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Team Name: Mission: Absloutely Fabulous!
Members: 23
Location: anywhere, CA 90068

Goals: To provide support and cheer on each team member as we share our healthy lifestyle goals and our actions/thoughts/feelings while achieving those goals.

Profile: Folks who want to live a physically, emotionally, and spiritually better life.

Last posted: Monday, June 28, 2010, 9:30 AM

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I am a 39 year old Black-Latina woman. My career is in the Entertainment industry. I have a teenage son. I am tipping the scale at 290 lbs. I am 5'9" so I don't look it, but my doctor has diagnosed me with obesity and it scared me. I am also not happy with the way I look, the way I feel, and as a result have become depressed. I have recently lost my best friend because I've allowed my weight and my feelings about it to interfere with our friendship. So I sent an email to a group of friends and family members I trust and shared my situation with them, asking for their support. Most have responded with an outpouring of support and love I never knew I had. I am excited about this journey I have chosen and I am grateful that I am able to make changes now. It's time for me to start taking care of myself first.

I am a 37 year old, divorced mother of a teenage son. I am currently tipping the scales at 245lbs (AAAUGGHH!)

I am a busy high tech start-up manager who works long hours, sometimes 100+ hours a week, both in the office and from home. I commute 4 hours a day, 5 days a week and am a mom and wife on top of that. Understandably, I am usually exhausted and most days, feel I have no time to incorporate a regular workout schedule into my life. I am also a former certified personal trainer who has helped bodybuilders and figure competitors prepare for their competitions through training and specialized diets. I know what it takes to get in shape, but have lacked the motivation to want to do it for myself. However, I know that I must make a lifestyle change and that starts today.

I am 31 years old. I've been working out for 17 years. I've competed in bodybuilding competitions since 1994. I stop competing in 2005. I've won several competitions here in California. I've trained a wide variety of people in exercise and nutrition. Now I'm a full time Bailbonds Man/Bounty Hunter and I need to always be in good physical health to stay on top of my game in the bail industry. As far as working out goes, I've been doing this a long, long time and I've always searched for a better way of doing things. A more effective way, a safer way. No shorts cuts but a way to go straight to the results. That's the reason we go to the gym in the first place, for results! I wish everyone inspiration and the ability to achieve your goals! Good luck to all.

I am a mother of 3. My husband works up in Alaska, so it's just me and my 3 girls for the most part. I am a writer, so spend A LOT of time on my ever expanding hiney:) I have just about always been fighting my weight. Actually got down to 160 when I got married back in August of 99. Been having babies ever since:) I am 38, and truly wish to be a healthy 40. INot "skinny", for I enjoy looking like a woman:) I was a powerlifter for the American team in Germany, and then worked for years at a gym, so no stranger to excersise, yet..we have separated for awhile:)

I am 53 and have struggle with my weight most of my life. I have taken it off and put it back on countless time. Last year I lost about 28 pounds, I have regained all but 4 or 5 pounds. I want the weight off permanently for several reasons. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I work full-time and am very active with my family and my church. Until six months ago I went to the gym 3-5/weekly for about 2 hrs of cardio/weights. Now I do 30 mins of cardio at home two to three times/week. At the end of last year I was diagnsoed wi th high cholestrol. In short, I need help in getting started and staying motivated. I have tried numerous diets - I am not sure what my plan of action will be, other than reaching out for help right now and encouragement. Historically, once I get the ball rolling, I stay focus, especially if I have to check in with someone. I am hoping to make connections with folks who are wiling to endure the journey and process to permanent weight loss.

I am 30 years old Christian woman and i have 2 beautiful daughter, Lyric 5 and Jazz 2 months. I have been married for 7 years and my husband is very supportive of everything i do. I need to get pass my emotional eating and then i will be ok.

I am single, 36, 250 pounds. Just purchased my 1st place and I am finally ready to lose the weight I have been carrying around.

45 year old in Los Angeles. I work out at Bally's in Downey and enjoy participating in other non-competitive fitness events in Sunny California.

I am a self employed attorney. I am in court daily, since I do criminal defense, and I drive a lot - over 40,000 miles a year. My car always seems to be drawn to drive throughs, (and it doesn't help that I never have time to have lunch). Stress seems to be increasing, since I am taking on more and more work, and yet with court delays, I am out of the office from 8:30 a.m. to 5pm, and then work late to catch up. I'm also in the middle of a divorce and I feel the stress of that quite a bit.

26 year old female. I am not quite overweight, but I would really like to look a little more slim and toned, and be more comfortable with my body. I haven't been wearing a bikini to the beach for probably twelve years, and I think it's time I do it this summer.

I am about to graduate from college and I recently weighed myself to find that I am at my all time high, weighing about 215. I am only 5'4 so I can only imagine how bad this is for me. I am already having issues with my blood pressure, and cancer as well as heart disease and diabetes run extremely high in my family (all of these call weight a risk factor). Obviously, this makes me a little nervous.

I am 5'3" tall and started changing my eating habits when I went to my primary care physician last year and tipped the scale at 303. I cried all the way home and pigged out for about a week and then got sick with elevated blood sugar and blood pressure. I started a program, the Atkins diet which jump started my weight loss but I have since changed that way of eating to one that involves including fruit, salad and lots of other vegies, lean meat, no red meat, pork, or fried foods, lots of water, vitamin supplements and exercise at least 4 times each week. I am married, having given birth to six children, have 10 grand and 1 great grandchild, young at heart, a people person, friendly and vulnerable to binging when emotionally upset. This is the one feature about my personality that I am trying to control so that I won't ever put back on unwanted pounds.

I'm an at home mom of 3 kids

turning 31 has been a milestone for me, I'd like to lose my relationship weight and look radiant for my wedding!

I am 5' 3" tall, weighed 268.5 last night when I got on the scale, married with 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren.

I’ve struggled all my life with inner destructive thoughts, which is one of the main reason why I try so hard to be a positive thinker. I believe that our subconscious mind holds the power to create the results that we want. I want to be a musician, an artist, a humanitarian, a scientist, an environmentalist, an animal advocate, an inspirational speaker! Ultimately, my dream is to make a positive change in this world and I will.

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