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Team Name: HotLanta's Fit Club!
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Profile: People of all ages, sizes, color and religion join to lose weight and stay fit in the Atlanta Area!

Last posted: Friday, December 03, 2010, 9:22 PM

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I am a 37 year old separated mother. i am a a 16 year old son. It's time I am diabetic and its imerative that I lose weight and start living healthy.

37, Married 4yrs, no children and at least 30-40lbs overweight. I'd love to lose weight to improve my overall health and to feel better mentally, physically and emotionally.

I am 29 years old, 1st time mother, wife of 2 years, and a writer for as long as i can remember. I have battled with my weight all of my life and its because I didn't see anyone leading by example and then I was so stuck in my ways I didn't want to change. Well after having my son I am ready to make these changes for him, I lost my father in October 05 due to past lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking which took its toll on his body, so I want to practice preventative medicine. I don't want to wait until I have a problem to fight the beast.

I am a fulltime M.A., mother, and wife, but not in that order. I haven't been able to set any weight loss goals and stick to them without feeling as if I'm depriving my family. I usually get home late so I don't get to eat very healthy.

I'm a 35 year old attorney who is being healed from PCOS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and CFS. I have had hormonal issues in the past that caused me to gain lots of weight, but I am currently undergoing a holistic-based approach to heal my body completely and the weight is melting off as my body seeks to reach its perfect weight. I now have the energy to work out every day, have little or no pain, and feel amazing!! (I'm calling things that are not as though they are. I try to live by that)

I am 47-years-old. I have two podcasts--I never thought that I would ever get people to listen to me but it's really fun and I am getting more listeners all the time, who'd a thunk? I also have mad Photoshop skills and work in a photo lab. I have two beautiful and brilliant daughters--one in college and one in middle school and a sweetheart of a husband who is the perfect man for me. I also perform in a local Rocky Horror cast as Dr. Frank-n-furter, Riff Raff or Magenta (our cast obviously isn't screen-accurate).

I am a 25 yr old married mommy of one living in Marietta. My problem is that I work better when I have someone to keep motivating me and that I can motivate as well. I worked out with a few people and then they back out after a week or two and that usually ruins my motivation to keep trying. I have lost 15lbs since January and have not gained it back so I know I'm doing something right. i'd just like to lose the rest so I can feel like myself again. I have a poor body image right now and its taking a toll on me. A litte TMI but I'm just looking for help. :)

I am a 40 year old, mother of (5) and a grandmotherof (3). I am a career woman with a very busy schedule. I am a;lso currently in school for Christian Counseling.

I am a 34 year old mother of a 14 year old son. I am a newlywed, ( I just got married April 2007). I am looking for a new way of life. The extra weight has caused health issues and I am basically just tired of being TIRED!!! I have been trying to lose weight off and on for years. I have always been a relatively athletic person until about 6 or 7 years ago when I sunk into a deep depression. I am an emotional eater. Over that amount of time I gained 60 pounds. I lost about 15 pounds before my wedding but I have since gained the weight back.

Entrepreneur, ex-lawyer, currently detoxing/destressing after selling my latest company. Never married, 44, just returned from 5 months of bumping around China.

SAH wife & mother of two. I am 5' 4.5" & determined to lose weight to be healthier, happier with myself!

I'm a 20 year old college student, living off campus and therefore completely in control of what I eat. When I was younger, I was VERY physically active, and have therefore never really been "sloppily" overweight. I have a naturally larger frame (broad shoulders, ample chest, musuclar thighs, with a relatively smaller core) but luckily, this combination actually looks preeeeetty good at a lower weight... so long story short, the goal is to get there and STAY there!

34 single mom of 2 teens, employed full time, part time student, lazy as hell

I am 40 years old, married with 4 children. I'm a middle school counselor and my goal is to live a healthy lifestyle.

I am married 39 year old with a DD age 15 months(but hitting the terrible two's early....not to mention she will not let me work out to the videos!) I commute to Marietta working full-time as a recruiter...two to three hours gone Mon-Fri that can be utilized working out!

I am an almost 40 educator. I am happlily married with a lovely daughter and two dogs.

I am a 34 year-old personal trainer from Birmingham, AL. My experience includes over 10 years of Personal Training. I have studied diet techniques, weightlifting, and nutrition for over 10 years. This includes the study of kinesiology at the University of Alabama. You may visit Fitness website for additional questions.

I just turned 31 and am married with no kids...yet. I am currently pushing 190 lbs and have to get the excess off before pregnancy b/c I've only heard it gets harder after kids.

I am a 38 yo professional female with no children. I enjoy eating, movies, walking, and hanging out with my family. I am a transplant to the area, so a lot of my activities have decreased in the last year. I want to be hot in Hotlanta!

I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

I am an avid triathlete that "let myself go" after my last big race. I have always battled with my weight.

I am 35 and will be 36 in 2wks. weight 220lbs I have 1 husband of 15 years, 3 children , 2 dogs, 2 turtles & 2 fish I commute 1.5 hours each way every day and work 10-12 hours a day; time is not my friend. I am exhaused and have no energy.

Mother of 2, I donot like to do activities outdoor, like the gym classes but I have no time to go, eat when I am bored,sad, happy, confused, or anytime.

27, Male, Engineer. ISSA trained, not certified, was once an avid lifter and wrestler.

I just started a desk job and need to start logging my calories.

I'm a 16 year old male student from Glasgow,Scotland and I'm naturally healthy and should be 20 stone considering how much i eat or did eat but im actually 13 and a half and my perfect weight is 11.6 stone so i got to lose about 2 stone and i hope 2 do it beefore my braces are out.

I'm 23 and just graduated and started a job. I have very little time to do anything outside of my job and my social life-- which has become so busy its even wearing me out! Because I'm at a new job, in a new city I have a hard time turning down any offer to go out because I'm trying to make new friends and meet new people. Consequently, I am out dirnking often and have little time to work out. But I want that to change! My metabolism changed around my junior year and I have steadily been gaining weight since then. I was about 115 in high school and 120 in most of college, which is what I want to get back to. For a 5'3 small girl, thats pretty normal. These days, I'm 135 (at least) and the flabbiest I've ever been.

I'm 29 now and do not want to enter my 30's this way

I am a 56 year old woman.

I'm a 23 year old 7th grade teacher in Atlanta, GA that neds to lose weight to stay healthy and keep up with my kids!

I'm 32 married with a 16yr old son who is driving me crazy. Currently unemployed.

College senior, very athletic, loves to workout

Well i'm a freshman in college and i didn't really think the whole freshman 15 would get to me... but it did. I just want to keep active while adjusting to my new lifestyle and shed the pounds i've gained in the past month.

I'm knocking on thirty's door and I intend to leave this decade the same way I came in, healthy and physcally fit.

I am married and I am a working mom of 4 children. My husband is a minister. I am 39 years old and I no longer want to carry this much weight around. I would like to have more energy for both my kids and my husband.

I love to read and spend time with family and friends.

I am a 36 year old single woman.

I'm currently 185 and used to be extremely active back in high school and a bit of college but never really understood anything about being healthy or maintaining a healthy weight. Now that I understand it seems really difficult to motivate myself to get there.

My name is Melissa. I've been married to my husband for 5 years. We have a 3 year old little boy and I am still battling with the 45 pounds I gained while I was pregnant.

I am a second year law student who has been unable to succeed in my personal life. I have battled with weight since high school, and am ready to put an end to this.

I am a mom of 4 children. I live in Marietta by way of New Jersey via Baltimore

I am a 25 year old female who relocated to Atlanta approximately a year ago. Since then I've gained approximately 20-30 lbs. I'm not going to blame anything (i.e. the southern food) on my weight gain, except for myself. I've been on diets all my life and have always struggled with my weight. Since 18 years old, I've done weight watchers approximately 3 times and have lost at least 10-20 lbs. 2/3 times. I love nutrition and working out (particularly) classes so the motivation is there. I just can't figure out how to lose this weight AGAIN! My mother has suggested support, so that's why I'm on here. I hope to gain the support that I need:)

I am a 25 year old woman living in Georgia. I have been happily married for 4 years. I am not planning on kids for a few more years. I am a massage therapist and love my job. I am 5'11 with a large frame. I've been a little over weight most of my life but have picked up some more weight since being out of college and getting married. My family not only has a history of being larger, they also have a history of diabetes and heart issues which I want to avoid if possible.

I am co-founder of The YOU Project, llc which was created to help empower women. PLease visit us at

I'm a 26 year old female from the Metro Atlanta area.

i am a full time mom of 4 and a full time student

My name is Kevin Pressley, a Personal Trainer in the Atlanta area. I would like to offer my services, that is if you are in the market ;). I would love to help you achieve any fitness goals you may have. Take a look at my site and I hope to be hearing from you! Oh yeah, if you know anyone looking for a trainer, your referral would be greatly appreciated as well. Have a blessed day!

I am a 37 year old female who recently got married in september 2009, and i am very unhappy with my weight, me and my husband are going on a cruise in june and my plans are to loose at least 85lbs. I am determined and also am hoping to meet others who want to loose weight and maybe we can do it together to be eachothers support system

I am a 30 year old mom. I work a full time job and take care of my little boy Trevor. My husband fell down a flight of stairs more than a year ago and just got clearance to start walking in October. I have been doing all this on my own for over a year and haven't really gotten out much. I am hoping this summer all that will change. I want to be active and happy. I want to swim and play tennis and go work out. I want to feel good about myself again. My husband is applying for jobs now and once he gets a job things should start to fall into place for us. We have been struggling financially for over a year so dieting has been difficult. I am going to make it happen this year!

I am mother of an 11 month old boy whom I stay at home with. Before having my son I taught kindergarten in the North Fulton area.

I am 30 years old, and work with kids. When I get on a diet, it may work for a little while, but then I go back to my old habbits.

I am a 42yo man that will be 43 in May. I am very happily married and have 2 young boys. I need to be a better role model to them physically. I ask a lot from them and need to show them I am with them. I am a consultant in technology and healthcare and enjoy film, writing, art and sport. I am also a self taught chef. PART OF THE PROBLEM. Another part of the problem is wine and food. This stymies my efforts to get under 205. This is why I am here.

I am a 43 year old pharmacist turned SAHM to a 9 year old son. I'm from Atlanta, GA and until I was 36 years old I wore a size 2-4 petite! I suffer from depression and my doctor put me on Paxil which made me gain tons of weight! I'm not depressed anymore but now I'm bummed out about my weight. I've recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS). I'm at high risk for diabetes if I don't change my diet and lifestyle.

I am a female, 37 yrs alone..a little shy(until you get to know me)...i laugh alot and sometimes my laughter is out of place...

As an advocate, student and teacher of the mind-body connection, I believe connecting to the body leads us to a full and nourished life, which is why I created FLOW Training. While teaching fitness and working professionally in broadcast and print media during and after college, I discovered my passion to combine my communications skills, love for music and movement, and desire to help others thrive in their own skin. With the pressure to be and look “perfect” at every age, as well as rigid and confusing cultural standards of eating and exercising, the vanity factor thinly ices the cake and if focused on too much can lead to unhealthy patterns and obsessions. Additionally, even if one is not "weight"-focused, it can be a challenge to move, to form healthy fitness habits, and to connect with the body, especially if past experiences -- trauma or simple lack of coordination or desire -- made it hard or nearly impossible to do so. Therefore, I believe that once we steer clear of perfection or the "shoulds" and aim toward listening to our bodies, we tap into a truly fulfilling physical, mental, and spiritual sense of self. I personally discovered the beauty of this body/mind/spirit connection several years ago when I began working with a dance therapist. I met her in a workshop and her energy/movement work clicked with me. I finally got it -- "it", or the juice, the magic, the connection was never outside myself based on a weight or "look", etc. I finally got the fact that my truth, my essence, my sense of empowerment lies within me, and every time I connect my earthly body to my essence, typically through some beautiful form of movement meditation, I feel connected, at ease, at peace. Before my journey of dance therapy, I was a dancer as a child and a 90s "Stepper" in the aerobics world. I loved step aerobics and still do as it provides me a form of dance. I began teaching classes in 1999 at the YMCA in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Then, I moved to Columbia, South Carolina, to study journalism. Since the famous video-producing studio The FIRM was less than a mile from my dorm, I trained to teach their still popular method of Aerobic Weight Training. When I moved to Atlanta, I continued teaching, started personal training, and took an array of movement workshops and yoga classes. I completed my 200-hour yoga training through the Yoga Alliance at Kashi Atlanta in 2010. My experience as a dancer, "Stepper", and yogini has lent my daily work a wide range of creativity as a personal trainer. I love learning about the mind/body/spirit connection and will always consider myself a student first, then a teacher. With ongoing study of the mind-body connection with established mentors and advisors in addition to my daily personal training and teaching, I look forward to helping many more find freedom, peace and joy within their bodies and spirits. Education/Experience University of South Carolina, B.A. - Journalism & Mass Communications, Broadcast Journalism/Theatre Speech and Women's Studies (May 2002) Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hrs (July 2010 - present) AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (April 1999 – present) AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer (June 2006 – present) American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR (March 2008 – present) Mat Pilates Certificate with June Kahn (June 2007) Communications Skills Training, The Link Counseling Center (October 2006) Group Fitness Instructor Training, The FIRM® (June 2001) Community Outreach EDIN Volunteer (Eating Disorders Information Network; October 2003 – present) EDIN Speakers Bureau (July 2008 - present) EDIN Professional Resource Network Member (July 2008 - present) Visit EDIN:

I am a wife and mother of two handsome boys.

I am a 35 year old mother of 2. Trying to work in daily exercise and calorie control in a busy working life is quite the challenge!

Im an high schooler with a newborn. I a very active sports player but i have bad eating habits.

35 years old female, partnered with no (human) kids, work in the medical field. I love knitting, time with my cat and dogs, and getting lost in a good book.

32 years, work, school, no play

Married with 5 grandchildren. Work full-time; stress eater who LOVES carbs.

I'm a 21 year old, African American, full time nursing student that also works 40 hours a week. I've spent my whole life caring for others and caring about others happiness and now it's time to make myself happy!

I'm 40 years old, 6' 1" and 225 lbs. I currently live in Atlanta moved me down for a 18 month rotation of assignment while my wife and kids live in Ohio. So, being alone...I have no reason not to lose the weight and get into the best shape of my life!

I am 5'4''. I love to interact with people and am most successful with support groups such as workout buddies, etc.

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