtrainer Is A Powerful Online System For Weight Loss Support
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What Is A Good Way Of Getting Online Weight Loss Support For Free?
PEERtrainer has some fundamental similarities to Weight Watchers- both approaches view group and peer support as the most important factor to long term weight loss success. Some people on PEERtrainer go to weekly meetings and log every day on PEERtrainer. Others only count their Points on PEERtrainer. Still others find new approaches that build upon the Points system. The key is finding what works for you, and being in an environment that encourages you to explore all your options.