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Profile: This group is for any weight loss goal, whether it be 5lbs or 150lbs, with emphasis on getting fit for Bikini Season 2008! Everyone is getting fit for different reasons, health issues or self confidence, ect. This group is for those who want to wear a bikini to the beach or pool next summer. Flatter abs, leaner thighs, toned arms, and hopefully, improved self esteem. Please only join if you are a daily poster, or close to it. Motivation and tips are the key things to be encouraged in this group. Good Luck Everyone =]

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I am 24 years old and I am almost done with college. Having a boyfriend and working in a restaurant are two hard things for me eating habits wise because my boyfriend likes to eat out a lot or just eat bad things and at work I tend to snack on things I should not.

I am a highschool senior who has been trying to loose weight for atleast 6 or 7 years. I have never felt secure about my body and have always been jealous of those who seem to have 100% control over their weight. I am 5'7 1/2 and, as of 10/9/07, I weigh 175lbs... because I am moderately active, I know alot of the extra weight is just muscle but I still could loose a few pounds. I believe the main reason I have not been able to lose the weight is lack of motivation and time to actually workout. I hope this online community will be that extra push that I need. Currently, I am about 175lbs. I hope to be 140lbs by the end of March 2008. That means, I have to lose 35lbs in 20wks. So about 7lbs each month, and 1.75lbs per week. I will have to lose about 875 calories per day. That sounds practical to me! Hope it works. I will do my official first weigh in on 10/14 I will weigh myself every sunday after that.

I am 28 and recently married (070707)! I live in AZ with my hubby and our 2 "kids", a Rottie named Tank and a German Shepherd named Chewbacca. I have the most amazing family and thank God everyday for all of the blessings he has given me. I love the Dallas Cowboys, so football season is my favorite time of year. I work way too much, but I live by the saying "Work hard, play harder" I have recently lost about 15lbs and feel great. My clothes fit, I have more energy, and I feel good about myself! Even with that, I have hit a road block. I have a serious lack of motivation all of a sudden to drop the last 10lbs. I need a pick me up!

I pretty much grew up overweight. Most of my childhood memories consist of being made fun of, not feeling like I was good enough, not having enough clothes to fit me, and being embarrassed. I was able to lose weight as a teen when I was 15, but during my first year of university, I gained weight back and so here I am now.

I'm 20 years old (february 8th 2008 I'll be 21). I want to lose about 20lbs in the next 2 months, but its hard. I was never skinny but I was extremely active, having been a cheerleader and a ballet dancer (I even danced on pointe). But by my senior year of high school I was more focused on academics and was not physically active at all. Add that to 3 more years of college and I'm HUGE now. Stretch marks feel like my badge of shame and I want to get back to being active enough to dance on pointe and fit into a pair of True Religions or skinny jeans from Rock and Republic. Oh I'm funny and outgoing and I love making new friends!!!!

I am a 19 year old college sophomore who has tried every single diet tha exists, and I am finally ready to start a routine for me, that helps me feel the absolute best I can!

I am a happy person..but just not happy about this weight gain over the years. I am married to a beautiful man who is my best friend and confidante, and we have 3 little girls that we are raising to be strong women each day. I am focused now, moreso than when I first joined back in 2007...well I was on a roll, but then I popped up pregnant and my little angel is 5 months old and well, momie is ready to do her thang again. But this time, it is something I am incorporating into my life. I mean it this time. I am focused and ready to conquer this thing once and for all.

my wheight is always on my mind i know im not fat but i reely want to look good in a bikini mostly because im going to hawaii in spring break. my upper body fine my thighs not so good, my stomach thats the one i reely want to work on the one thats always on my mind and i just want to have fun not worrying on how i look just having fun and not being self concious. im a sophmore im 15 i know i dont have much friends because i moved. i collect comics love books and computer games love going to the movies and shopping and basically having a good time with my friends.

I am a divorced 40 yr old with 13 yr old twins.I want to be around for them - and I know that if I don't get back to eating right and exercising - I won't be around for a whole heck of a lot longer.It's time to get back to it!!

I am 19, a full-time college student. My major is chemistry. I also have a part-time job and I am a full-time mom. I just had my first baby ( a little girl) on December 5th, and I want my body back. Overall, I want to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I want to regain muscle in my abs (Get rid of the flab/baby pouch). I also want to tone up the rest of my body especially my butt, thighs, and pecks (my boobs sag now from breast-feeding). Basically, I want to look good in a bikini again.

20 yrs old in college, would like to lose the freshman 10lbs.

I am a 19 year old girl from a small town in Ontario. Ever since I have realized the substacial amount of weight I have gained I have tried this and that and diets but now more then I ever I have become serious about diet and excesise and loosing the weight. . I am still very young and can change now to start living a healthie life style. I am vey upbeat and energetic and am wiling to give this everything I have got.

I'm a 43 y.o single woman and have struggled off and on with weight all my life. I love my job as a Clinical Social Worker with our local Health Department. I spend my free time with a great group of friends and love boating, gardening and training my new adorable puppy.

I'm 29 and a wife and mom . I really want to start taking care of my body. I will be 30 next year and I want to look good going into it. I have been married to my husband for 11 years this December and I really want to be in shape for my 12 th year because( he doesnt know it yet ) but he is taking me to Hawaii . I m hoping and praying to stay motivated to really do it this time.

I'm 26 years old and have been overweight most of my life. A year a go I lost about 30 lbs, but I have hit a plateau since then and haven't been able to lose any weight with out gaining it back. I work full time and go to school 4 nights a week so its hard to get exercise in.

I am married with two girls. My youngest is 4 and my oldest is 7. I also have tumor in my head that causes lots of headaches. I have a thyroid disorder that makes it hard for me to loose weight. I just want to be healthly so I will e able to be around for my girls while they are growing up.

I have been up and down on the scale for over 15 years. I want to lose the 40+ pounds I've put on over the years. My highest weight was 194 in Feb. 2007, and I got down to 170 by Oct. 07. I stopped keeping track of my food and 10 lbs crept back so now, I am 180 lbs on Dec 28, 07. The goal is to lose some of this weight before I hit my 40th birthday - Feb 2nd, and to continue to lose to get to my ideal weight of 140 by June 1, 2008. I also want to feel more fit and energetic now that my career is really taking off, I could use the energy. I hope that PEERTRAINER can help keep my food and training in check. I know it has helped so many others and I really want this more than ever!

I'm 26 years old and a law student. Before joining PT, I lost about 30 pounds and kept it off for two years. The weight started creeping back on after I came back to school. I am determined to lay the foundation for a healthy, fit lifestyle before I graduate!

33 years old. Recently divorced mother of 3.

Physical: I'm an 18 yr-old female. I'm 5'7 and as of today, I weigh 180 lbs. My heighest weight was 195lbs. I'm a muscular build, I do find my legs to be un-lady like. But I'm proud of my body and what it's been through, and how good it's been to me although it's condition is not the best. - I'm a happy person :) - I have a great sense of humour - I enjoy meeting new people but I'm slow to warm-up - I usually like to do things on my own, but If I'm with someone who can push me and with whom I can enjoy doing activities with, I tend to do really well and have fun at the same time - I live in Toronto and I'm currently a 1st year Uni student.

I'm 27, 5'10, 169 pounds. I love tattoos. I love food. I love my boyfriend, and my dog. Snowboarding. Sad movies... I work at home. I write standardized math tests. I want to get down to 150. I'd love to wear a bikini this summer.

Student at the University of Nevda Las Vegas. Member of the cheerleading team and want to lose weight and tone up.

20 year old college student. I'm extremely giggly and smiley...:-D I'm trying to stay on my workout schedule but it's getting hard now that classes have started back again. So I'm really looking for motivation and support to keep going.

28 year-old restaurant manager/ no kids. I started excercising and eating better earlier in the year and stuck to it for three months, losing almost 20 lbs. In August I moved across the country and since then I have gained back 5 lbs. I just joined a local gym and am determined to take off the 5 plus 15 more.

I am 6'0" tall and people are always telling me that I carry my weight well and I don't need to worry about weight. It really bothers me because I know that for my body type I am heavy. I have a small frame and eventhough I am tall, I still have rolls and fat that hangs over my pants. Eventhough I may be able to gain ten pounds and it doesn't show as much as a shorter woman, it still effects my confidence.

I am going to be 32 this year. I have 3 children, 7, 4, and almost 2. We would really like to have one more, but before that happens, I would like to get to a healthy weight. I am 5'4'' and I weigh 184 as of this morning. I would like to lose but I really need some peer help.

I'm just a college student w/ very little time on my hands to pay attention to working out and eating healthy. I want to lose some weight and get fit though, so I'm trying to balance school & health! I just want some more self confidence, and losing weight seems like a good plan!

I am 17 years old, am overweight, and may be depressive. My whole life has been bad events bridged together by good events, but in the past year, everything seems to have gone down hill. From age 8 to 13, I was anorexic. I got help for it after 8th grade. My freshman year in highschool was shaky, but since then, after all the required stays and everything, I gained weight steadily, which was good at first. But now I'm going to college in the fall- I don't know where yet still- and the stress of everything is causing me to put on even more weight. I want to be healthy when I start college, because there, I won't have the comfort of friends who already know where I've been and what I've been through.

I'm a 19 year old college student and I've gained a few pounds since starting school. I'm really excited about starting a good workout that'll allow me to lose the weight I want in time for summer.

i'm a 20 year old college student. i'm not really overweight, but i'm short and feel the need to tone up and lose a little weight to boost my confidence and overall health

I'm a 28, married, no kids yet! In between jobs, trying to figure out "what I want to do with my life". No luck on that yet but I did decide that I can't be mediocre any more in the health and fitness arena... I want to get in to the best shape of my life and take my health much for seriously. I've been a vegetarian for the past year and a half and I've just went full vegan this month...

I'm a 20-yr old massage therapist working in a day spa. So, I work around a lot of fit, cute women (it's our job, after all, to look good), and all my friends are thin, as well. I avoid bikinis/shorts/cute belly shirts because I hate how I look in them. I want to be in shape for myself and also for better self esteem. I'm going to Europe this summer, and I don't want to be the "typical overweight American".

I am 24 years old, I work at an elementary school, am currently figuring out how to go back to school and make more money! I eat good and get good exercise during the day and during the week, but evenings and weekens turn to crap, because i am easily influenced by the bad habits of my surroundings.

26 yr.-old former elite athlete (Tae Kwon Do --2nd Degree Black Belt), I've run numerous marathons all over the U.S., but haven't run recently since I decided to transform my body and put on a decent amount of muscle in 8/07. Now, I need to start back up w/ the cardio daily. Looking for people to keep me accountable w/ my running, etc. I have my nut. license & PT license and am happy to be here to offer support!

I'm almost 26yrs old, with no kids....working full time and going to school part time. I live alone in Newark with my dog and I want to feel better about my body. I have a runner's body underneath my!!

i am 17 years old i just had my son a month ago. i weigh about 138 and i want to get back down to 105. that is my ultimate goal but for now i will just be happy to make it to 110-115

I am a college student majoring in Politics and Accounting...planning on Law School. My BMI is still healthy, but I'm not in very good shape and have gained some weight in college.

I'm a 17 year old senior in high school. I have never had problems with my weight, but have just recently realized I have been gaining it slowly. I only want to lose about 5 lbs and I want to look hot for the summer!! Eating healthy is really important to me too. I can definitely see and feel the difference in my mood and motivation levels when I eat healthy versus when I don't. I want to find a way to still eat the foods I like, but also cut back or make some changes on the amount and types of food that I eat.

2 years ago I was sick, in bed most of the time and on meds and put this weight on and now I can't seem to get it off - no matter what I eat or how much I work out on my elliptical machine

I am 29. Got married in May and since have gained 10 lbs. I love the outdoors, yoga and playing with my 2 dogs. I am determined to lose 15 lbs by July and keep it off this time.

I am 23 years old and have 2 kids. I am starting school this summer, either for radiography or dietetic, I still have to decide! I used to be very active and was always around 100-110 lbs. Ever since I had my second child I haven't been able to shake those last few pounds or tone up.

Almost 20 and half way through University. I have always needed to lose weight but felt ashamed to try at home, these years away are my chance! I want to go back to Colorado/California and live the life i always dreamed, without the extra weight.

I am 39, have two grown boys ages 24 and 18. I am currently a pre-nursing student working part-time at a gas station up the road from where I live. I really need to lose weight because I am feeling very self-conscious about the way I look, and I just want to feel good about myself again. I recently quit smoking (using Chantix) and I feel a lot better that way, now I just want to lose the weight so I can get my groove back. I have a very outgoing personality, but find that lately I pull back from people because I don't want them to examine me too closely because they might be as disgusted by me as I am.

26 year old female. I am not quite overweight, but I would really like to look a little more slim and toned, and be more comfortable with my body. I haven't been wearing a bikini to the beach for probably twelve years, and I think it's time I do it this summer.

I'm a 19 yr old ivy league student struggling with depression/anxiety. This spring I am on medical leave from school so that I can take some time to get better, so I should have plenty of time to work on my weight, too. I live in new england and love going outside and being physically active; I used to run xc in high school.

Ahoy! I'm a 20 yr old University student who recently lost 47 lbs!!! My official goal was to lose 50 lbs by my cousin's wedding on April 25th, and with only 3 lbs to go, I'm really excited about it! Now, I have a new goal in mind: be tough and toned and rocking a new bod in a bkini, something I've never my 21st Birthday, on August 11th.

I'm 21 and approaching my senior year in college. Despite the fact that I'm in Paris right now, I'm a pretty easy going, small town chick. I come from Montana originally, and I'm working on my undergraduate degree in French (English and Psych minors) at Gonzaga University. I'm pretty optimistic, and try to be happy with who I am and what I look like (which is definitely a challenge when I live in the fashion capital of the world and I prefer chacos and Columbia to Gucci and Chanel).

I'm a 29 yo homeschooling mom of 3. I've been married for 8 years to the most wonderful man, ever. I love working out, which is a real shocker to me, since I used to HATE exercise. I also love sci-fi an am on a Battlestar Galacticia kick. ;)

I am a 25 year old full time worker and part time student with no time to waste on doing nothing

I am in my early 30's and work shift work - 4 days of 9 hours, 3 days off and 5 nights of 9 hours and then 2 days off and all over again. I find it difficult to consistently eat healthy, however have been able to eat clean for the last 4 weeks

23 years old (24 in July -- YIKES!), 5'1", geography major, university graduate hoping to become a secondary school teacher. in highschool, i was always extremely skinny because of my alien-like, fast metabolism. i weighed approximately 95lbs and, by the time i turned 19, i was a good 105lbs. however, i've noticed that in the last few years (especially since i started taking birth control pills), i've managed to gain about 10 unwanted pounds which have made its way to my stomach, my face, and my thighs. i know i'm not fat, but i also know that i could work harder to tone my body better and make myself healthier (i.e. cut down on cholesterol intake) . i could easily eat over 3500 calories a day (especially because i love thai curry on coconut steamed rice, mmm!). i've JUST started to exercise again (i haven't since grade 11) and have recently lost 2lbs. i'm really motivated to shed the other 8lbs (or make it into muscle), get my flat stomach back, and keep it that way!!!

I am 51, married 33 years. I have three grown sons, and 4 grandchildren. I have walked a lot, but not worked out. I joined a gym last week, and started a program to build muscle and lose weight. I have a upper body injury that keeps me from doing some activities.

Just turned 40, married, have a 6 year old daughter, want to lose 40 pounds & run a marathon within the next year.

I'm 41 yrs old, mother of one and stepmother of 6! I have put on extra weight this past year and now need to lose about 30-35 pounds. I have an autoimmune disease and have to take steriods everyday, which makes it harder to lose.

I am 21 year old young woman who works a full time job, studies part time and lives with her boyfriend and finds it really hard to find time (or motivation) to exercise regularly and get healthy!

I am married, 20 years old, senior in college, and I have a 4 year old daughter.

I'm a stay-at-home mom living in San Francisco who is 5'3" and weighs 144 lbs. I had a baby six months ago and have lost 7 lbs. so far. I would like to lose 24 lbs., and get down to 120 lbs.! In 2008 I went down from 136 lbs. to 126 lbs. on PeerTrainer, so I know that this program will work for me if I stick to it. My main goals are avoiding sweets, increasing my fruit & veg intake, drinking more water, and getting more exercise.

I got married 2 yearsr ago and gained about 20 lbs in 2 years.... I have no children... I try to workout but I just cant control myself when it comes to food and sweets.... I know for a fact that my husband isnt happy about the way I look like right now and is really scared that its just gonna get worse... for being so young and out of shape its just scary for him.... i understand how he feels and he is very supportive about me getting back in shape again....

I am a 31-year old teacher. I am 5'5" and about 143 lbs. I got down to about 125 in college, and while this is my ultimate goal, I would be happy if I could get back to 135. I have been working out pretty consistently since New Year's, and while I think my legs and butt look a little firmer, I haven't lost an ounce. I'm getting very frustrated and thinking of quitting. I need help staying motivated.

I'm 25 and at 148. I'm a daily runner and lifter and have hit a major bump in the road after losing 20 pounds. It's just stopped falling off. I'd like to be down to 135. Leaving for Mexico in two weeks and would like to see some solid results by then.

I am 27 years old and have a 4 year old wonderful son!! I just finished school and looking forward to being off for the summer!! I would like to lose my weight by july if is realistic which i think it is!!!

I've struggled with my attitude towards weight since I was 12. I've tried to starve myself, to throw up and I've abused laxatives. Now that I'm a mom, that all just seems so foolish! I want to be healthy, and I have a good bit of knowledge of nutrition and fitness. A big obstacle for me is that I have adrenal problems. I literally never have energy, I'm almost always tired, hardly ever motivated, and I often feel faint. It's hard to work past that, especially when I have to work around my hours at work, and try to keep up my home. I just want to spend time with my son when I get a minute to myself, and all I usually have the enegry for is watching a movie or reading books together. It's so, so hard.

Height: 5'7'' Weight: 116 pounds Sex: Female

I am in my 20's, living with my fiance just outside of Chicago. I have been fairly active most of my life, but recently have stopped working out as consistently as I should. I have also been letting yummy food distract me from my goal.

I am 32 year old, 5' 4". Had a baby 9 wks ago and trying to loose my baby fat and a bit more. Put on 40 pound during pregnancy.

I am 33 and a single mom of a 12 year old daughter. I would like to set an example for her and get healthy and lose weight. I would also love to feel more confident, as I am single, and would like to settle down sooner rather than later! I work shift work, and find it difficult to stay on track when I have to change my mealtimes so frequently.

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