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Goals: To maintain a positive lifestyle change while learning to endure the pain and enjoy the rewards of training...

Profile: 90% MENTAL and 10% PHYSICAL: 5k, 10k, 13.2mi, 26.4mi, BOSTON!!!! Triathlon: sprint, olympic, 70.3, 140.6, KONA!!! Anytime, any age, any level, any distance... Just get up and get out there and do it! Stop making excuses!

Last posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 11:47 PM

Other Info: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So, DREAM BIG!!!!!!!

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I never knew that I would end up on this road
least of all running on it.

I am a 35 year-old mother of a medical miracle. My son Alexander was born prematurely at 26 weeks weighing only 1 pound 2 ounces on June 27th 2006. Nothing in my life could have prepared me for his birth or for the journey his prematurity would take us on. Everyday for 149 days (1 day shy of 5 months) I sat beside his isolete in the NICU crying, praying, and simply willing him to good health. Few even dared in the beginning to congratulate me on becoming a mother. Instead I received thoughtful condolence cards. But something deep inside of me told me that in spite of the tremendous odds my son faced that he would be just fine. Even when his doctors came to me with long faces and scary statistics I refused to stop believing in him. Eventually Alexander would prove me right and came home the day before Thanksgiving of 2006. Today he is a thriving almost 3 year-old walking around as if nothing ever happened. His will to live ignited a desire within me to fight for my own life and to deal with my post pregnancy weight.

I made small changes at first. I stopped the emotional eating I was doing to console myself during my son's long ordeal and began exercising regularly. Eventually with the support of a good friend I began running with the goal of entering my first 5k which I completed on November 17th of 2007. I have since then completed many races including a Half Marathon on May 3rd of 2009. I have lost about 30 pounds now and although I still have around 60 pounds more to lose I already feel stronger and fitter than I have felt in years. And after having flirted with exercise my entire life I can finally call myself a runner. Next to the words mother and wife, nothing sounds more satisfying to me.

  • Freeze Your Gizzard Cross Country 5k, Nov 2007
  • St. Patty's Day 8K, March 2008
  • March for Babies 5 mile walk, April 26th 2008
  • Cascades Firechase 10k, May 2008
  • Van Metre 5 Miler, March 28th 2009
  • March for Babies 5 Mile Walk, April 26th 2009
  • Frederick MD Half Marathon, May 3rd 2009
  • Cascades Firechase 10k, May 23rd 2009
  • and more to come!

    A woman A daughter A wife and MOST of ALL am MOM (MaMa) to my sweet 3 1/2 year old son Jacksen. I wage a continuing battle with my weight everyday. After I had Jack I felt as though I was on the road to weightloss UNTIL, I stopped breast feeding practically allthe weight come back. August of 2007 was a turning point Its when I stumbled onto Peer Trainer and started this team as a way to track my progress along with my BFF Hope aka 'hpoieson'. Hope is my rock and constant source of encouragement. We started looking for events to use as goals to reach in an effort to stay motivated on this journey towards becoming a marathon runner. I never thought I would be doing this in my 30's but here I am and everyday that I hit the pavement I become more addicted to the sport. I hope this journey doen't end for many years to come.

    Working mom of a 8yr and 3yr old. Wasn't a runner. Became a "crazy" runner. Ran a marathon. Got knocked up. Looking for that determination that got me up an running 26.2.

    I'm 38 and married, to husband and my job as general counsel of an internet company. I'm new to this site and to logging generally, so I hope I do okay. However yesterday I looked at this site and this group - and I swear it motivated me to go for a run last night - even though it was the *last* thing I felt like doing. So I felt I just had to sign up.

    I am married and mother to five children. My twin girls will be 18 yrs old on February; Two other little girls ages 9 & 7 and one little boy :) age 4.

    I am 35. Mother of 2 boys, 4 and 3 weeks. I am a teacher. I am a runner. I am married for 10 years this September. I mountain bike, hike, and love to be active with my kids!

    Epidemiologist, coffee drinker, Seattlite, erstwhile marathoner, Bikram yoga novice, vegetable lover

    Mid 50's. On and off again vegetarian. Trying to lose weight.

    I love nature, and make any excuse to take exercise outside... I find the outdoors to be very inspiring. I guess that comes from being a true country girl at heart. I have a huge interest in health and fitness, and think the concept of this site is wonderful.

    I'm 32 year ol mother of two. A 3 yr old boy and 23 month old girl. I've always played sport or done some form of strenuous exercise since the age of 5. Though now balancing being a mum, with a stressful job, and setting up my own business has meant that I have very little time and energy to exercise as much as I would like. In addition I find myself constantly snacking when I'm stressed and have too much on my mind. So want to get back to feeling physically and mentally strong, in control, and fit.

    I am a 35 year old wife, mother, student and full-time employee. I'm a glutton for punishment and slightly OCD, but its me, and I like it...Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but its then that I realized that I've put on weight and I've slowed down. The extra baggage I'm carrying has got to go!

    I am 30 something F from CA. I made the decision in 2007 to start my 30's with a bang by completing a marathon. The experience completely changed my attitude towards eating and exercising. Now I'm hooked, permanently waving good bye to the yo-yoing weights and embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle with open arms. I plan to continue take the best care of my body, love everything that I am, and live my life to the fullest. Live life fiercely; ANYTHING is possible... :)

    I love to scrapbook, read, go to the beach, and run. I just ran my first half marathon. An amazing, but difficult experience. One of my life goals and dreams is to run a full marathon. Right now I'm just building up by doing smaller races. I also love spending time with my husband. I'm also an ER nurse, which I'm very passionate about.

    47 yrs old, one adult child, never been athletic.

    I am 29 years old, married with a 10 year old boy. I work full time along with going to school full time. My goal is to lose 80 lbs and to keep it off. I lost 40 lbs last year and sadly most of it came back. I have walked in two half marathons and am will be participating in one this Sept. I would love to be able to run a few miles this time.

    TNT, fuse burns fast and them bam! I'm done. What's next on the list to do? I need a kick in the butt, get out and face the world, and just do it.

    44 years old and turning into my mother! I get a shock every time I look in the mirror!.... Happily married mother of 3 (15, 13 & 10), Primary school substitute teacher, 5'8" tall (though I think I'm shrinking...) Always been the skinny chick with no curves but now I have curves but only because I seem to be melting into a pile of flabby flesh...

    I love to run. Have completed 57 marathons, including 2 Bostons. Used to run competitively regionally in Dallas all distances. Love the marathon distance. Separates the girls from the GALS!

    I am 31 years old and a mother of three. I want to get stronger and fitter and be able to improve my running.

    I'm 31, I have two girls 7 and 4, and a son age 1 1/2. Lived in Charlottesville,VA for the past 3 years, and Oregon/Washington 8 before that. I'm originally from Oklahoma.

    I'm 17, I love sports just dont do enough of them, I'm busy with a church life, social life and college life so my aim is to make exercise and healthy eating part of my lifestyle. I'm hoping to go study watersports at Uni and I've just done my level one in windsurfing yeah man! I want to

    26yoF 5'6" ~155lbs San Jose CA, Goal: <150 starting weight 205lbs.

    I am 47 years old. I am married and have 2 grown children, 28 and 21. I also have 2 beautiful grandchildren. I started running in 2005 and love it. I'm not the best, but am consistent and plan to complete my first Marathon this year in Oklahoma!!

    37. momma. wife. designer. runner.

    I'm 56 years old and have two awesome, lovely grown daughters. I'm also a "grams" to three awesome boys. I love my family and feel blessed to have my supportive husband. I love the outdoors and I am very competitive. Two years ago I had a non-heart disease heart attack-and it messed with my mind and since then I have not worked out on a regular basis. Anything I felt in my chest scared me. I used to work out lots. I did sprint triathlons for 5 summers. I rollerbladed, cycled, hiked, used the gym, walked, swam etc. I've been in a funk and haven't cared and since I worked out for so many years I just didn't want to anymore. So, I've gained 16 pounds in 16 months. I weigh more than I ever have in my life. So, time to get rid of the fat and the mental games.

    I'm a Mom to 3 great kids (ages 6,4,3). I stay at home with them and also run a business. Running & working out is my "ME time". Exercise took a back seat to Marriage & kids, but I'm ready to be in shape again!

    I am a 33 year-old Full-time Mom of 2 lovely kids (daughter is 5, son is 3). I have a supportive Husband who loves me at my current weight, but certainly wouldn't mind the thinner version he married! He is very fit and a great inspiration to me.

    I'm just looking to get fit.

    I'm 31 years old. I am married and we have two kids. My son is 4 and my daughter is 1. I'm a stay at home mom.

    I'm 52. My current weight is 179.2. I'm married. I have no kids. I teach so I am busy and stressed and don't get a lot of sleep for 9 months of the year. I like to do things like bike, walk, hike...but I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle inbetween walking, riding etc. Essentially I am a lazy person who likes to relax and read and surf the web more than exercise. One thing I really hate doing is "cooking". I don't eat fast food, I am a coffee addict (quad shot cappuchino or double Americano's only). My downfall is sweets (chocolate, ice cream, chocolate).

    Hi! I am 44 and we have a 6yr old daughter and 3yr old son. Played soccer my entire life, then had kids later in life and now am trying to get my mojo back. I know when I am physically healthy, I am Mentally healthy. Looking forward to the rewards of excercise again My husband and I are training for a 1/2 Marathon end of May. : )

    36 yr Single Mom of 2 kids-10 & 12

    I'm 42 and I have a wonderful 14 year old son. Enjoy gardening and spending time with my family.

    Single mom (recently widowed) with 4 kids (ages 3,5,10,22). Gained weight in last year. I recentl joined a boot camp at the Y, started doing Yoga occaisionally, and I run. Unconcious eating due to stress and old coping has lead to weight gain. Joining this group is part of my well being plan to put my health as a priority in my life again. :-)

    I am 25, and have been married for 2 years. I have run three 1/2 marathons before and would like this year to be my marathon year. Motiviation to run is difficult right now since I just recently recovered from plantar faciitis that was pretty bad. I also really enjoy baking and then eating what I make:) i would like to take the weight off that i have gained in the last year (about 20 lbs) and train for the Baltimore marathon in October 08.

    32, SAHM, three kids (8, 4 and 4). Having twins really did a number on me!

    From beginner runner in August 2007 coming into PEERTrainer.
    +First 1/2 Marathon: September 2007
    +First marathon: December 2007.
    +Marathon Maniac: March 2009.
    +First Back2Back Marathon weekend: October 2009
    +50 State Marathon Club member: December 2010.
    +Marathon Maniac Diva: May 2011.
    +Half Fanatic: September 2011
    +First double (back2back days): October 2011.
    +First ultra distance (50K): September 2012
    +50 States Marathon Club FINISHER - October 2014

    +#25 Rock n Roll Arizona marathon (2011)
    +#50 Outer Banks (NC) marathon (2012)
    +#75 Honolulu (HI) marathon (2014)
    +#100 tbd

    26.2 PR: 2013 Wisconsin 6:17:50
    13.1 PR: 2008 Kona 2:43.04

    I am 22 years old and I have two jobs. I run my own online ecommerce business and i am a registered dental assistant. My boyfriend joe of 4 years has been my greatest supporter and i love him so much. I love to be active and play in the outdoors as much as possible.

    I'm a 39 year old mother of 2 daughters and 2 step sons.

    I am a 31 year old attorney - newly engaged (March 2009). I'm ready to finally drop this 15-20 lbs that I just don't need to carry around. I completed my first marathon: 10/26/08 4:47:43 Past races: 9/2 1/2 marathon in VA Beach - done! 2:08.26 9/16 1/2 marathon in Philly - done 2:05 10/8 Army 10 Miler - done 1:38 4/6 cherry Blossom 10 Miler - done 1:39.58; avg mile 9:49 5/10 Battle of the Blvd. 10k - done 58:23 avg. mile 9:09 8/23 Patrick Henry 1/2 Marathon Richmond, VA - elected not to run so I could do 16 miles instead. 9/6 9/11 Memorial 5K - 27.51(PR) 9/21 Philly Distance Classic (1/2 marathon) 2:02.21 (PR!!!) 10/5 Army 10 Miler 1:34:50 - official 10/26 Marine Corps Marathon 4:47:43 - OFFICIAL 11/9 Veterans Day 10k 57:17 (9:14 pace) 4/ GW Parkway 10 miler - OMG 90 degrees and no water - 1:45 ish. 6/13 Lawyers Have a Heart 10k 1:02 (UGH) 6/20/09 Rainforest 5k: 28:38

    Just turned 40, married, have a 6 year old daughter, want to lose 40 pounds & run a marathon within the next year.

    I'm a 25 year old wife and mother. I'm non-stop 24/7 between volunteering at school and helping my husband with his business. I love being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. I'm really doing this to become more fit and take better care of myself. I also want to set a good example for my family about health and fitness.

    Im Nicole 34 years old living in france with my partner and little son.

    I'm a full-time mom of an almost 3 year old son, Keelin. Currently I'm working as a Pharmacy Technician until I start medical school. Until this past spring, I have been an intermediate running coach - training new runners towards the 10k distance. But I decided to take some time off of coaching others and focus on myself, so I trained for and ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon this past April.

    I am a college student and I have always dreamed of having running as a life-long tool for fitness. In addition to running I try to take a couple of Spinning classes and try to exercise 3-4 days per week (which usually turns into 3 because of all the schoolwork!). As a side-note, I go to school for Fashion Merchandising.

    I am currently in graduate school studying School Psychology. One more year and then I'm finally done! I enjoy outdoor activities: cycling, swimming, camping, cooking out, etc. My best friend just asked me to be her maid of honor, which is just more motivation to lose some weight and get into better shape!

    I am a 39 year old mother of two boys 6 and 3, married, work full time and commute an hour each way to work. My job also requires some travel.

    University student school life can take a seriouse toll on the body, with all the partying! I am a big binge eater which is the hardest thing to conqure for my weight loss. I love sweets and starchy foods but I also stay pretty active with walking, biking, running and doing yoga.

    I am a 32 year old mom of 2. I adopted a 17 year old teenager who is now 19 and the baby who is 2 1/2. I gain weight when I am stressed or feel overwhelmed. I have not learned how to effectively deal with anxiety without overeating.

    I'm male, 42, married with 2 children. I am one of the founders of PEERtrainer.

    I am a 53 year old female. A few years ago I lost quite a bit of weight - 225lb down to 160. Over the past year I have put a little over 30 pounds back on. My goal is to get them off again! I have joined weight watchers and have lost 6 pounds so far.

    I am Cool!

    I am a stay at home mom. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7mos. old. My toddler is driving me crazy and my son still doesn't sleep through the night. I plan on breastfeeding for a while so I don't want to lose weight. I mainly want to build muscle.

    I work in product development for a major food manufacturer. I formulate bakery products which used to make sticking to my diet nearly impossible. As I got closer to my 30th birthday though, I was determined to quit grazing on all the goodies I make in the lab.

    In october of 2007 I set a goal to lose 25 pounds and drop from a size 12 to a size 8. I was on a mission to change my relationship with food, and to get myself back to the fitness level I was at in my early 20's. I wanted to start running again and to participate in a 1/2 marathon in 2008.

    As of August 2008 I have lost 33 pounds, decreased my body fat percentage from 26.4% to 19.8%, and dropped 3 clothing sizes. I have a far healthier diet and "Comfort Food" is no longer a part of my vocabulary. I'm running again and have completed a number of 5K and 10K races. Now, I'm focusing on the last of my original goals, the 1/2 marathon, and setting my sights on a full marathon for next spring.

    I am 38 years old and have two beautiful boys 8 and 2. I work full time managing a law firm.

    I'm a 28 year old single New Yorker. I work too much and I also party too much. I'm 5'5 and 160 lbs. I would like to be between 130 and 140. It's very hard to be overweight in NYC, there are so many thin and beautiful people.

    I'm a 34 yo SAHM of four kids ranging from 5 to 11 years old. I'm 5'10" and 191 right now, with a goal weight of 160. I am very active in a local competitive rowing club and also help with the youth at my church. I'm stopping my annual cycle of lose/regain this year, and need support to do that. Ice cream is the bane of my existence. ;)

    I am 30 years old and live in New Jersey and work in New York City. I am a Graphic Designer/ Web Designer. I am looking to get more fit and eventually run a 10K, 10 mile race and then a half marathon. I have run all my life but in the past few years I have not been consistent. Hopefully Peer Trainer will help get me more on track. :)

    Mother of one (Ethan). I am a writer and work in Development (fundraising) for a small non-profit.

    45 year old mother of two. I work full time and have been doing Weight Watchers the past year. Although I've lost 12 pounnds, can't seem to get the last 8-10 pounds to budge. Running 20-24 miles a week plus weight training and Zumba, I know I need to tighten up the food choices if I am to get past this point.

    I am a 36 year old Christian stay at home mom of 4 kids, ages 5 months to 8 years. I have actually been pregnant six times ( two miscarriages) so my body has taken a beating in the last 8 years. I have always had good metabolism and so I could eat whatever I wanted. Now it is catching up with me. My mom also subtly put on weight and has never been able to keep it off. I want to be a mom who is active with my kids.

    I am 21 years old. I work, live and go to school in New York City. Stress is inevitable when living in NYC. In order to manage stress levels, I want to implement a plan that consists of healthy eating and exercise. Let's hope for the best!

    i am 5'5 1/2" 128 lbs I am not over weight by any means but i am lazy and eat just to eat . The last week has been the worst I have been working out before and after work burning almost 1000 calories a day so I assume that I can eat like a pig. In one week of exercising my butt off I have actually gained 5 lbs because I have been over eating. I actually go to bed overly stuffed and feeling like I want to throw up ... not sure what my problem is but i need to stop :)

    I am a (J.D.) legal researcher, I am also working in a library, as well as getting a master's degree in library science. I love running, but I hurt my knee running a marathon and got very lazy after that.

    I have hypo thyroidism. It aint fun. Have to work 4 times harder than others to lose one pound. However, I try to NEVER GIVE UP.... otherwise, I would be 300 pounds by now. Goal is a realistic size 14. Watch how long it takes me to drop two dress sizes, with diet and EXERCISE!!!! yikes!

    I'm in pretty fit but really need to get lean. I"m tired of my clothes not fiiting and trying to cover up everyday. It's summer and I'm single and I want to feel good about myself! My goal is going to take serious commitment and hard work...i need help!!

    38 year old occupational therapist working full time in orthopaedics, and also doing a Masters part-time. I have 2 children, aged 4 & 6 who keep me busy when I'm not at work. My husband works from home (yes I am jealous) which has it's pluses & minuses sometimes. Being recently diagnosed with a chronic disease has made me realize I need to get my act together health-wise, add fitness into my everyday life & take better care of myself!

    I am a 36 year old woman living in a rural community. I have been running for a few years and last summer trained for a marathon. I wound up with a stress fracture and wasn't able to exercise. I have been very frustrated with the weight that I've put on. In general, I am an active person who loves to be outside. I am crazy about food and love to cook and eat. Over the past 10 years, I have been losing and gaining the same 5-10 pounds. Now I want them gone for good.

    bio major- hopefully premed

    39 year old Married w/ 2 kids. I've run 5 marathons. However I still need to loose 20 lbs. I also would like to improve my marathon time.

    I am a 35 year old mother of 3 (17, 12 and 4). I am a professional and work outside the home. I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers in 2003, then got pregnant with the baby. When i joined peertrainer, I was as heavy or heavier than I was the day I gave birth to him! I have been with Peertrainer since November of 2007 and have lost roughly 40 pounds and have kept it off for over 6 months so far.

    I'm a 46 year old woman who became a wannabe athlete at the age of 30. I've done several long distance bike rides in Arizona, Boston and all over NY. I've married 24 years, have two boys (ages 20 and 13) and work a full-time job 10-12 hrs a day. I want to lose 15-20 lbs and run a 1/2 marathon in early May.

    I'm addicted to sock knitting.

    I am the new mom of a baby girl, born Christmas Day 2008. I also have a two year old son. My goal is to lose baby fat and get back into shape. I love running but its hard to find the time. I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week.

    I'm a mom and love it! It gives my life purpose and countless fulfilling rewards despite the rough times. I also LOVE to bake; which sabotages my weight loss since I sample everything.

    Reactivating my account after two years. I am self-employed (part time), a mother and an athlete. I feel the itch to accomplish some major physical, career and motivational "housecleaning." I am married (22 years), my children are 11 and 13. My family is important to me. I am 50. I have been athletic my whole life. I ski - cross country and downhill (telemark is my new love), nordic ski race, cycle, run, and paddle. In sports, I most enjoy technique and that pure feeling that comes with a hard and/or long effort. I am self employed and work from home (Clients - Cities, Counties; work - grants, grant administration, environmental policy), which provides flexibility for family schedules, but can be isolating. I love to learn and read actively. I knit. I love to laugh. I adore my mother, two brothers, and sister, none of whom live nearby.

    Young professional attempting to fight winter weight and to continue a healthy life into my mid-20s.

    I'm a 31-year-old High School Assistant Band Director, Elementary Music Teacher. I graduated with a Masters in Music Performance (clarinet). My Husband and I finally go married on June 26, 2010 after 13 years of dating. I promised my parents I would finish school before getting married. So, I did. Our love for each other is even more blissful than before. I feel so blessed. Upon having a very busy and demanding schedule during the school year, I feel like I've been much more active and "in control" of a healthier lifestyle than I have ever been! :)

    I am a 34 year old stay at home mom with two little boys ages 3 & 5. My 5 year old has a mild form of autism called Asperger's and it is challenging, but he is a great kid. I am a 2002 graduate of the University of Montana, but I have not worked in 6 years! I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and now am back up to being uncomfortably overweight. I struggle with compulsive overeating & bulemia. I lost 50 pounds on South Beach in 2004, but gained it all back after I became pregnant with my second child. After a weeklong vacation at the beach with my super fit extended family, I now have the resolve to lose these pounds! I started at 244, & My husband is also dieting with me and needs to lose about 70 pounds.

    43 yr old Mom, wife and employee. On meds for various health conditions and not overly motivated to exercise or diet. This needs to change for sure! =)

    Hi guys, I'm a first year university student and I love running. In fact, I'm practically addicted to it. I ran with my school's cross-country team, and now in university I run anywhere from 1 time a week to 6 days a week. On the 15th of March I'm taking part in a half- marathon, and am seriously excited about it!! I've run 3 half-marathons before, ranging from 2hr 45mins to 2hr 30mins. This time, I'm just aiming to do complete it while running at an acceptable pace, as I realise jogging on my own has made me less motivated to run at race pace, and consequently I've basically been slacking off on training. I've always been not-very-petite despite being really active, and I guess it's my metabolism or something, coupled with a great liking for food... nevertheless, I have sucessfully lost weight before (no doubt with exercising madly EVERY DAY AND dieting at the same time). But I think this will help considerably, like just being accountable to someone about the food choices you make really helps =)

    hi, i'm sara. i'm a graphic designer that has spent most of my twenties chunky... i'm not about to start my thirties the same way. i started my journey on march 11, 2007. i'm working out everyday and meeting once a week with my fitness trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. *update* no longer working out with a trainer, but i still talk to him a lot about progress and tips, as well as he's still keeping track of my weight and measurements. besides adoring my awesome husband and my two fab kats, you must know i'm obsessive about two things in life- 1. baseball- CARDINALS BASEBALL to be exact. 2. APPLE COMPUTERS and tech-y stuff, yeah i'm one of those weird mac geek people that worship our computers and all things apple. btw- the newton was amazing and just too ahead of it's time....

    Freelance instructional designer & performance technologist

    I just turned 40 and am ready for a change! I have always been a bit of a weakling and a couch potato! I am pretty dang new to all this so am eager to get started and find something I can stick with.

    Married, mother of two, who has dropped 50 lbs in the past year. YAAA!

    Healthy and active living for the long haul. Loving every minute....well, most of the time.

    I am a 34 year old SAHM with 3 kids (10, 8 & 4). I'm very active and usually spend 4-5 days a week at the gym running, doing spin classes or lifting weights. I did my first 5k in 2008 and planned on doing my first tri this year before getting an injured foot and ankle.

    I'm 38, married, w/a 4 yo daughter. I'm clinnically overweight for my height of 5'6". Current weight is about 158-161 pounds (depending on the day and time.) I've started running again. Want to run the Boston one day. I feel I need to work on consistency with my workouts and my EATING.

    I'm 30 years old, living in Dublin, Ireland and want to experience all I can in life - even when it has its share of hard spots. Last year I got married to a wonderful man and gained my doctorate in French Studies from Trinity College, Dublin and I'm currently teaching there. All the sitting and reading tends to mean that in the evening I sit on my behind and watch tv and eat mindlessly! I'm excited to have a system to help me understand my eating habits better and become more aware of when I use eating as a crutch. I want to be those 20lbs lighter and feel more energetic and confident.

    I am a 41 year old single mother, who has decided enough is enough. The weight has got to go and the real person lying inside is ready to reveal herself for the second half of my life.

    I'm 28 and a PhD student at the University of Maryland. I was an overweight kid growing and I have done the whole yo-yo dieting. During my senior year of undergrad I got I got tired of being overweight and decided to finally make a change mainly for health reasons. During that first year I lost a good amount of weight, but with the stress of grad school, I started reverting back into my bad old habits which has lead me to gain a lot of weight back. I'm determined to get back down to where I once was. Since then, I've gotten back on track and then lost control so I've been yo-yoing alot. I still struggle with my diet, but I know it won't be a easy fix, I have to keep moving forward. The one constant for me is that I've become a runner!

    I am 29 and married. I have three kids, ages 9, 7, and 5. I have a really hard time taking care of myself, because I am always worried about everyone else! I did a great job last year getting in shape, but have taken off A LOT of time since then! I'm ready to get back on track. :)

    I am a 37 year old mother of 2. My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 3 years old. I work part-time as an accounting manager. I am currently training for a 10K in May 2009 hoping to improve my time from last year's 10K.

    I am in my late twenties, and I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my two kiddos! They are 15 months apart!!! It's a blast and a handful, but I love my domestic life!

    I have one 2 and a half year old and yet to lose all the weight I gained. I have a goal to run my first 5K in June - going from treamill to outiside is much harder than I thought!

    I live just north of San Francisco and have been running for over 30 years. I experienced several injuries in my first 2 decades of running but not any more. As I am a ChiRunning Instructor I decided to put the technique to the test when I turned 55 and ran a 50 mile race. I felt better than I did in some 50 ks.

    Working mom of 2 small boys. Married to my best friend, living and farming in rural Canada.

    improv comedienne/actess living in NYC

    I am 41 with 3 children, engaged. I enjoy running, hiking, backpacking. Basically I love anything outdoors. I work full time in addition to all my household duties. I am trying to make more time for my workouts in addition to eating healthier. I am looking forward to this challenge.

    I am 19 and never had a weight problem until I started taking anti-depressants when I was 15. I gained 30 pounds within 2 months and have struggled with the weight yo-yoing ever since. In the past 3 years my highest has been 175+lbs and my lowest 140lbs. Right now I am just over 160lbs and I want to get into the 130s. I am made of muscle and curves so getting lower than that may not be realistic. I would gladly weigh 140lbs again if it was all muscle.

    Let me start this by saying that I dont want to be a model I just want to be healthy. I am a 35yr mother of 4 (15, 13, 12, 5), I always strugle with my weight all of my life but it really got out of control after my first daughter....I was 140lbs when I got pregnant and I when I gave birth I was 230lbs. After having her I lost a few lbs, I remember going down to 180lbs and then by the next time a got in that scale (6-12 months) I was 245lbs. With my last baby I stayed at 245 for the whole pregnancy, but did not loose anything. Well almost 2yrs ago I started eating better and I lost 40lbs, but I am going back to my old eating habits, I need support and help. I have not gained anything back yet but I know I will if I keep eating like I am. I have been working out, but as of three weeks I have a hip injury that is holding me back. Thanks for the support I think this is going to be a great place for me.

    I'm a 28 year old mom. I have 2 boys, one born in feb 2006 and one born in feb 2009.

    Over 50 very active.

    I am 28 yrs old. I am married with a 13 month old little boy, works fulltime and in graduate school for myMBA. I started running about 6 months ago. I had run 3 5Ks pacing at 13-15 minutes mile. Also did 2 10K's and pacing at around 14-15 minute mile.

    45 years old. Lost a lot of weight 10 years ago and have recently started slowing down and not eating as good as I did previously. Many of my friends have moved away and I have lost some motivation to get and stay active.

    I am 49 5'5" I did so good for so long and then when I started having back problems and then foot problems I had to quit running and the pounds just came rushing back on. Do not even want to talk about where my weight is now but I am addressing that.

    I am in my early 20's, I was active all through high school and through the first year of college. However since taking some more intense classes and working nights I have fallen off the band wagon of working out. I am not constistant with it, I will do it for a month or two then not do it for a month and loose any stanima that I have had. This past May I ran in my first race which was a 5k and it did a good job, after that though I stoped running and working out. I am doing the 4 week boot camp cause I think it will help jump start me on working out agein and also I do want to loose some inches and a few pounds in my hips and stomach area. I also joined this group so I can meet people with similar goals and I want to be apart of a group were we can motivate each other.

    I am 43 years old now.. I have accomplished alot on this journey.. I started out at 415 pounds.. Im still a work in progress but have released almost a whole person. I have more work to do. In 2011 I lost my dad to cancer from smoking and I let my life go. I was also taking care of my disabled mom until last month. I met a man this year.. Bry is so amazing and supportive.. I moved to PA away from my family to be with him. He cares about living a healthy lifestyle and were finishing our journeys together. no more yo yoing. I am finished with that. no more excuses its tie to finish what I started years ago. enough of letting my life go. its time to take it back and thats what I am doing this new year.. alot of changes to come. my life is still unwritten. and im writing it this year!..

    ~I am 28 years old and I love love love to eat. I could probably be the ultimate champion of the potato chip eating contest. Right now in my life there really isn't much going on and the reason for that is I made time for myself to get healthy again. I'm debating on returning to school for a Master's in Accounting and I really need to get in shape and stay in shape before then. I know it will be crazy trying to work and go to school at the same time. I used to be very fit and healthy and now I feel like I have no control over my body. It's a terrible feeling. Before I started my junior year in college, I was at the gym 2 hours each day, working hard to stay in shape. I also ate VERY healthy (absolutely no junk food)!! I felt so good back then. Well, now it's my time to get back to the old me.

    I am 46 and fairly active. I walk at least 3 miles everyday at work ( 5 days a week). I walk or bike ride on my days off. I have signed up for a 100 mile bike ride in May. I hope that I can clean up my diet and be in a great state of mind by that time. My number 1 enemy right now is menopause. It sucks!

    I love to run hard, lift heavy and eat clean - and have fun while at it! :)

    Hitting to big 50 next year!!

    I'm a 32 year old recently divorced mother of a 2 year old and physical therapist by trade trying to put my life back together again after a rough year. I'm 50 lbs into my weight loss, but am starting to slow down and need some extra help for the last 30 lbs. I'm glad I have a team to help!

    39 year old Hawaiian woman who knows a lot about fitness and seems to work harder at not using that knowledge. Not self-motivated at all. I want to change that part of my personality.

    I am 36 years old, and an active mom of two kids. I love working out. I'm working on those last 10 pounds to get down to 120-125 pounds at 5'6". Want to lose this weight for the LAST time and develop a maintenance program that works. I also want to take my running to the next level, by increasing my weekly distance, participating in more races, and running a marathon in 2010.

    SAHM of 2 who does in-home child care. I'm LDS and happily married to a junk-foodaholic (not happy about the junk-food, just the man). Had rough childhood which contributes to my lack of selfesteem and eating when stressed.

    Well i have been on a journey to discover the real me the last 18months... along thhe way i have lost 130lbs and feel AWESOME! I still have 30 to go and am hoping to achieve that soon!

    Mom of 2, working hard to loose weight. I've lost 30 pounds in 2009, still 50 more to go. I love yoga and meditation, but I don't do it as much as I should. Love spinning too.

    34, two daughters age 12 and 7, work full-time. I like to run. Have completed several 5Ks and 10ks, six half-marathons and also ran in three 200 mile relays (Texas Independence Relay). Completed my first marathon in January 2009. Completed a Sprint Triathlon on Mother's Day 2010

    I'm ready to change the way I eat into a lifestyle change.

    I've been seriously committed to this weightloss journey for over a year now. I graduated Grad school in 2007 weighing 230lbs! I started at 193 which was still overwight for my hight. Now I'm down to 168 and I'm looking for new supports for this next phase.

    I love working out and do it daily. I work full time, have 3 kids and work out daily. I am actually in good physical condition, just thicker than I want to be.

    I have struggled with my weight forever. I am no means a big girl-144lbs but I really want to be about 15-20lbs smaller. I haven't done a lot of diets- but I did do the Isagenix one and i got down to 127 lbs in two months and loved it. But then I got shingles and slowly put on the weight and I have tried to go back on Isagenix but i never got the same results as I did before- very discouraging. About two months ago I started up running and I was doing really well and then I hurt my hip so my work outs haven't been that great, I am trying now to heal it so that I can go 100% in a week or so instead of my 70% and being in pain for three days

    I'm married, 40 yrs old, have 3 kids (4, 4, and 7 years), work full time at the small technology company we founded, My husband is the main caregiver. He had an aneurysm several years ago which affected his energy and short term memory and stopped him going back to work.

    I'm 28, female, and newly married with 2 cats. I work as a high school counselor in PA and really like my job. I was an overweight child, teenager, and college student. I have gained and lost weight like it's my job!! About 6 years ago, I got serious and lost about 40 pounds. I started running at that time and it really clicked with me. About a year later, I lost another 20 pounds, putting me at 138 which was the happiest I've ever felt about myself physically. Slowly about 20 pounds have crept back on and I'm unhappy with how I feel. I'm still running and have run 2 half-marathons, but really would like to be fitter.

    I am 36 years old. I have an 8 year old boy in 3rd and a 4 year old girl in pre-school. I work part time but my real job is being a stay at home mom to my children.

    Hi! I am a 30 year old Latina woman currently residing in Boulder, CO while my partner completes his PhD. We plan on relocating to Chicago, IL this summer and both look forward to continuing our careers in the windy city! I joined PeerTrainer by the encouragement of a friend. I was an athlete since a very young age and into my college years, but as soon as I got out of that, I was not able to duplicate the level of exercise as an "everyday" person. So I began gaining some weight. I hope to be able to stabilize my intake and exercise so not as to just look good, but feel good!

    Working mom of three awesome kids, wife, vegetarian who loves to meditate and practice yoga. I have never really liked running but I want to conquer it. I have run/walk two 5Ks. My goal is to fully run a 5K in April 2010. In August '09 I weighed 226 lbs. I now weigh 197 lbs.

    I'm a SAHM, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, mother of 2 (one with autism), and training to walk the Portland Marathon.

    30 years old... when did that happen?! I can handle it because I'm a 30-year old marathoner with a great husband, family, and friends.

    I'm a 21 year old college student, a frequent runner and few pounds too heavy.

    I am 23 years old. Just finished up college.

    Committed to life-long eating & exercise habits that will keep me strong and injury-free, so I can enjoy the great outdoors with my husband and kids the rest of my life. 37 years old, happily married with 4 kids- girl (13), boy (11), girl (8), boy (6).

    I am now 56 -- and want to be as healthy as I can be. I tend to start and stop but am realizing that time is not on my side and its time to get a handle on my health once and for ALL. I love fitness stuff, but tend to be lazy! Married to my best friend -- have a wonderful son out of college and working in the big world.

    I am a 38 year old mother of two and wife to a wonderful and supportive husband.

    I'm a SAHM of 2. Currently I'm studying to be a fitness instructor. I enjoy races. So far I've completed a 5k and 10k. I have my first half marathon in september and plan to register for the rock n roll san Diego marathon next year.

    I work 30 hours a week as a marriage and family therapist which can be draining. I am married and have three children, ages 2, 12, and 16. I have a very busy life with my husband's obligations and my children's schedules.

    I am a full time working mom of two beautiful children. My daughter is 4, and my son is 11 months. I have struggled ever since I can remember to lose weight, I have a VERY hard time due to PCOS. I gained a whopping 75# during my second pregnancy and have only been able to lose 5#. Its getting to be summertime and less clothes = more uncomfortable.

    I am a 45 year old mother of two boys. I work as a paramedic for a private ambulance company. Work some crappy hours so eating healthy is always a challenge. I love anything outdoors and just started running. I go to the gym with my boyfriend (he is very supportive) and am looking to buy a bicycle to bike to work.

    Married. Lost 25 lbs using Weight Watchers. Terrified of gaining it back. Menopause is tough. Diagnosed with osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

    I am 46, married with a 12 year old son. I love to spend time outdoors and love spending time with my family. I love to read but my favorite hobby right now is fitness. I am 29 and when I joined PeerTrainer back in August 2008, I had a goal to lose 64 pounds before my Aug. 8, 2009 wedding. PeerTrainer has helped me lose all 64 pounds. I'd lost 13 additional pounds but as of today, I've gained 25 back. I need to get rid of those 25 and then tone up so I can run faster, further as a lighter person.

    I'm 33, married no kids yet. I love running and exercising, it's the getting out of bed that I hate. The getting home and having to go out after I'm already exhausted from work and school. How do you run on energy that you just don't have anymore! :) Searching for the healthy medium.

    Am a 20 year old student just about to take my finals. Suffered from anorexia for a few years which morphed into bulemia and then binge eating. Am deperate to lose the last 5 pounds and tone up, but more generally to regain control over my life and self.

    I am 39, married with 2 boys, 1 is 14 and the other is 3 about to turn 4. I have struggled with weight all my life.

    I am 20 years old. I think I am already fit, though there is always room for improvement. I am 5'5" and currently 150 pounds. I've already came down from 157 so that is good, but I would like to bring it down another 15. I enjoy cooking and reading and working out. I am finishing up my sophomore year of college and looking to make some behavioral changes this summer- primarily with my eating habits.

    Mother of 2 ages 7 and 5, wife, work full time as a physician. My work is stressful. My husband stays home with our kids.

    3 sons, working mom, love to workout, but love eating more!

    Im 22. I live in Spain. Im not spanish though. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food, which inlcude over eating and beating myself for it. I love reading blogs! Im love music more then anything and I love dancing!

    i go to the gym daily and enjoy a range of activities from films, music, socialising. I used to weigh 10 kg lighter than i am now and if i lose half of that would make me feel so much better

    26 year old american actor living in the UK. living the dream...and hoping to find a way to afford it.

    I'm 23, and looking to get a grip on my life again. I have kinda' let myself go in the last year or so, and love the way I feel when I'm in shape...just wanna get back there. I'm looking to drop two to four pant sizes before Sept. 5th, 2010.

    23 yrs old Grad student..Chronic eater

    I am 25 years old with a career in Accounting. I keep myself busy with work, exercise, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, and renovating our old city home.

    I've been heavy all my life, topping out at almost 400 pounds at one point. Over the course of the last few years, I've been able to drop into the 250 range. I'm pretty proud of the accomplishment so far, but I still have a good bit more to lose.

    I am 42 years old and have a 22 year old daughter and 17 year old son. I divorced a few years ago and that's when I finally motivated myself to lose weight. I met a great man last summer, but have gotten too comfortable and have gained 17 lbs since I met him. He says he doesn't mind, but I sure do.

    I've lost (and gained) a lot of weight over the years. This year, I'd like to lose 30 lbs by December 31, and bring the new year in right! I'd love to meet walking partners. I'm near both Kelly Drive and Fairmont Park.

    I am a 20 year old female college student. As a nursing major, I believe that I should be an example to my patients.

    I am a 45 year old mother, grandmother, triathlete, business analyst, wife and many other things too. I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I lost about 70lbs in 2000 and managed to keep half of it off until this past holiday season. I am back up to 188.5 and hating it. I am here for motivation and to get the weight off once and for all.

    I live in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago. I am a 56 yr old single woman who is currently in film studio earning my grad degree in digital cinema! I would like a bike/walk/workout partner.

    33 years old - High School Teacher/Part-Time Grad Student. As of February 2006, I have to eat gluten-free due to food allergies. I'd like to lose some more weight so that I can become a personal trainer again (like in college) and run around in a swim suit without feeling like a weirdo.

    I'm about to turn 30, I'm 5'9 and weigh 223, I just had my daughter in Sept 09 and have been married for 9 1/2 years...and have lost my self...and now I'm overweight and can't even run around the block. I want to be ME again!

    I'm a young vegan. I love movies and reading, and I'm trying to learn how to stop eating and get by bum moving.

    I am 46 but very active. I like to workout and ride bikes with my family. I am working on making a healthy life style change for me and my family.

    I once played soccer 3+ hours a day and ran 10-15 miles a week. I had ACL reconstruction a few years back and failed to become active again. I went to the gym religiously for a while and still go every now and then. I'm really lacking motivation and I feel like I'm never going to meet my goal. Update- I played one last soccer season and felt great. I lost all of the weight but I've gained it back (again) over the course of two years

    In long term relationship with 2 kids.

    I'm 22, 4'10ish and currently 157lbs.

    I got married and moved to another city in 2010. I came to this city for grad school, but I decided that it wasn't for me, and now I'm a freelancer, which is my dream job. :) Oh, and I'm a 34-year-old from the Midwest! :)

    WEIGHT LOSS Journey has been temporarily SUSPENDED, but here are the old stats:
    PEERTrainer starting weight March 7, 2010: 143
    April 3, 2010: 140
    May 29, 2010: 136
    July 4-October 30, 2010: 135
    December 1-January 26, 2011: 140
    March 3, 2011: 145 <------ NEW Starting Weight
    April 29, 2011: 140.2
    May 25, 2011: 136.2
    July 2, 2011: 139
    Sept. 19, 2011: 141.4
    October 6, 2011: 137
    October 21, 2011: 135.8
    November 18, 2011: 132.6
    December 16, 2011: 129.4
    December 23, 2011: 128.8
    January 2, 2012: 127.8
    January 12, 2012: 126.6
    January 21, 2012: 125 <-----quit smoking a week after this
    March 22, 2012: 147
    June 15, 2012: 155
    August 26, 2012: 164 <------ NEW starting weight - ETL Program
    September 3, 2012: 156 (after one week of ETL!)
    September 12, 2012: 154
    October 4, 2012: 164
    December 21, 2012: 182
    January 28, 2013: 195

    Goal Weight: 120-125 pounds

    I am 49 and have battled wieght issues since I was about 14. From not eating to over eating, food has been a big issue for me. I used PeerTrainer in 06/07 and it helped me to lose 30lbs - 20 of which have creeped back on. Now I am peri-menopausal and feeling crappy. The way I have been eating I think is a contributing factor. Also I have been recently diagnosed with low thyroid and am in the process of sorting that out.

    I am a 30 something stay at home Mom of three who enjoys running, zumba, weight lifting, yoga & pilates. The problem is finding time to take care of myself the way I take care of my family!

    I'm seventeen and I've been trying to lose weight for a good two years or so, just to find out that I have a hypothyroid condition and it is nearly impossible for me to loose weight -- Instead I gain. So, now that I'm getting that fixed, I want to get on track to loosing. (:

    27 female on portland metro west side. transplanted from Idaho a couple of years ago, and am settling into my first home.. I enjoy reading, hiking and love board games. I enjoy cooking and am working on incorporating healthier habits into what I make at home. Portion control and emotional eating are my biggest issue.

    I am a 51 year old grandma, I had 4 kids, and 5 grandchildren, I want to be healthy and have the energy to keep up with these grandkids, in which 2 of them live with me.

    I am 22years old and just moved to the big smoke from the country, a big change for me. I struggle with stress/ comfort eating a lot. I study online and spend a lot of time alone at home in front of the computer which is bad for me. My biggest problem though is a minor but lingering knee injury that kept me from jogging for 9 months now, which really demotivates me.

    I am a 38yo workaholic professional who works from home. Lately, I seem to just roll out of bed into my desk and work from 6am to 6pm. By the time I decide to close up "shop", I'm too stressed and tired to get up the motivation to workout. To make matters worse, I stress-eat, which turns out to be all the time, since I'm stressed all the time. HELP!

    I am nurse- but behind a desk all day.

    I'm 21, a student, and I currently live in Beijing. I did used to be about 168 lbs but I lost about 28lbs last year before I moved out to China in August. Now I'e been here for six months and the weight is creeping back on (about 7lbs), mostly because I stopped exercising and started drinking again, not to mention all the pork dumplings...I would like to get to my goal weight (finally) of 120lbs.

    I'm a 36 year old re-married mother of two, step-mother of two. Native of and still living in Colorado, I enjoy skiing, hiking, and new "hobby": running. I signed up for my first marathon September 2009 and did my second in January 2010. Love to run!

    37 year old, married mother of 3. Grad student pursing my MSW. Four years ago I trained for 5 months and went from not being able to run 1/4 of a mile to running every step of a 13.1 mini marathon. I ran for 11 straight months and decided to take December off because I was feeling burnt out. My goal is to become a regular runner once again.

    I am a 33 year old wife, mother and child of God! I have 6 kids, 3 biological and 3 by marriage ranging in age from 23-8.

    I am 52 years old and have lived in Texas all my life. I've never really had a weight problem because I always watched it very carefully (I had overweight grandparents). Somehow it has gotten out of control as I've never been more than 10 pounds over before.

    I'm 42 years old and due to a busy work life have gotten out of the habit of eating smaller portions and more importantly, a regular exercise program.

    I am 29, grew up in the US but have been living in Israel for the last 6 years. I like my life overall, have a great group of friends and family, but know that I avoid the spotlight because of how I feel about my physical appearance. I want to find a life partner and have a family and fear that I won't be able to do so if I don't feel confident and good about my body

    53 years old. A wife, mother & grandmother who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I was always slim as a young woman. Kids, a hectic life and no car (!) made it easy. I never thought about my weight. As I get older, my lifestyle has become more sedentary and the waistband got bigger. I never thought it would happen to me! The enormity of the journey ahead of me is daunting.

    38 F, mother of 3 kids: ) living in Zürich Switzerland. Enjoy running, but coming from Australia, I am still climatising to Swiss winters but learning to run through the snow. I am 69 kg but would like to get down to 66 kg. Although I fit into many of the same clothes that I did before the kids. I'm definitely not overweight but there is room for improvement.

    I'm a 25 year old artist & designer from South Africa.

    I am a 22y/o college grad. I have struggled with eating issues my entire life, however my weight has always been normal or low. My biggest challenge is not binging, and not being obsessive about eating "too healthy."

    I'm a 33 yr old SAHM. I have two young children and find it very hard to find the time to work out.

    I'm a 48-year-old woman who has eaten healthy organic foods, emphasizing vegetables, with some grains and meat, for 20+ years. I ALSO have never successfully conquered my food addiction, which involves regular bouts of eating lots of sugar and crappy foods. These things seem incompatible, but my body shows the evidence! No children, sadly, but several beloved godchildren. I have hypothyroidism and don't feel I ever get decent medical treatment for it, so I'm adding seaweed to my daily dose of synthetic thyroid. -------------- 19 Feb 2011: I wrote the above a couple of years ago and, other than updating my age, I've left it alone. However, upon reflection, it seems to me that I currently would not call myself a food addict. I am not yet rigorous enough with my diet to only eat as much as I need to lose weight; however, food is NOT my obsession. I still reflexively move to it when I am uncomfortable either emotionally or physically -- but with increasing awareness, that too is falling away. I like how Jackie says that this is a five-year effort -- I'm now on year 2 of my relat. with PeerTrainer and, while I've been away during that time more than I've been here, clearly I see benefits.

    I have a great family. Have a wonderful husband of over 17 years. I am 36. Have 2 children Connor-9, and Ciara-6. They keep me busy! I want to be healthy for my family.

    Moved from Australia 2 months ago. Married, no kids, lovely husband. I love wine (bad) and great food (good, but too much).

    love the outdoors: kayaking, hiking, camping, swimming,cycling

    I am preparing to graduate with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. I am married with one son of my own and three step children, and one grand daughter by my son and three grand daughters by my step children. I have been married for 4 years. A newlywed. I am a playwright/theatre director and educator who would like to make movies. At one point I weighed 260 lbs. I've lost 50lbs. I want to lose 67 more. I"ve been heavy all of my life except for my college days. I lost weight and went from 260-125 lbs. Then I got pregnant and hovered between 225 and 230. I've never given up on losing weight and exercising. I've never wanted to have any operations. I like taking care of myself, and I know that I can lose the 67 lbs. that I want to lose.

    I work full time in an ever-changing stressful job as a supervisor with Child Protective Services. I've been married for nearly 11 years, and have one child. I love to read, cook, spend time with my dogs and family, and enjoy the outdoors (when weather permits). I've lost my motivation to exercise and need some encouragement and accountability.

    I have officially hit the 40s and it seems the weight has become sooooo much easier to gain!! I have a job that requires sitting most of the day. My hours are unpredictable and food is ordered in frequently. I am married to a very active man...everything from softball to running! He's competitive so working out with really sucks! Needless to say his way of givining support is a friendly race. Um, no thanks

    I'm a 43 year old woman and have been easily 50-70 pounds overweight for almost a decade. I've watched my body change and become very stubborn at weight loss, almost to the point of the ridiculous. That is what brings me here. I have great success in most parts of my life, and I need to fix this before I spend any more of my time hiding myself away inside this body.

    I'm almost 40, married and mom of 2 grade school boys. I work FT and am very active with my family and any extra time is spent training.

    im a student, joined this prog because i gained 15kg in 8 months. tts crazy to me.

    I recently graduated from SFState in Creative Writing. I take piano lessons, garden, write, and walk. I love travel. I'm a pretty good cook, a better gourmet, and I love to be around my grandchildren, of which I have five. My two grown children are educated, accomplished and very supportive of everything I do. I am lucky.

    45 year old working professional in high stress job, living with my high energy 12 year old son and my boyfriend who has the metabolism of a team of horses. Nobody in this house gains any weight but me.

    I am currently a senior music education major just a few months away from a degree and teaching license. I am currently student teaching at an incredible high school, and soon I will be moving on to my elementary placement. After graduation, I am hoping to find a teaching job in New York and continue to pursue performing while I teach.

    I am a 47 year old working mom of two boys, ages 17 and 22. I tend to be a workaholic and am a type AA. I get stressed very easily which leads me to overeat. I was thin up until about 9 years ago when we moved from California to Pennsylvania. I LOVE to exercise but have not made it a priority in my life.

    I am a 26yo working wife and mom. My little girl is 22 months old. I have been happily marriend for 5 years! I am a registerd nurse and work 12 hour shifts and I am currently a parttime student working towards my Nurse Pacticitioner. My life is crazy busy!

    I'm a 46 yr. old female mother of three grown children(24, 23 & 21). I divorced 5 years ago and since then my weight has slowly crept up. I had been athletic all my life, growing up swimming competively and then playing tennis alot when married. Working full time and planning on going back to school now. I miss the feelings of energy, fitness and strength I once had. I have always enjoyed good health and I don't want to lose that now. Eating right usually isn't the problem but trying to get motivated to work out regularly is the big challenge.

    i live with my boyfriend and my cat. i teach first grade and that keeps me running around a lot, but my life at home has become too inactive for me and i have gained some weight, which makes me unhappy. my bf isn't interested in exercising and i love to cook so that doesn't exactly help us either!

    I'm almost 35 and married. I love to ski and snowshoe in winter. In summer I kayak and do lots of hiking with my 2 big energetic dogs. I am experiencing some wonderful changes that apparently come with being in the mid thirties age range like packin' on the pounds (which don't come off as easily as they did in my 20's) and not being able to eat whatever I want and having less muscle tone even though maintaining the same activity level. Clearly I need to seriously workout and shed weight NOW so I can continue to enjoy the things I like to do and maybe even look better doing it!

    Mom of 1 and trying to get in shape for me.

    I am a runner, a vegetarian, a foodie, a reader, and a perpetual student. I like to knit, run, read, write, and hangout with people.

    I'm a 25 year old mommy of two. I stay home now but will be attending nursing school once my youngest begins school. I've been married for over 6 years and have a really terrific life.

    I'm 22 and want to lose weight to be healthy and happy!!

    early 30's, busy schedule, trying to be more active

    I like to read, write , and do crossword puzzles

    For the past 10 years I have struggled with 10-15 pounds and have lost and regained weight. Jan 7th I started The 4-Day Diet and felt great, lost 4 lbs in 4 days, continued and have lost 7 lbs over the past month and 1/2. Bad habits are creeping back into my life.

    Thirty, sit at desk all day, work in video production

    The tears were pouring down my face after my first marathon in 2007. The tears of joy came again after crossing the finish line of my first triathlon. Minutes after finishing both of these events for the first time, I was hooked. Despite the pain, despite the time it takes to train for these extensive endurance events, I remain dedicated to training and achieving my personal best in every racing event that I set out to conquer and experience. I remain dedicated to helping others find the same joy and realization that I had at the finish line of the marathon and of my first triathlon. That realization was YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. I set my mind to qualify for the Boston marathon with a time of 3:40:59 and I WILL achieve that goal. I set my mind, body, and spirit to finish IRONMAN St. George and I FINISHED! I AM AN IRONMAN!!!
    My story: After my first marathon, I remember vividly trying to bend my quads to sit on the ground to stretch. I was completely unable to do so and I had to request my mom and dad's help to set me on the ground. I got on the phone with my grandpa, who is now so proud of me and calls me a "dynamo." On the phone that day, minutes after finishing my first marathon I told my grandpa that I had to do another one. He said, maybe you'll feel differently tomorrow when you can't walk and are hobbling around. I said no, I won't. I'm doing another one, Grandpa. That was the best thing I've ever done for myself, by myself and I want to know that I'm capable of having this incredible feeling again and again. I said this even before I realized how close I was to qualifying for the Boston Marathon that day. That day I said to my grandpa, I insisted this: "Grandpa, I feel amazing!" My grandpa and other people asked "Aren't you tired?" And I said "HELL NO, this was the best damn thing I've ever done, I'm ready to feel like this again and again and again and again! I want to do another one TOMORROW!"
    So, here I am. Three marathons down. A lot closer to my goal but not there yet. I'm exactly 48 seconds away from a Boston Qualifying marathon. I'm going to try for it in a fall marathon this year. I just did the Ironman and that was big. So about me is well, I coach, I run, and I am an Ironman all at the same time. I'm a machine.
    I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
    And did I mention I am an IRONMAN? :-)

    I'm a college student in PA and am fortunate enough to be on a campus with a lot of open grounds and wooded areas perfect for walking. I'm looking to get motivated to take more advantage of the opportunity to get in better shape through more regular exercise and healthier eating.

    I am 34 and want to lose 75 lbs. I want to jog a 5k and get into a size 10. I work in a prison and love animals, traveling and most outdoor activities.

    53 y/o femaile, hectic work schedule, I walk. I try to eat OK, but looks like I fell on my face, this time. I am heavier than I have ever been @ 205 lbs. 5'5". I ran into a lady in Macys who let me know that know that pears are healthy than apples. I sure do not want to be on the healthier (fatter) side of life. At the time she said it, I thought it was funny, but fat is not funny, just unhealthy.

    I am a 25 year old Aussie female, I go to the gym about 4 times a week - but have a very busy schedule - I study full time, work full time, and also do promotional modelling on the side.

    Lilve in Mariposa work in Sonora. Just starting day 3 of fat smash diet.

    College student who needs some motivation to get in shape!

    Currently, I'm 26 living in Portland OR working for an amazing nonprofit called Playworks. I play with children and adults for a living at a school and integrating play into the classroom and recess playground. I've always been heavier than I should be and have practiced emotional eating and snacking in pretty unhealthy ways. I lived in Denver right before I moved to Portland and was the lightest I had been in years. 140 and working out A LOT! I often use workouts as an excuse to be able to eat more and I don't always prepare food well in advance and then scarf everything in sight. The rainy weather in portland demotivated me in a lot of ways when I first arrived, but I'm ready now.

    I'm a 28yr old full time IT professional. I love to exercise and had been an active tennis player until I had to give it up for studying full time and then work. Love to trek as well. Tend to get bored of my work life, I can tend to binge eat :(. Biscuits, snacks are my major weakness and I do it even after dinner !!! I did a stint previously in PT which did help me get results initially. Later due to various reasons I stopped logging in. Now, I'm trying out again here.

    I am a sahm, I have 3 great kids and a wonderful husband. I am 5'3 and weight almost 180, I am latina . I am desperate to get the weight off.

    Single mother of one bright eyed, fun 8 year-old. Busy schedule taking care of my daghter, running a small business, and finishing up a degree in Information Technology Management.

    I am a 41yo mother of 3 boys, a Labor and Delivery Nurse and a Real Estate agent. Seperated after 19 years of marriage, and am wondering if my future will include working in the Peace Corp or hoarding animals in place of having a meaningful relationship (no offense to the Peace Corp) I strongly feel that people don't look at prospective mates and say "well, she is fat, but I bet she has a TERRIFIC personality, let me go and see" So I feel like my obeisity will hamper my ability to have a decent social life. I don't think that I am sexually attractive, so why would anyone else?

    I am 37yrs old. Mother of 2. Weight was NEVER a problem for me until I had a Hysterectomy 4 years ago. My metabolism left with all my parts!!! I have gained 40 pounds over that last 4 years. Just kind of snuck up on me. I hate it- can't breathe and my clothes obviously are not fitting me any longer!

    I'm 28 year old a stay at home mom to a beautiful daughter of 5 years! I am currently getting my graduates degree in education! I am totally an emotional eater, not even going to try and deny it. And lately my life has been way too hectic causing me to eat way to much and gain way too much...time for a change, here I come!

    52 yr old with 11 & 9 yr old boys struggling to make time to improve my health.

    spend too much time focusing on others and then fall into severe emotional eating...

    Mommy to one little girl, happily married. I've been heavy my entire life, and I don't want my daughter to have to suffer through the same thing.

    Happily married mother of 4.

    Working on eating healthy and moving more.

    Full-time working Mom of two (5 and 8yrs.), married to a man who loves food as much as I do! I turned 40 this year and it is feeling increasingly diffucult to lose weight. I love activity but this desk job is kiilling me!

    I am 32 years old and work as a registered nurse. One year ago, I had lost 40 lbs, was in the best shape of my life, and ran my first 5ks and half marathon. After a back injury (which I am still struggling with) I have slipped out of all the good habits I had started and have gained back a lot of the weight. I love being outdoors, seeing live music, reading, and hanging out with my husband and dog Banks.

    I will be 40 next month. I am married and have 2 children, 5 and 9. I work as a School to Career Coordinator and recently changed jobs. I love to exercise, I do most of it at home with videos and weights, my husband is a good example of physical fitness. I love to eat, especially snacks and desserts. I am 145 and plan to get down to 130.

    34 year old working in higher education development...

    I am 34 and just walked my first half marathon 2 weeks ago in 3:33:53. I did my first 10k yesterday, a walk/run in 1:29:45- just under my goal of an hour and a half!

    34 y/o working mother of 3 great kids. Somewhere along the way, I stopped taking care of myself. I start many diets but finish none. I'm a stress eater and I have eaten myself to 60 extra pounds. My confidence is gone. My husband says he's fine with me, but I seriously doubt that. I want to feel good about myself again. I want to stop turning to sweets everytime I get overwhelmed with work or my personal life. I really would like to wear a belt again.

    I am a single career woman (not sure how I got here, but I'm here), 32. I have a sweet little house in the suburbs, which I can't wait to work on, now that spring has finally arrived!

    34 year old living in RI. I spend a lot of time in Hartford and have friends (running) in Boston and NYC. I used to work out regularly (gym, outdoors) until about a year ago. Am looking to get back into a regular routine and add fun outdoor activities.

    A 50 year old divorced mother of four. I'm starting to really feel the effects of a lifetime of poor eating habits and over a hundred pounds of excess weight. My body is saying no more!

    I'm a 43-yo mom who is determined to set a good example for my dd.

    Twenty something mom of 1.

    I am a 59 year old women. Have been over weight since I was around 30. Always fighting, giving up and gaining more weight and then wanting to lose the weight. Same cycle over & over again. Used food as a crutch, reward and emotional insulation while raising my three boys and going through 2 divorces and having a stressful time of going back to college for nursing at the age of 43. My kids were 13, 9 & 6 at that time. Now I want good things for myself. I have run 15 marathons (but not at this weight) in my 50's and I loved it. I am 245 lbs and will be 60 on Oct 4. I do not want to wake up that morning like I wake up every morning. I have mirrored doors on my closet and I watch myself roll out of bed.On my birthday morning I want to see me open my eyes and jump out of bed and exclaim "I'm ready world, let's go on an adventure!"

    I got married a little more than a year ago and gained back the 30lbs I lost plus 15lbs extra within 6 months. I joined WW and lost 40lbs so far but I just turned 30 in March and want to have the best body of my life this summer. These last pounds seem to be the hardest.

    I maintained my weight at 140-150lbs for years, all through high school and college but once I graduated I started eating much more fast food. I'm a lazy cook so it was easier to just bring home dinner for me and my fiance every night. He still says I'm beautiful (which I love him for) but i just turned 27 and we set a wedding date and I can't be this size for the rest of my life, or even the rest of this year!

    I'm 24. A bank CSR and I have poor eating habits - I just eat whatever I like or feel for

    I am a 42 year year old librarian. I am married with 2 children a daughter, 21 and a son, 19. I have hypothyroidism which is a constant battle to control with medication, it makes getting off my butt harder than it used to be. I have been over 200 lbs for the past five years, I just can't seem to below that 200 mark.

    I am 45 yrs old and have two grown sons, one in the military and one in his 2nd year of college. I work full time in a law firm, I enjoy the outdoors in the summer, but find myself hibernating in the cold months.Starting in the beginning of April I have added Interval training.. I run for 1 minute walk for 2 minutes.. I hope to reverse that senerio soon and then move to just running.

    I was at goal through Weight Watchers, but moved from the 'burbs to the hills and was so consumed with moving in that I gained the 5-10 pounds back that I'd recently lost. Time to get back to my better self!

    I have a 7.5 yr old and an 9 yr old. Both girls. I love being a stay at home mom, but I also work part time doing administratve work at my husbands store. I lost about 22 pounds on a clinic diet, then gained about 15 back. I love having fun. If something isn't fun or satisfying, I won't stick with it. I'm a lot more disclipined with my diet than workouts.

    mother of three sons, nurse and wife

    I am a 40-year-old Mom of 2, step-mom of 1 and grandmother of 1. Love music and motorcyles.

    I would like to lose enough weight to feel healthy and with energy once again.

    Im a 38 year old woman from South Africa and live in a lovely apartment overlooking Cape Town. Im struggling to control my eating habits, although Ive taken up running and hope to run 10km by August

    I’m a 46-year old single mother of three. My youngest child “left the nest” in 2009. I’ve spent the last two decades focusing on being a mother, but now it’s time to re-focus on myself which I’m finding to be a challenge.

    I'm 33, married, an administrative assistant at a large corporation in Minneapolis. I've battled my weight all my life. After college I was in really good shape, but since getting married have gained 70 pounds.

    54, M, 5'10", 165#, used to run a lot, not much anymore. Did the Honolulu Marathon in 2005.

    I am 27/F year old living in San Diego,California. I have two wonderful little pugs named Ziggy & Tizoc. I have recently (in the last year) started running. It was a little tough at first but I love it now. Im still kinda new at this so sometimes I lose motivation. I also enjoy taking Ziggy & Tizoc for a walk after work whenever I can. I work full-time where I stand all day with little movement. After that I have an hour long commute everyday. I've been having a really difficult time with my weight for the past several years. Even though I have been running, i have one slight disadvantage- I love food! I really have to work on cutting my portions. Also my goal is to take my own lunch to work everyday.

    I'm a 24 year old Bixby resident. I have a wonderful boyfriend that I have been with for almost a year and a wonderful family. I currently work in Tulsa.

    You know most everything!!

    I just turned 37 years old (2/2011). I am a single mom of two beautiful kids ages 7 and 3. I am a preschool special education teacher. I have over 60 lbs to lose.

    A healthy vegetarian looking to get a bit slimmer and more toned; currently at a decent weight of 120 lbs. thanks to ETL. Took up regular jogging on the Galloway run-walk method in 2009 and lost 25 lbs. in 20009-2010 on the ETL 6-week plan and ETL Life Plan (from Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live book).

    39 married with no kids aIthough I treat my dog like one; enjoy working out ~ just need to get a handleon the nutrition part; desk job so not much moving around at work.

    I'm 28, work full time, happily married, no kids yet and on the mend from ACL reconstruction. Enjoy most types of working out except running. Especially like pilates, yoga, body pump and spinning classes.

    I'm turning 40 this year!! Married for 14 years and have 3 beautiful sons, 12, 10, 6. They keep us very busy and I find myself putting my exercise/diet last on the list. I know how to eat healthy and workout, but can't seem to actually DO it.

    i am a fairly young women wanting to loose weight. my friends are all size 8s and look amazing. Where as i look frumpy, unflattering and tired all the time. I currently weigh 162 pounds and wish to get to 126. Its goign to mean alot of hard work, but i am willing to commit.

    40-something female aiming to return to consistent workouts, increased variety of activities, and losing weight, gaining fitness.

    I'm an 18 year old high school graduate getting ready to leave for college this fall. I love to run, play soccer, spend time with friends, and be at church. The last few years I've let my fitness level decline and just eaten what I wanted and I haven't stuck with a regular exercise program. I'm looking to become more fit and become the woman I was created to be :)

    I turn 42 in July and I'm 5' and weigh about 122 pounds. I'm within the normal range, but too close to the high end for my comfort. I've never had a major problem with my weight other than it seems I have to starve to make the scale move and I love food! As I get older though I know I need to do more to even maintain let alone lose weight.

    I am 50 years old, married with 3 children, one married, one in college, and one in high school. I am a registered nurse. I love learning new things, walking, and doing really good Bible studies. I sing in my church choir, and I am a voracious reader. I weighed about 112 pounds for most of my adult life, even after babies. AT 5' 3" I was pretty petite and very fit. Since I turned 40, I have gained 37 pounds, peaking at 151 but currently at 149. I know I will never see 112 again, but would like to see 120!!

    I am 39, mother of 2. I work part-time. I am training for another half marathon. I love running & weights. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Camping,boating,floating, hiking.

    I'm 36 (37 is right around the corner) and I have struggled with my weight since I was 9 years old. That being said, I wasn't overweight until I was in my twenties and going through a very difficult time in my life. For the past 15 years, I have been the classic yo-yo dieter and I have decided that it's time to take myself back! I love cooking and entertaining (I'm an event producer by trade), reading, movies and spending time with my loved ones. I also now consider the gym to be one of my happy places :)

    I'm a newly retired ballerina and mother to an 11 year old boy.

    Graduate student, loves the outdoors, travel, and loud music.

    I took a break from pt for awhile. I never stopped running, working out or improving my eating habits.

    My weight loss journey will hopefully coincide with the Folly Beach 1/2 Marathon in Charleston, SC. The race is on February 5th and I hope to be in top shape for this race!

    I'm 28 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I've been a member of PT for 9 years, with some breaks, but I'm back, because I really missed logging.

    Highest Weight: 312lbs, Dec 2012 I am currently at 272 - I have lost 40 lbs in the past 18 months and want to ramp it up!

    I love boxing - I got into it 1 year ago and am so glad I joined a community of people who work hard and really strive for what they want. It's truly a little family at the club. I've decided to leave though, and join a more regular gym (alot less pricey) - and I like it there too.

    I saw a naturopath about a year ago and learnt that I'm lactose intolerant and mildly intolerant to gluten. It's a challenge creating a new life around those parameters.

    Looking for friends on PT to help with support!

    I love to run and be outside...I was an athlete in college and went from training 25+ hours a week to sitting at a desk and barely having enough time to get 8-10 hours of exercise in...I started running to feed my competitive spirit, but ever since my first marathon I realized that with some training I could run a pretty decent I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

    I am a 39 year old mother of 2. I enjoy running and am just getting back into running after ankle surgery.

    I'm 48, married & live in San Francisco.

    39 and HOLDING! 2 Kids: ages 23 and 17. Likes: Running, Working out, Wine and Friends. Running is my OUT from life..

    I am a 32 year old mother of 2. I have been married for 3 1/2 years. I am a writer, though mostly as a hobby since I primarily take care of the children. I also crochet and just learned how to knit. My favorite thing to do is read.

    30s, teacher, living in China. Love food and eat out a lot, so need to exercise a lot.

    I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. I live with my boyfriend who's very supportive..been in a 4 year relationship and still going strong.

    I've always been really active, but I've also always had a hard time limiting what I eat. I swam in college, and ate whatever I wanted, then when I quit swimming I took up running and that's been great for me. I joined peertrainer in February of 2008, and it's helped me get down to the 130s. I had a tough few months in 2009, put the weight back on and kept it for 2010. My biggest challenge is my love of food - i love cooking it, eating it, thinking about it! I need to work on healthy alternatives to my favorite meals, and eating the things I love in healthy balance, in small portions. I love to run, and pick training plans from runner's world to do about 2x a year.

    21, 112lbs, 0 muscle! hair stylist

    I'm 31 years old, have a 20 month old daughter, and am starting to think about baby #2. I want to be in really good shape before going down that road again. I work 3-4 days a week as a nurse practitioner and love my job although it does make it tricky to find time to work out.

    I'm a 35 year old mom of a 13 year old son. I am engaged to a wonderful guy I have been dating for almost 10 years now...maybe someday I will get brave enough and get married...ok so I have a huge fear of marriage :-). Anyway moving on... I am a graphic designer and I am lucky enough to work form home. I have always had to watch what I eat. As a teenager / young adult, I was average weight, but was very aware of what I ate. Like a lot of women I started gaining weight after I became a mom . I've been the up and down weight girl for years, and now I want to stop the cycle!

    I am a married, 42 yo midwife, not working currently. We adopted two boys from Russia, at different times, they are both 5 years old. I enjoy walking my 4 dogs, only one is able to run with me.

    I am 40 years old and married with 3 sons (11, 11 and 7 years). I work part time as a professional. Hobbies include scuba diving and running.

    I'm just finishing college and am new to running. I took a running class in school and became hooked. I figured this was also a good chance to shed those pounds I gained during long nights and stressful days of studying. I'm running my first half marathon in June and am looking forward to more in the future, and hopefully be able to run a marathon by next summer.

    I am a mother of four children, avid horse lover and rider.... although I haven't ridden for a while since I feel I'm too heavy. I miss riding, very much, and look forward to be at it again.

    Wife, Mom, parttime employee, personal taxi to my children. Marathon Finisher (Portland 2009, 2010) Sprint Triathlete.

    I am in my late twenties and am still trying to figure out what I'll be when I grow up. Currently, I am working on my masters degree in Library and Information Science (lots of reading :) ) and I am getting ready for a huge move to a new state. I am also one of *those* crazy cat people. I've been doing a lot of thinking and it always seemed I was losing weight for somebody but not for myself. Hopefully, this new perspective will get me where I need to go.

    I'm a 40 yr old, Married, Home-Schooling Mother of 5. I'm here because I am ready for a complete life-style change. My dream is to become a runner, and this is the year I do it!!!!!

    Married mother of 3 children. Teacher. Triathlete

    Mama Jama

    Full time worker in hotel industry. Horrid hours lots of travelling (planes, trains, car). Single, no kids -- which has its advantages when it comes to meal times.

    I'm a 47 year old mother of a 21 year old girl with a 25 year old step daughter and a 27 year old step son. I would like to be healthier and decrease my risk for disease. I would like to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. I would like to run a half marathon. I would also like to lose 85 lbs. I have gained and lost and gained and lost weight most of my life. Nine years ago I lost around 70lbs. I was at my lowest weight ever. I weighted 135 and I felt great. I eventually left my husband who was emotional abusive. I also started a new job and slowly the weight crept back on. I had also been exercising and I stopped when I got the new job. I also lost 50 lbs.after remarrying about 3 years ago. I put that weight back on as well plus some. Now my new marriage is going well but I'm ready to get rid of these excess pounds once and for all!! UPDATE: I want to try again to work on this and manufacture some motivation. I have been listening to various things and reading some old material on weight loss to get my motivation. I think sometimes I just get bored and lose faith whenever I don't see the scale move. Then one thing leads to another. I am currently at 210lbs. That means I have 31lbs. to go to goal for this year. Perhaps I can lose 31lbs. in 3 months. I lost the first 32 lbs. at the beginning of this year from January 3 to March 30. Update 1/10/12: Well I'm determined to lose 50 lbs this year!! So far I've lost 44lbs total. My new goal is to lose 16-20 lbs by April 28.

    I was born and raised in Hawaii with 2 sisters and a brother. Growing up, I was always considered the fat one in my family. Now I am 40 years old, married and have a 19 year old son. And still the biggest amongst my siblings. In high school, I was a cheerleader and running was a intergral part of practice time. Even after practice, I would take a run around my hometown, so I considered myself pretty fit during my high school years. I am no stranger to working out. After high school, that was when the pounds came on. Having a baby then basic life came into play and viola I am fat. I think I am obsessed with my weight. Been on all kinds of different diets. I am tired of the word diet!! So now I want to refocus my thinking to eating healthier and working out. I have recently rediscovered my love for running. I signed up for the 2008 Honolulu Marathon and while on vacation, I badly injured my ankle opting out of the marathon to recover. I went to a couple of doctors, went through weeks of physical therapy, then to acupuncture. Nothing helped! My sister brought me to a Bikram Yoga years ago and then I stopped going. So I reintroduced hot yoga into my workout regimen and I was well on the road to recovering from my ankle injury. I signed up for my first marathon, the 2009 HNL marathon and finished in 7:29:29. Thanks to Bikram yoga, I recovered in a couple of days. I continue to pursue running. I have completed a few 5k & 10ks and 3 half marathons and did the 2011 HNL marathon with my pr at 6:45:45. I still consider myself the back of the packers. But I do it for me because it makes me feel accomplished.

    I am a Divison 1 college lacrosse player I exercise almost every day (either running, swimming, or biking) I love the beach!

    35 - smart ass. Two kids under 3. I want to build my energy, strength, and all around wimpy-ness. Legal Secretary, wannabe blogger, semi-writer, sex educator.

    Constantly struggling with the ups and downs of my weight. My bingeing and food addiction has gotten out of control. Want to get involved in PT again to keep up my motivation and work on logging every single bite. Recently discovered a sugar allergy and have taken it out of my diet 100% (besides fruit). Wanting to eliminate flour as well to get rid of the urge to eat chips, bread, etc.

    62 years, training for Surf City half in Huntington Beach, CA on Super Bowl Sunday. This makes around 8 half marathons under my belt.

    I'm a 47-year old wife, mother of 2 (11 and 12), and senior web developer for a major-corporation. I ran my first half-marathon last September but am still losing the battle of the bulge. I am currently training for the 10-mile Broad Street Run in Philadelphia. The extra weight is certainly hindering my running aspirations.

    47 years old; married; 1 daughter, 18. Ran my first marathon in March, 2011, and would like to start training for two half-marathons in October. Got burned out after the marathon and trying to get back on track!

    I am a 45 yo mom of 8yo boy/girl twins. They are lots of fun. I love to exercise, but struggle with keeping my weight where I would like it. I have gained 10pounds in the past year and have not been able to lose it.

    45, married with 3 children ages 22, 19, 17. I work full time as a RN consultant.

    I am 46 nearly 47 and since March have started running to complete the marathon next year in Brighton I was 3 stone overweight and have lost 111bs by exercising only now need to lose weight by cutting down the food and wine as well will only do this by being honest and keeping a log!

    42 year old runner. I was 175 pounds 4 years ago. Lost weight and started running. Have kept it off for 3-1/2 years now through exercise primarily, although I have dabbled in dieting to help maintain my loss if I see things going awry.

    43 yrs old, feel 22.....runner, mother, wife.

    Married mom of 2 boys, ages 10 and 8. Part-time pediatrician.

    I'm now almost 58 -- I want to get healthier, eat cleaner, need to exercise more and want to check in often with like-minded people who talk about the healthy lifestyle.

    I am grateful born again Christian. I am a happy newlywed. I love to encourage others I work a job that I love, despite its strange hours and crappy pay.

    I used peer trainer about 3 to 4 years ago; found a great group and dropped from 205 to 185. My ideal weight is probably closer to 180. I eat well, but could always so better. I have been an on again off again athlete my whole life and 6 months ago I joined a cross fit gym and have been doing crazy stuff since then. Married, 57, son 18 freshman; daughter 21 senior and looking for a job! Great kids but would not mind seeing them off the payroll sometime soon.

    I am a mother of two sassy, funny little divas. I love history, art, traveling and fitness. I have completed 5 10k races and am always looking for a new challenge. At only 5'1" I am considered obese, although I don't feel that way. Through diet and exercise I lost 70 pounds, and kept it off for 3 years but after a very difficult, emotionally challenging year I gained back 30 pounds. In many ways I feel like I am starting from scratch but I am ready and excited to finally reach my goal!

    I am motivated to be in losing weight mode and feeling pretty happy about that.

    Hi I am a 46 year old mother of a 5 year old and currently a education director for a NGO. I lost weight 3 years ago and became really fit but then broke a rib and gave up...literally gave up. I did a boot camp last year and completed it but was horrified at myselff. Now, a year later, heavier and out of shape more than ever, I went to the doctor in Feb 21012 and he prescribed 7 meds, lifelong for COPD, asma, etc. So, I chucked the meds in March 2013 and started a 30 day juice fast to kick my health back in! Goal accomplished! OH yes, and even as a Librarian and lifelong teacher, I am horrib-le typist, sorry. I get really motivated and then as soon as I start seeing results or start feeling better I tend to sabotage myself.(Point in fact, right after my blood tests and clear lungs, I stopped my juice fast..and ate EVERYTHING again!) I do well with mini goals and support AND accountability. When I was working with a trainer threee years ago and at my best physically in ten years, I used to receive daily and often hourly texts from him and it was enough to keep me going. Although guilt is my biggest motivator and I hope to get to a place where JOY replaces the guilt, Still working on the guilt and the feeling of entitlement!

    Very active mountain girl, but can't seem to shake this weight. Need to work on healthy, regular eating and exercise rather than on again/off again healthy eating and fitness habits. I want to do this for life, not for a few days at a time. Tired of starting over!

    All of my life I've never been active or healthy. But I've just recently took interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and now can't imagine my life without it! I'm a soon to be college student hoping to one day become a nutritionist and hope to one day run a full marathon

    Recovering endurance athlete looking for a different way to feel healthy and present in my body.

    44. Married and mother of 11 year old boy. I am 5'3" and 137 pounds.

    I've spent the majority of my life strength training and my cardio came second. Now as I get older, for some unknown reason, the running bug has bitten me and I want to focus on becoming a better runner. I ran my first 5k in 2011, tore my medial meniscus and underwent arthroscopic surgery in July'11. I return to running in the spring of 2012 and with the help of PT, good running shoes and education, have been able to run approx 5-6, 5k's and suffered through a few 10k's. I'm only running 11min miles but working on building from there. I'm looking for advise, stories and inspiration from other novice runners. Good Luck

    I'm 36, married, no kids, from Kentucky, active duty Army, switching into nursing after six years of playing flute/piccolo for the Army bands, and having a great time in San Antonio! What a great duty station! I love running, especially trails, watching football and basketball, reading, movies, cooking, and cats.

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    I am a 35 year old mother of two small children (5 years old and 3). I am 5ft1 and weigh about 135 pounds. In July 2011 I weighed about 116lbs so I would like to lose these extra pounds that I have put on. I must remember that I need to make nutrient dense food choices and exercise...not an easy task with two small kids and working full time but I know I can and must do it!

    Endurance athlete, age 38, mother of two.

    I'm 36 years old, a few years ago I lost 28lbs and could easily run 10k. I felt fit healthy and good about my weight. However in the last 10 months I've been less active and I've started eating more junk and larger portions. I've put on 14lb and I'm feeling really bad about myself. I know that if I don't do something now it will only get more difficult. I really don't want to go back to the old days when I felt really self conscious and uncomfortable. I wrote that in February. I'm in not better position now at the end of Nov. I'm feeling really sad that my life is passing me by and I've not been at my best. I'm healthy I don't want to feel dissatisfied with myself anymore. So, I'm back again and today is a new day.......every day counts and I want to be heading in the right direction!

    I have never been at my goal weight even when I ran a marathon in 2012. My aim is to feel confident in my body and get fit again, having just recovered from any injury.

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