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Profile: Work together to Win - the life, the health and the fitness we want and can attain. Bye bye spare tire - in this case we prefer a flat!! Life is meant to be fun and we can have fun, be fit and respect and love ourselves by eating healthy and moving, moving, moving.

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Single, Full time in Corp. America and fitness instructor part time. I am a great teacher and sometimes I can't keep up with my own class - good thing I am the teacher!

I'm 41and happily married with 3 daughters. I've ben overweight most of my life. My family love and support me no matter what weight I am but are becoming concerned for my health. being overweight for so long takes its toll on my body. I'm currently at 244lbs. would like to loss at least 20lbs this summer.

I am a 42 year year old librarian. I am married with 2 children a daughter, 21 and a son, 19. I have hypothyroidism which is a constant battle to control with medication, it makes getting off my butt harder than it used to be. I have been over 200 lbs for the past five years, I just can't seem to below that 200 mark.

I'll be 44 years old on Monday and hate the way I look and feel. I've never had a weight problem until I moved in with my parents almost three years ago. I only work 1-2 days a week since I take care of my mom who has Alzheimers.

I have a thyroid issue..I have been fighting it for 4 years . I have put on 30 pds in that time. I would like to lose 40 total.I do work out at a gym but once summer starts will only be walking and whatever else Ican fit in. I have done ww and lost the weight super slow. I am willing to do it again. This is the first step for me. I need a support system. I just want to be healthy.

I enjoy being outside with my kids and doing gardening. We are getting a pool next month and I would love to be down a size or 2 (high hopes) by then. I lost 30 lbs a few years back on weight watchers but since have gained it all back plus some.

I am 45 and quit smoking 5 months ago. Since then I have worked out daily and have not gained any weight, but I have not lost any either. Over the last 4 years I put on 10 extra pounds and it really shows because I am only 5'4".

I am a 47 year old stay at home mother of 3 aged 14, 17, and 19. I will be an empty nester in September because they will all be away at school. I need to refocus. I love to cook, entertain and travel. My marraige of 20 years is rock solid.

I am 40 and am the mother of two children (son 23 and daughter 1 years old). I was in good shape for a long time until a new marriage and a brand new baby girl consumed my time and zapped some of my energy. Am looking forward to getting back in shape and regaining some vigor along the way.


Intend to be energetic and look "hot" and fit in my fifties and beyond.

I am 53 -- and generally active although this year I have been something of a couch potato, and crashed and burned from job stress, poor diet, insomnia

I am a mother of three. Between going to Culinary school and packing on the pounds and then having three kids back to back I gained almost 100 pounds. Last year I was diagnosed with having Diabetes and put on a drug called Byetta which is supposed to help with weight lose. Didn't do much for me and I didn't take the diabetes very seriously either. I had gestational diabetes with all three pregnancies so I am very aware of what I should be doing. This year while away with one of my children my blood sugar hit 457 the highest ever. It scared me to death. I came home went to the Doctor got on Sugar busters. I was 222 and today I am 175. From the day I started sugar busters my blood sugars have fallen into line. Two weeks ago I bit the bullet and did something I had wanted to do for years. I had a breast reduction! Very painful but has kind of given me a new lease on life and has made me really want to lose the last 50 more than ever. I haven't felt good about me in a long time. I have a great life, kids, husband, horses, dogs etc. I have to be here for it all. I also want to feel pretty again and attractive. I have felt blah for a long time. I used to be so little and attractive. I feel like my husband married a completely different person than I am now (Look wise). So I have started a major exercise program (which I hate!) I got myself an ipod and hit the trail. I do feel better after I walk. After I am released from the surgery doctor I may also join Curves to help tone and lose weight in my stomach. I am a heart attack waiting to happen because I carry all my weight around my middle. Not good!! Hopefully by the fall I will be nearing my goal weight~! Can't wait.

I'm 31, I've lived in Cali most of my life, I'm single, female. I love to cook; I actually want to be a chef.

40 year old. Working mom of 2 in CA. Can't seem to lose weight. Hard to find time and commitment to exercise

47, 5'3" 150. I want to feel light and tight and beautiful again. I can do this. Starting today, losing 25 pounds. Treating myself to plenty of exercise, sleep, water, and healthy food! I deserve the best, and I am going to make it happen. I'm done feeling down and dumpy! Looking forward to a more joyful me! One day at a time, completely honest with myself.

I am 42, single mom with young kids. Now that my kids are out of the toddler stage, I want to devote time to myself to getting back in shape. I want to be one those women who are in better shape than they were in their 20's! I have so much I am grateful for in life, now I just need the body to match the way I want to look and feel. I want to be older, wiser AND sexier! I don't ever want to buy a larger size again!

I am a 53yo mom with a 27 yo son and 23 yo daughter. I have been married for 30 years. I work full time in a Library and I love books. I joined a gym and have used the treadmill, elliptical and cardio wave. I also love rebounding on my small trampoline. We live north of Boston near the ocean which is a great place to walk.

I'm forty-two years old. I have a 19 year old daughter who is attending a U-Mass college. I've been married over twenty years. I like animals, beaches, and antiques. I tend to sabotage myself when it comes to losing weight.

I have recently married and am adjusting to life with someone's else's eating habits to consider. I work full time- have 2 boys 13 & 11 and a stepson 11. I just turned 40 and can't seem to do the same things I used to for weight loss. My husband can eat anything and still look great- I have put on 20 pounds since marriage.

I am 45 years old! Working fulltime! I enjoy spending time with my family. My youngest has just graduated high school. Our Best Frineds are getting married on a cruise in October which we are going on, so I must lose this weight before the trip! It is going to be so much fun!

I am a mother of 2, a daughter 17 and son 22. My son is working in missions in Hawaii. My daugher is finishing high school. My husband is doing garden landscaping and is planning to go back to school in the fall. I work full time as a Senior Manager in a social service agency. I have had huge significant stressors in the past 4 years , loosing 3 of our 4 parents, husband having bi-pass, daughter being diagnosed with depression just to name a few. I gained about 50 pounds over a 2 year period and am at my heaviest. I was definately stress eating and also going through menopause. Things seem to have settled. I love my job and everyone is currently healthy. I exercise 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day. I am eating much better but have lost about 6 pounds and than stopped. I feel a bit stuck.

I live in Illinois, share my life with a crazy cat, and enjoy white sox baseball games, ballet and British comedy. I want to learn to enjoy how to eat again instead of being controlled by it.

I am 46 years old. I have been married 28 years. I have two grown daughters. I am a hairstylist who owns a salon that is connected to my home. I am fighting the middle age metabolism slow down.

37, married, parent of 2 girls (4 & 1). Enjoy sports, movies, traveling & dining out.

I am a fifty-three year old out-of-shape secretary.

I am 42 single mother of two daughters. I am very active.

I'm a 48-year-old lawyer in Portland. Over the past 12 years I've gained 50 pounds and it's getting worse. Today the scale said 216--the most I've ever weighed in my life. So this is not a good day--something must change.

I'm a 43 yr old working mom of a toddler who wants to loose about 20-25 lbs. I recently discovered I'm very sensitive to wheat & tomatoes which makes eating challenging. Looking to integrate a lot more veggies into my diet, also need to be more consistent with my workouts.

I am 47 year old single mom of a beautiful 17 year old. I am an insurance professional. I want to lose weight. I'm tired of this extra weight I have been carrying around for years. I heard about this program on Good Morning America and thought I would give it a try.

I am 44 and have three children. My two girls are grown and have children of thier own. My son is turning 7 this month and I have no energy for him. I am beginning to think it is the 20+lbs I have gained the last two years.

45 year old mom - kids grown -- soon to be grandma

46 years old. Married for 22 years, Mom of three wonderful kids, one of which has autism, full time job and crazy/busy life.

46 y/o, have a long time significant other who is health/fitness minded. I am predominatly a vegetarian but do eat some fish & seafood. I do like to exercise but sometimes let 'life" derail my plans. I have a very sedenatary desk job - sometimes go for hours w/o leaving my chair now that i can access everything electronically

I am 47 and will complete my RN program in December, 2007. I was doing really well with diet and exercise until about 5 years ago when I started school and let my healthy lifestyle slip. School is stressful, so I am eating my way to my degree. I am married and have 3 teenagers - all are very active and athletic. I have two cats to whom I am allergic but I can't give them up so they get to stay! I also work and volunteer at school, so planning healthy meals is tricky. Love to eat sweets.

Bearing down on 40 in November. I've noticed the past 3-4 years it is much easier to gain the weight than to lose it. I've been athletic most of my life, though not very consistently. My kids are both competitive athletes (good genes?!).

I had a knee operation last year due to knee injury after running 10 miles. I have difficulty getting into a good exercise plan sometimes due to pain in knee and other times, just plain laziness!

I am a 44 year old professional woman, raising a 7 year old and puppy on my own. Up until 2 years ago, when I sustained two spinal injuries, I was physically fit and active. I exercised almost every day for the past 25 years. I had spine surgery a year ago and since then, I have gained 10+ lbs and my exercising has come to a screaching halt. I am tired, unmotivated and experiencing frequent bouts with emotional binge eating. I am strong and independent and have always approached life and challenges alone. I am hopeful this tool will prove useful to me and change the way I operate.

43 years old, married and have 2 kids (one 12 and one 10) and am busy with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, working part-time and maintaining the household. I never seem to take time for myself or to get fit. I am tired of being overweight and tired all the time!

I'm a working mom with 3 kids and 3 stepkids . . . the 5 boys are all nearly grown, but I have a 13 yr old daughter left at home. I have weighed around 195 pounds for the last 13 years (ever since my last child was born). I really want to weigh 125 pounds. I know that seems like a big goal, but the Venuto system tells you to set "scary" goals. 125 is a scary goal for me.

I have started to write about me 3 times, and everything sounds pathetic. I am 48, fat and depressed. There that sounds like the truth. I used to try to lose and have had success years ago, but now I just gave up. I need to get motivated and I hope this helps. I have a really good life and I need to start enjoying it more. Perimenopause has not helped the situation. It makes things harder to get a handle on. So I need to stop the excuses and get going on the improved me.

I turned 50 in June. I have been married for 30 years and have a married daughter. She has blessed us with a 7 and 1/2 year old grand daughter and a 5 and a 1/2 year old grand son. I quit smoking in 2000 and gained 22 lbs. I got back to my goal weight in 2004 but since then I have been losing and regaining the same 10 lbs. and I have had enough of that! I am also worried that I will regain the 20 plus pounds if I don't get serious about my eating and exercising habits.

I'm married with 2 kids - ages 14 and 12, I have a beautiful black retriever, and I teach high school. Being a great mom is my #1 priority. I enjoy playing in a classical music group, and playing tennis once a week. I've gained 30 pounds since 2001 (after reaching my goal weight on WeightWatchers!) and need to "de-flab" my 143-pound self!

single, 32, work in research, live in Los Angeles but I have relatives up in Oak-Town

I am an older woman who has developed that unhealthy layer of fat around my stomach which needs to go!

43 years old, working mom with two children 6 & 9. Need to lose 50lbs - seems like a mountain at present. Used to enjoy a active lifestyle, Have lots of national travel for work...makes eating healthy, excercise and life complicated.

Single 46 years old, One daughter 20 in college. Works full time.

I am a 40-something mom of two teens. I work from home full- time in the health industry. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and now it's back thanks to emotional eating. I know I can loose the weight and I am loosing it for good this time by exercising and eating healthy.

I'm a 44-years-old married professional female working in Silicon Valley. I'm a pretty happy camper. My only health issures are a foot disability and high blood pressure. The foot disability means I can't do much weight-bearing exercise (running, walking) and the high blood pressure means I have to lay off the salt. My "kids" are my pets: dogs, cats, and birds. I have a merry menagerie.

Just turned 40 and determned to get fit again. Currently in New York but relocating to Oakland in a few months

54, married, 3 children and 3 grandchildren work full time in a retail business

I am a stay at home mother of 3 children 13, 9 and 6. I have put my family ahead of me thinking if I just do that i would be organized. and caught up. Never happenned to I am putting me first now. I do exercise but it is sporadic. I had a severe sprain 4 months ago and am now getting back on track exercisewise. I have been procrastinating and putting everone/everything first.

45 year old mother of 3, youngest is 18 and will soon be off to college. I am a 7th grade teacher. I moved 4 years ago to Florida from NY and have been horribly homesick, I used food to fill the void. Ready to get my old body back

i am a married mother of two,who works at home .. as my user name states i am to busy. but no more excuses.. i need to get fit and healthy, which i hope will give me more energy.

52 yr. old professional woman..very busy with career and family (boys 13 and 15).. Have been on a diet since early childhood...

I'm a 47 yo married mother of two boys. I work FT in a demanding healthcare job that requires more sitting than I like. I gained 15 lbs years ago and have lost 5 but struggled with the other 10 for a long time.

I am a stay at home mother of 3 children, 13, 11, and 8. I tend to put everyones needs ahead of mine, which is why it is easy to skip my workouts.

I am 55 years old and have 3 grown children; two are married and one is a senior in college majoring in elemetary ed. I paint ceramic tile murals for a living so I am sitting alot.

Hi, I'm 41, happily married with 2 kids, girl-11, boy-8, and a little Bichon. I live outside Washington, DC and I work part-time from home. I also actively volunteer with school, church and spend lots of time running my kids around.

Fabulous at 48! I have everything I need: purpose, wholeness, fun, music, dancing and hiking and beauty.

I'm 48 and recently married. I'm an engineer, a painter and a ballroom dancer. Dancing is something my husband & I enjoy doing together so that makes it even more fun.

I am a 52 year old mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of three grandchildren , 4, 2 and 18 months.. I have been married for 33 years. I work as a business manager for a property management company in Maryland. I like to garden, cook, knit, and entertain. Two of those are very fattening.

I am a mother of 4 and would very much like to loose 25 pounds - I love all sorts of crafts - and right now am working on a 1800 barbie gown that I am crocheting as well as a quilt and cross-stiching a white tiger - Will I ever finish these projects (LOL) I hope so - I would like to start to sew a few hair bath towels for a couple of friends for Xmas this year so I will be purchasing materials soon for that - My crafting is endless -- Hopefully this site will peek my interest and keep me motivated to loose some weight :)

Stay at home mom with three busy boys.

46 year old insurance professional. Very active and robust lifestyle which includes eating and drinking!!!

Turned 50 this year and crossed over the menopause line. Lost 32 lbs in 2006. Have gained 10 lbs over last 6 months. Single (widow) mom to 13 yr old girl. Work out 6 days a week at Golds. Try to eat right (have a sweet tooth). Take synthroid for under active thyroid. Am very frustrated at not being able to keep the weight from creeping back up. Been battling my weight since I was 12.

I am a 48 year young mother of 2. I love to ride motorcycle(my own). Very enegetic, work full time as an R.N. I think life is a blast!!!!

I am Gina AKA Kat, 48 years young and living and working in Cyprus as a Rad Tech at our local hospital. I am married to Gerry and have two kids, TJ and Marininio. I enjoy reading, cooking, horse riding, swimming and love to make friends and keep fit. I am a little restricted on the exercise front at the moment due to baxk trouble, but look forward to getting active again real soon!

I'm a single 52 year old woman, fancy free, loving this best time of my life. When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading all types of books, theater, jazz, sports, and traveling to new places. Ive recently taken up golf, a sport that gets me outside enjoying nature.

41, married, 3 kids, an engineer and slightly overweight.

I'm a 29 year old, single mom, recent college grad, and just starting my first full-time position for my career. I began to have weight issues when I was 9, using food as a method of coping with my parents divorce. By the time I was 13 I weighed 200 pounds, my mom (bless her heart) bribed me to go on a diet so that I wouldn't be so self conscious in high school. I got to 135 and stayed that way for the most part, for the next 11 years, till I became pregnant. I even worked as a weight loss counselor at LA Weight Loss for 1 1/2 years! I would gain 15 or 20 pounds, but would lose it again with minimal effort. I never really considered it an issue. After my son was born in 2005, I worked out and dieted and stayed around 180, I even got down to 174. Which isn't my favorite weight but I'm 5'10'', with a muscular build, so I can carry it decently. About 1 1/2 years ago I hit an extremely trying period of my life, the worst part of my life to date. Through the combination of sadness, stress and an anti-depressant, I gained almost 100 pounds. When all was said and done I weighed about 270. This is a guesstimate because I didn't dare get on the scale till I was around 250. I got back on the diet horse at the end of July and within 2 months, dropped 30#. I struggled through the holidays but have managed to lose another 13. As of this morning I was 207.0. Solid. This makes me happy cause I'm nearly under 200 and I haven't seen that number in a very long time. I have tried every diet imaginable, spent lotsa money, and bought expensive equipment (that collects dust in my room). I just want to finally succeed in this, and not have to deal with it EVER AGAIN! I want to as successful in this as I've been in all other aspects of my life. I see my weight as the only thing that stands between me and my completely satisfied life.

I'm a 51 year old mom of a 22 year old daughter and 3 older step kids.I work full time.

46 years old, married, two adult children, accountant, ecommerce website owner

53 year old female. Struggling with post hysterectomy weight gain. Love to walk, and play tennis but...have had these pounds creep on.

I am at my all time high weight, 183 pounds at 5'5" tall. I am 44, married with no kids. I do not work, and going shopping, having afternoon tea, or naps are my daily schedule.

I'm 46 (though folks think I'm thirtyish!), mom to a brilliant 11-year old daughter, work as a research analyst for the state department of education, and am pursuing a graduate degree in library & information science.

I am a 53 yr old single woman recently engaged for the first time. I had WLS Nov 2009lost 90 lbs and have been gaining weight., gained 15 No surprise am sabotaging myself with poor eating choices and No exercise. I have gained 15 lbs and could probably gain it all back if Idon't get Back on Track asap. I have been reading everything on PeerTrainer since I found this site yesterday ( while looking to download workout music) and I can't wait to join your tem and get started. thanks now almost Jan 2015. Been a Peertrainer follower fir years.

I am 47 years old with two grown daughters. I raised them alone. I have three grandchildren, with two on the way. I have always been a little overweight, but since I hit 35, I have really put on weight. I have always been strong and take pride in this, however I have lost lots of my strength and energy.

46 year old happily married woman with 3 sons ages 27, 23, & 19. I have been 30-40lbs overweight for 20 years and I'm tired of it! I have failed at losing weight numerous times. I am determined to change my lifestyle and eating habits.

I have been up and down in weight since high school I am an outdoors person, but haven't been doing as much hiking etc since I hurt my knee last Feb and gained back the weight that I worked so hard to lose over several months. I was down to around 140 and many sizes 10s were baggy.

Mom of first and fourth graders...married 15 years. Work part-time in my kids' school. Enjoy writing, reading, and walking. Three years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, earliest stage, good prognosis. But, I went into menopause at 37 and can't take estrogen. I've put on 20 pounds.

I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

I am an Elementary school teacher (19 yrs) who still loves her job BIG TIME! I am a step-mom of 4 and granny to 1 little sweetie. Married for almost 8 to a wonderful man.

I'm 41 years old and enjoy being with my 12 year old daughter. She's very active and keep us busy with her activities. I'm an Art Director for Kansas State University. Enjoy living in Manhattan, Kansas. I also enjoy working on my Mac.

Hi! I'm 45, married for 23 years and mom of a wonderful 16 year old son. First I'll say that I've lost 100 pounds so far, yay! People oooh and aaah when they see me. I still have another 30 or 40 to go to be at my goal weight. No, I am not looking to be a size 4, just hoping for a comfortable and healthier weight. It has become harder to continue to lose steadily. I have not "strayed" much, and I continue to walk and go to the gym. But, there comes a point when you feel is okay to let go a little and that is what I want to avoid! Let's support in each in staying the course and keeping things in check.

I am 41 and married with 2 girls age 9 and 11. I am a full time sign language interpreter in a school.

I am 48 and a mother of 2 girls. 1 in college and one on her way. I am happiley married and the owner of my own Personal Chef business. In 2008 I plan to get my certification in Practical Nutrition and Holistic Life Style Coaching.

I am 55, married with a son & daughter both in college. I just had double knee replacements. Now I can walk again and get back into shape.

i'm old but fun and i want my body to match; it's going to have to keep up with me as we enter the 3rd Score, y'know? i want to be fit, flexible, fast and fearless.

Now I am 49...worked hard to shed 70lbs but have regained about 20 lbs. Changed jobs and in a new relationship. Since starting on this site my dad passed away (about a year ago) from cancer and this past June my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I am a caregiver to serving others and making others happy. I am learning to be good to myself...need to get back to that.

I'm a 41 year-old divorced mom with a 13 yo daughter. I've recently lost 20-25 lb. since Aug. 2007 and want to keep it going.

I am a 47 year old working mom of two boys, ages 17 and 22. I tend to be a workaholic and am a type AA. I get stressed very easily which leads me to overeat. I was thin up until about 9 years ago when we moved from California to Pennsylvania. I LOVE to exercise but have not made it a priority in my life.

Stepmom to two teenagers. Retired from USAF 6 months ago. I like to write. I am very health conscious so that I constantly discover new things regarding good health. I prepare good healthy meals. I only use butter during the holidays.

I recently turned 40 and have been struggling with my weight up and down since I had my son 11 years ago. I have heart disease and diabetes in my family and know I have to exercise more.

45 yr old, married, 1child. Have really let myself go the last 2 years. The creeping pounds stop today!!

I am 50 y.o., married 30 years and have 2 adult kids who are now out on their own. I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week as a RN. I enjoy cooking, reading and walking. I'm beginning to get in to quilting and gardening. I really don't enjoy exercise too much, but once I get started, it's not so bad-just being honest!

46 y.o. mom of 2 grown children. Remarried 1 year ago and moved to the country, away from the conveniences of the city (Weight Watchers meetings, Curves, etc.). Work from home. Metabolism is slowing down. Eat healthy 80% of the week, and our weekend eating habits cancel out that 80% of healthy eating.

stay at home mom, grandma, dealing with an aged father

46 year old mom of a 2-year old struggling with a 50# weight gain that began about 1.5 years ago.

I'm exploring America, living full-time on a motorcoach (like John Madden). I write books, give lectures and take photographs while I travel. I also get on a plane a few times a month to shoot or speak at events. There are way too many opportunities for parties, huge dinners and alcohol in my daily life, which means it's very easy to gain weight if you're not thinking about it.

Am 49 years old. Mom to 8 ( youngest is 16) and 4 daughter-in-laws . Also am Mimi to 7 grandaughters. Am VERY busy and that has been one of my excuses. Purchased my own business during the past year and went from working 25 hours outside of home weekly to 60 or more. Lots of stress too.

44 single empty nester. working independantly I get isolated from the rest of the world.

40 yo. Married I have one son and a step son. I have a beautiful grand daughter and a new grandbaby on the way (I started motherhood ReEEally early) I also have two foster children (2& 4). I work full time and I'm very active in my church

I'm a single mom and a special education teacher. I am constantly on the go but never have time for my self.

Mom of one, in love with my husband and my daughter. Love to laugh, and love food. I am a bit of a "foodie" so I enjoy what I eat, and hate having to say no because someone tells me its bad. I prefer moderation as an approach to eating.

I'm a health care executive living in Canada. I'm 47 years old and have struggled with weight on and off all of my life. I am the mother of 2 adult children who are off on their own. I hate exercise but know that I have to find time to do it in order to maintain a healthy weight.

I'm in my early 40s. Married 20 years. 17 year old son. I work for a medical organization. Interests: healthy cooking, nutrition, new foods, classical music, family, photography, movies, church and my dog, a wheaten terrier named Clancy. I started my healthy lifestyle on January 7, 2007 at 242 pounds making small changes w/ Bob Greene's Best Life Diet book. You can view my peertrainer logs starting February 6, 2007.

Divorced, 45 years old and currently unemployed.

I am 47 yrs old,divorce x2. 3 adult children and 1 of those on dialysis that I take care of part-time. I love the world, and I want to learn to enjoy it, when I was a teenager I used to run track, and I would like to do it again. Today I weigh 197 lbs.

I am 50. I an sort of active. Like to walk, bike, cross country ski and run. A few years ago I was running lots and walking some. Now it's the other way around. Would like to get back to running.

I'm 50, single since late 2006, and I have two teenagers. I have a desk job that requires about 50 hours a week, and a early 50's house that I'm trying to renovate.

mother of 2 boys,16 and 13

49 years old, soon to be 50! Walking, and exercise videos are my weight loss tools. I would like to try some weight training. I have about 25 pounds to lose. Love music, knitting, reading, chatting with friends, good food, good wine and good times.

I'm Evelyn, an american living in greece. I'm 47, love playing tennis (play 3-5 times a week) and working out outside. I work with a trainer once or twice a week and we do anything from running laps to climbing steps to agility exercises. Main weaknesses: sweets and waking up in middle of night for snacks. :(

I used to be very active and was even a bodybuilder for several years. Then I had a couple of children, got busy with the mommy life and suddenly find myself at age 55 going through menopause and being heavier and out-of-shape. I know I can't look 30 again but I sure can feel better inside and out if I lose this flab and put some muscle back on. I have tried to get motivated on my own but find excuses not to work out, eat junk food, etc. so I am very excited about the PEERtrainer concept of group members helping each other stay motivated.

Soon to be 48 y/o RN, married mother of two very teenage girls. I have come to the realization that just because you "iron" your scrubs, they do not and should not constitute an "outfit". That is how close the the bottom I have come. Anyone in the same boat???

I am 44, software developer, married with two kids, my daughter is a college student, and my son is in 5th grade. I exercise more or less regularly and try to eat healthy but lately my weight has been creeping up. Not good.

45 years old, i have lost 40 lbs within a year with weight watchers now on 1500 calorie a day diet. Working out every day for at least 60 minutes with twice a week strength training. Never exercised before and absolutely love it now have been since last June. I work at home and sit for at least 8 hours a day and have found that it's getting harder to take off pounds

I'm a 48 year old theatre teacher with 2 athletic teenage boys and a marathon runner husband. I run to the fridge. I lost 30 pounds last spring and know I've put most of it back on. I am terrified to get on the scales, but my pants tell me the story.

I am a 46 year old with 3 kids. I work as a part time nurse.

I'm 43 years old, married, 3 kids under 10, with a full time job outside the home. I have struggled with being overweight all of my life but have had a few stretches of "perfect" body weight which felt amazing. I've haven't been able to keep the binge eating out of my bag of tricks. Now is the time because I was diagnosed this fall with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor said he will give me a few months to make changes and see a difference otherwise I will need medication for both! I picked the name Glamfab (well the first 10 names I really wanted were already taken LOL) but I want a reminder of being glamorous and fabulous again. I want to sparkle and shine again. That must sound SO dorky but - that is how I feel in my heart.

I'm a couple of months from 40, married with a 3-year old. I'm a stay at home mom (for now). I'd gradually gained weight over the last several years, but things really took off when I got pregnant. Same old story - never lost my baby fat. I've always had to watch what I eat, but even so, until about 5 years ago, I was very fit, loved exercising. Hoping to find that woman again!

I am an Accountant working 3 days a week and putting in another 10 to 15 hours a week on home office work and volunteer work with Boards and Groups I belong to. Turning 50 this June! I have always been active so do not have to worry about exercise motivation but since we moved to the country 2 years ago, I spend more time in my car so I am finding that my daily routine does not involve the walking and moving that it used to. That and the fact that I used to be able to lose 5 or 10 lbs by just upping my exercise, even after gaining 50 lbs with pregnancy I lost it with mostly walking our child in a stroller EVERYWHERE for a year. The last couple of years a slow gain of about 15 pounds.. Our daughter is 7 so at an age where I can start back to doing more of my own activities. I am knowlegable about nutrition, weight loss, and exercise, I just can not seem to get a routine going -- and lack the accountabilty that it is going to take this time!

48 years old, Married, with 4 kids - I have a trach due to severe sleep apnea. I have lost 100 lbs over the past 10 years but need to get to a healthy weight before my health is irreparably damaged.

I'm a 50yo mother of 2 young adults. I'm a former city girl living on a farm. I'm a vegetarian who is trying to eliminate as many chemicals and processed foods that plague our lives.

Baby boomer (born 1955) with 4 adult children and 3 grand children. Married to same man since 1974. Registered Nurse since 1980 but have also worked as exercise/aerobics instructor and Forest Service Lookout. I am very interested in fitness and holistic health, cooking, gardening, reading, and traveling. I'm an organic gardener with a lust for kitchen gardens, orchards etc., and some handcrafts like quilting/sewing.

Hi! I'm 43, married with 2 kids in college, 2 cats & parrot. I work full time and have a hard time with exercise. I'm here to get motivated and get the weight off!!

I am 47, married and officially in menopuase. I have a 22 yr old daughter and a 20 yr old son and 3 stepchildren, 19, 22 & 24. I also have a 4 yr old grandson.I work for the state full time during the day and I also work a part time job in the evening a few nights a week. My husband is retired from GM. We are Christians.

University professor, late forties

42 year-old, happily married man. Had mild heart attack two years ago this week. Tired of feeling fat and not having clothes that fit. Now at 180+ and 5'8".

married 21 yrs, mother of three, daughter 18, son 15, daughter 12; seventh grade teacher, work out with weights 3 x's a week and incorporate cardio 2-3 x's a week. I was always thin unitl I hit my forties. I can lose 10 lbs, but cannot lose any more. I have developed high blood pressure and am appalled at my appearance. My husband and I have had several rocky years stemming from financial problems that have really changed my outlook on life and have interfered with my quality of life.

45 year old female and have always been extremely fit. 40's are rough! Have gotten lazy and the pounds are creeping on. I've never had to worry about weight, but now it seems like I'd better get on track and QUICK!

Four children, all of them universisity graduated and out of home. Now I have all the time to take a little bit more care of me. I hope to make iwuthin the end of summer.

I am 40 years old and in the past 3 years I have gained over 30lbs. I have become very lazy and I am not motivated to work out. I am ready to make a change in my life but I am having a tough time getting started.

My life has been very stressful over the past 6 months. I am trying to refocus and get back into eating better, maintaining a cardio routine, and getting back to working out (free weights). The upside to all the stress is that I have lost ten pounds, now I need to tone and shape my body.

I'm a 46 year old insurance agent. I have one son who is 18 and a cat who seems to run the place. I'm really looking forward to being thin again. I am a borderline diabetic and I have high blood pressure, both of which my doctor assures me will go away with exercise.

41 yo single dude living in Boca Raton, FL. Need to know more...just ask.

I am 48, very happily married with two married sons and a grandson. I am a professional and I love my job. I travel quite often which, on most days, I really enjoy.

I'm 48, live alone (with 2 dogs) which isn't good for me if I'm trying to do something like diet or exercise (my family is almost 2000 miles away in AZ). While I've been heavy all my life, I've also been healthy - no diabetes, no high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, etc.... It wasn't until the last 12-18 months that I started noticing things that are affecting my quality of life and what I can do with my dogs (I have two dogs that I show). In addition, the arthritis in my knees (diagnosed about 5 years ago), seems to be bothering me more the last year or so. I also feel totally exhausted too often, and really start huffing & puffing after only a few steps. It never used to be like that - even just 2-3 years ago. So I think it's about time I get serious and do something about it.

I am 62, retired, grandma of five who live next door.

Age 57, 5' 4", 205 lbs.,recently retired, pre-diabetic. Married 3 1/2 years. Have 6 grown kids and 9 grandchildren, all compliments of my husband. I'm a binge dieter. I will faithfully follow a diet for several weeks, then cheat "just once" and fall off the wagon for a few weeks, sometimes months. i need support and accountability, and am happy to give the same, so I was glad to find this site.

I am 50 years old, married, have 4 adult children and two marvelous grandchildren! Work full time in a library. Like to read, craft, take leasurely hikes, trying to get back into camping.

40 years old. 2 children.... 21 and 15. Work full time and hope to work out at home IMMEDIATELY !!!

I'm 44 years young, single no children. I love to travel, read almost anything, beach, sail, motorcycles, and everything in between. I love to be busy and share time with friends. So far I haven't found that special guy and would love to be in love. I also want to lose 50 pounds and feel good in my skin.

I need to become more active and need to loose about 40#. I am interested in cycling and indoor rowing to help me get back in shape and loose weight.

I am 56 living alone.

Hi! I am 44 and we have a 6yr old daughter and 3yr old son. Played soccer my entire life, then had kids later in life and now am trying to get my mojo back. I know when I am physically healthy, I am Mentally healthy. Looking forward to the rewards of excercise again My husband and I are training for a 1/2 Marathon end of May. : )

I am very active, I exercise everyday, but obviously eat too much!!


I am 39. I have a blended family with 5 kids total. 4 are still at home. I have been thin, been heavy, been thin, been heavy... like a yoyo. I am back to the heaviest weight and I need to draw a line and start losing it now.

i'm 48 and suffer from chronic back pain. i'd like to figure out how to become more active. i am a pet sitter but that does not require a great deal of exercise. i also have a 14 yr old son who is very active i know very little about computers and blogging or logging o whatever it's called any help would be apprciated

Age 48, married, father of 2 boys

I'm 46 yo, married with a 7 yo daughter. I'm 5'6" and weight 168lbs. My goal is to shed 30 lbs.

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I might be doing well then something happens and I binge eat! I believe I am doing better in that area, however.

Forty something, married, mother of two adult daughters. Vegetarian approximately 10 months. The last year my body has seen some drastic changes. In June I quit a 20 year pack a day smoking habit, a month later, intending to participate in Meatless Mondays, I ended up going vegetarian. Last month I made the full jump to vegan. While I'm more than pleased with my choices, and am careful to get all the nutrients I need, the fact is my lifestyle is sedentary. I used to hike and quit smoking to make the hiking easier. But somewhere along the line I gained twenty pounds and lost energy and motivation to move. I quit smoking and went vegan for a healthier, happier me as well as a healthier planet, but the extra pounds and loss of energy feel anything but healthy or happy.

Hi! My name is Toni. I am 45 years old. I work part time in a lab at a hospital and go to cloolege to finish my nursing degree. I am a stress eater. I need to learn portion control and a healthier way of eating.

I am a 45 year old professional, husband & father. I weighed 178 (1989), 209 (1993) and have since reached 250. I can gain/lose 10-20 in a month and frequently fluctuate between 230 and 240. I tend to over-analyze. In every aspect of my life I am a sprinter not a marathoner. I can work on a project for 16 hours straight, two or three days in a row but then I won't go back to it for months. I have a wealth of knowledge and coach/support others well but I can't seem to do the same for myself. I know that there is only a 1% difference between when things are working for me and when they are not but I cannot tap into that 1% with any regularity.

I was doing great until after my daughter was born - have been progressively been gaining weight and not exercising. I have always struggled with my weight but did great when I was exercising regularly and not so frequently eating sweets. I recently sold my business and moved, joined a gym and am trying to deal with the sweet tooth that seems to be persistent.

I'll be 40 this year and shortly thereafter a grandmother, in Nov AND Dec and am determined to get back into better shape. My dad died at 50 so as I get closer to that age, I get more conscious of how far off of my ideal I am.

I don't do scales

I'm a diet dropout. I've done WW four times. Each time I followed the program obsessively (I was such a *good* girl) and lost about 40 pounds. Then, when the obsession waned, I gained it all back---gradually. This time, I have a new approach: Never do anything to lose weight that I am not willing to do for the rest of my life.

I am 46, a breast cancer survivor, who has gained lots of weight since going on Tamoxifen. Knowing that weight puts me at risk of a recurrence, I really need to slim down. Our kids are 16 and 20, so we will soon be empty-nesters. I live in a rural area so there are no organized groups or gyms for me to join.

I am a working single mom. I quit smoking 4 years ago and put on 40 pounds! Help!! Now I am detrmined to take it back off.

I am married and have three children - 19, 16 and 12, still all at home. I'm a half-time teacher and am now off for the summer. I have three months to completely get into shape!

I just turned 40 and I want to get in the best shape ever. Since obesity runs in my family, I'm determined to reverse the curse! I currently weigh 180 and am 5'9". I want to lose 40 lbs so I will be healther for myself and my kids. (age 12 & 10) I also have 2 soon to be step-children (16 & 11) so needless to say, I'm very busy since the kids are my #1 priority. I try to get to the gym a couple times a week but when the kids are all involved in sports, the gym takes a back seat to their activities. Since my fiancee and I got together 5 years ago, his persistent, "you look great and don't need to lose weight" comments, although appreciated, have not kept me focused on my weight and I've put on 40 lbs since we got together. He supports me either way but I'd prefer to weigh 145 for my own sake and that's what I'm determined to do!

I am 48 years old, a performing arts teacher and mom to a 9 year old girl wonder. I I got to work out much more before motherhood and have a good foundation of healthy eating habits. Still, I tend to gain about ten lbs every three years or so and then I try to whip myself back into shape. I'm midway through the whipping now. I've gone from 145 to 138 lbs over the past month and would like to get down to between 130 and 133.

Married with 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Single, female in San Diego. I recently turned 40 and am increasingly concerned about how being overweight may affect my health now and in the future. I weigh 240 and want to lose 80-100 lbs. Managing my weight has been a life-long struggle. I went on my first diet at age 10 and have been on and off diets since. I used to lose the weight really quickly and easily, I just couldn't ever maintain the weight loss and would end up gaining it back. In recent years, I haven't been able to even lose any weight or stay on a diet. I just keep gaining. I'm ready to give up dieting and adopt healthy eating habits instead. However, I know there's an emotional component to my overeating that I need to get to the root of and need support for. That's what's brought me to the Beck Diet Solution and PeerTrainer in July 2008.

I am 46 yrs young woman and can't seem to lose weight. I lose one pound and gain it back. This has been going on for two months. I am searching for a diet plan that works and fits my lifestyle. I work out 5 days a week so it must be what I am eating that is holding me back from weight loss. I am very frustrated.

I'm 45 years old, and I work at home. It's difficult for me to keep a routine eating shedule.......I catch myself skipping breakfast and over eating during and after dinner.

Married 22 years with 2 daughters. One begins college this fall, one is 16 and learning to drive. I work as a secretary for our little community church. I tend to be an emotional eater.

I am 54, married and have no children, but I do have a cute little mutt named Ed. I teach English at a local high school and will be retiring in six years. When I retire, I want to be in good health and have the energy to travel.

I'm 51, and I have four grown children. I am not a big person I tend to game weight around my mid-section which is hard to get rid of. I sit at a computer most of the day all week long. I would like to start me a homebase business, so when time for me to retire from this 8-4:30 job, I can supplement what ever kind of income I will have at that time with working from home.

I am a 50ish mother of a teenage son. I would like to role model lifelong fitness by eating and exercising correctly everyday.

48 and been struggling with maintaining my ideal weight since puberty; done almost every diet available; need patience and perseverence to see results; generally eat healthily EXCEPT for the binges and the treats... love chocolate, cake, ice cream, etc.

I am going to be 45 yrs old and have one 14 yr old daughter and have been married 15 years. I am happy in my life except for my weight. I put on this weight due to stress and family problems and moving. Time to move on!

I am married for 17 years to a wonderful man I have two daughters and just joined the Grandmother's club My granddaughter just turned 1 years old and will be calling me Grammie I am an Executive Assistant for a golf profession for 19 years I love the beach, shells, volleyball, ping pong, dancing, laughing

45yo Male, two kids; weigh about 210

I'm happily single, and hope to stay that way. I have a family which, like most families, is sometimes supportive and sometimes a pain in my derriere. I like my work but wish I earned more money. People describe me as smart and warm and easy to be around. But that doesn't really tell you much, does it?

I am 60, have battled this thing all my life - have taken about every diet pill out there, and I mean starting when I was a teen - I just want some energy and to not bt a slave to emotional eating!!!

I like to hike, snowshoe, be outdoors. I also like to knit and read science fiction. I hope someday my butt will fit in a kayak again. . .

Single, recently divorced, beagle mom, full-time secretary and part-time graduate student

I'm a mother of two boys ages 22 and 14. I've been over weight all of my married life but finally decided that I need to take control of my life. Now I don't think about food like I use to.

I am a 51 year old, life long vegetarian. I have been fit and active my whole life and then whammmo! It seems like someone is just padding my middle! I need to cut back on what I eat in order to lose these 10 pounds.

I am married and have two teenagers. I work full time and spend most of my days at the office behind a desk. I don't mind exercising once I start. But, there is always a list of other things I need or want to do first.

I'm a watercolor artist and plant-based food blogger.

I am 5'10", 43 years old, and an American expat living in China, which is not exactly my preferred living place. There's no place like home! I started martial arts in '98, earned my black belt in Shaolin kempo in 2004, and had to quit the training in 2005 due to knee problems. Interestingly, since I've taken up running, my knee problems have eased up.

I am a wife and mother of two children, and teach kindergarten.

I'm 44 single and have always battled with the extra 10 to 15 pounds. The past two years I've stopped working out on a regular basis. I was able to maintain my weight, but in the past year I've gotten very out of shape. I broke my foot 3 months ago which compounded the situation. I eagerly want to work out again, but the days keep passing and I don't seem to make it to the gym. I'd like to spin again, perhaps try running. I'd also like to start weight training and yoga. I want to be fit from eating well and exercising. I want to have more energy. I want to feel good about my body. My clothes are snug and I hate getting dressed for work in the morning.

I am a 42 y/o National guardsman who is goin to deploy once again soon. I want to get in real good shape prior to deployment for obvious reasons.

I am 50 years old, working mother of two, age 18 and 15. I was always thin until I hit 40. The pounds keep creeping up on me. I struggle to find a way to loose the weight.

Mom of boy & girl, work full time (approx. 40 mins from home), married (long time). Own a dog (walks with me).

I am a 40-something, married, work at home mom (childcare provider). We have two of our own children - one graduates from high school this spring- where did the time go? My days are busy (8 full time children in my care) and the extra weight I am dragging around each day is exhausting me.

I am 5'8" 242 lbs recently laid off of a job after 22years. I have lost my weight with jenny craig after my 2nd and 4 child. My children are 22,21,18,17 years old. I gained my weight back probably about 15 years ago. I have a great and lovable silky terrier named teddy who is going to be 8 years old this year. oh I also have one of those (husband)!

52 and life is pretty wonderful but want to amp up fitness and health levels. Just barely 5'2, small frame, so any extra weight "feels" like more to me. I weigh around 115, but would be way more comfortable between 105-110. Not quite menopausal yet, but seems that hormonally related issues keep my abdomen my biggest challenge!

I am a 40 year old working mother of two active boys!

yo-yo dieter....throughout my life

39 year old Married w/ 2 kids. I've run 5 marathons. However I still need to loose 20 lbs. I also would like to improve my marathon time.

I'm a working-at-home mom, age 44, married 18 years, 3 children ages 9, 12 and 14

I'm 41 years old. I'm married and we have a 12 year old son. I work as a Business Analyst in a Crown Corporation.

I'm 45 and single. I have three children, the youngest one in high school and the only one still at home. I am optimistic and fun loving. I love bike rides, hikes, swimming, ice skating. I have struggled most of my adult life with nicotine addiction and recently quit for good.

I have a job that I love, but it is very sedentary with odd hours at times and have gained the weight over the last 10 years there. I have 6 kids that are all grown and I really want to take care of myself and get the weight off for several reasons like potential health problems, how I look...but mostly for how I feel all of the time (tired, awkward). I want to get out there and pursue things I would love to do that are active and really enjoy it. I love food, but I know I also use food to "medicate myself" and to avoid things. I am ready for the weight to be gone and for my way of dealing with things to change.

42 y.o.Mother of 2 boys, ages 4 and 5. Part-time veterinarian. Soon to be single again. I exercise regularly at a moderate level, but I have plantar fascitis (heel pain) that keeps me from training hard. I have about 30 pounds to lose but would rather just be a size 12 again. Know all about what I am supposed to do to lose weight and get in shape, I just need to keep my focus.

I'm married and live in a small community outside of Valdosta. I have 2 children and 3 wonderful grandkids. I love to laugh and make other people happy. I love to meet new people because you never know who God will lead to you with a message of hope and love.

I am 43 years old. Had 3 childre who are grown. I am single and at risk for diabetes.

I don't want to count calories. I need to make wiser choices and have smaller portions.

40 year old wahm with interests in holistic healing, and spiritual studies. I like to read, meditate, and spend time outdoors in nature.

I am 44 years old and always worked out and lost the weight, but the 10 pounds tend to creep back on. I have 2 sons 20 and 22. I am a data analyst for a school district in Colorado.

I am married 46 year old mother of two boys, 23 & 20. I sit most of the day between a desk job and commute to work that sometime drives me crazy. I workout in the morning before work because by nightfall I am too exhausted. I'm not overweight right now but been there many times in my life starting as a child. My relationship with food has always been a struggle.

I am 44 years old, married & live in Minnesota. I am very athletic, into many sports such as competitive league tennis, biking, walking, inline skating and cross country skiing. However, this past year, I have really struggled with my weight. As of today, I weighed in at 148.8 :-(( I start looking like a stocky German when I get close to 150. My ideal weight should be more like 135-145 range. I am hoping to reach my 1st goal of 145.

Very private person who enjoys reading.

I have always struggled with weight issues. In my 20's I was 40 lbs lighter than I am now. In my 30's I was 20 lbs lighter than I am now, and in my late 30's and early 40's I gave up and became 50 lbs heavier than I am now. I lost and gained the same 30 lbs from 2000-2004, and finally lost and gained that last 10 lbs for a total of 40 for the last 2 years, and have recently taken another 10 lbs off for a total of 50 in the last year. I am working out now 5-6 days a week and lifting a lot of weights. I have always excercised including running, but now I am subsituting 3 days a weeks of weights. I really want to get the last 25 lbs off and keep it off for good. I am looking for support to keep going and get this last 25 off

I am in my forties and have put on 20pounds over the past 10 years. I recently joined a gym and usually do half hour on the treadmill, then an hour on the weight machines. Too busy to get to the grocery store on a regular basis.

Late 40's, mother of three, married. I was a thin child, teen and into my 20's. Gained weight during the time my kids were young and never was thin again, but was near the high end of "healthy" range for years. Now I am in the "overweight" range. I never expected that I would have issues with my weight. I want to return to the "healthy" range. Lately I have been gaining at a more rapid pace, and I do not wish to ever get into an "obese" range. I want to lose some weight to control my cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Mostly what motivates me is improving my health through weight loss, but I also think that maintaining a healthy weight is the key to looking younger, too.

I’m a 46-year old single mother of three. My youngest child “left the nest” in 2009. I’ve spent the last two decades focusing on being a mother, but now it’s time to re-focus on myself which I’m finding to be a challenge.

Hi I'm Kathy and I'm a truck driver, mother, and grandmother. I like to read books, go to the movies and EAT!!! LOL See why I have a problem?!?!

I am 41, married to a wonderful man for 13 years. We have 3 children aged 2-9. I work full time and have found it hard to find time for me to work out and eat healthily. After injuring my back this summer and not being able to do many of the things I love, I realized that I need to take better care of myself, so I can be a good Mom, wife, friend etc. My back is healing well, and I am at a place where I am tired of my excuses and I am ready to succeed.

I am a single mother of 4. I work full time outside the home. I'm 40. I'm hoping to look my best when I hit 41.

I'm 44, married mom of four ages 18, 16, 12 and 5. I recently left my job to move across the country and start over in a new (teaching ) career near my family in Mississippi . Two years ago I lost twenty pounds, but I have them back again I know all about what I should eat, I know I should excercise - I just need the kick in the pants to make myself do it.

I am 41 yrs old. Married with three daughters(one is 21,and three year old twins) and one stepson. I work full time for the Federal Government in a demanding job. I drive 80 miles each way to work, which leaves little time for the gym or other exercise programs outside the house. I am also trying to complete my Bachelors degree thru an online program at Ashford University. I want to have my Masters within the next 5 years.

I am married (2nd marriage) and my son is 20. He doesnt live near us and that is a situation that stresses me to eat. When I am stressed I eat....I have a sweet tooth...I have 2 dachshunds, Malcom and Frankie that are my kids and I spoil them!

I am a mother of three children. I have two teenage boys and a 5-year-old daughter. Am a guidance counselor (can that count as a teacher?)

I'm a 40 yr old empty-nester Mom of 3 amazing kids- all in college, Ohio State University, Marshall University and Ohio University. The wife of an amazing loving husband, and 2 dogs which are my babies- Gracie and Gus. Just started a new job and love it but went from faster working pace to a office job.

Turned 40 in Dec., happily married with 2 great kids. Realized that I wasn't happy with "who I was" physically, like I kept telling myself for years. Tired of "worrying" about what others think, and came to conclusion that it was really what "I" thought that mattered.

I live with my boyfriend and fourteen year old son. I'm 45 years old

I am 45 and married with two wonderful children 20 and 17. I work at the local grocery store doing purchasing and stocking. I am obsessed with magazines so I love to read and learn new things. I live in the beautiful Colorado mountains but was raised in the Kansas flat lands. I love to garden and work in my yard for the short season that I am allowed to do that. I love hanging out with my family and friends

45 year-old husband, father of 2, web professional, bass player.

I'm a 48 year old mom with three kids-ages 21, 20 and 16. Married for 25 years. Part-time CPA working out of my home. Began running in June and am training for my first 15K.

I am 49 years old, work full time and have a daughter in college.

Still in my 40s (barely), mom of 2 teenage boys who eat constantly. I have developed a large appetite right along with them.

I am 5'1" tall and 59 years old I weigh 131 lbs. I have high cholestrol and am almost prediabetic.

I am a psychotherapist working with people of all ages in my private practise office. I am married and have 2 children. I live in Northern California.

I'm 44 years old, in fairly good health. I need to become more active. I need motivation. I would like to change my body composition as it seems since I hit 40 I've gotten mushy and bigger around my middle and it's "way harder" to lose it. My metabolism has hit a wall.

SAHM of 3

I turned 50 in November...I am practicing saying it because it doesn't seem possible. I have a terrific husband and a family of grown kids, a foster son and a baby granddaughter. I put on a bunch of weight when I got remarried 15 years ago. Lost about 20 lbs since but am still up 20 and would like to lose an extra 5 for good measure.

38 year old, married woman with 2 boys, 7, 10. Want to get my "UMPH" back and feel sexy!!

I have IBS and Celiac but until this last year didn't have a big weight problem. Now, thanks to many factors, I'm about 50 lbs over what I want to be.


I am 46 and married to my soul mate for 26 years. I have a 21 year old daugghter who lives at home and a 17 year old son graduating this year.

I'm almost 40 and I want to maintain my health/beauty as long as possible. My mom died last year and I want to spend the majority of my life looking and feeling my best. Life is too short. On the flip side, I want to make sure to not make this about some weight "obsession" but rather living life to the fullest and meeting my goals.

I live in Montreal and am 44 years old. I'm married and have a three year old daughter. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, but it has never kept me from doing the things I wanted to do. Recently I've begun to think that if I don't get back into shape now, it will become almost impossible as I get older. I am tired of not feeling happy with myself. I'm fed up of not feeling good in my own skin, or clothes, and I want to be a good role model for my daughter.

I have been vegetarian for most of my adult life, and have tried going vegan from time to time. Dr. Fuhriman's program makes the most sense to me, logically and nutritionally and scientifically. In 2007-2008 I lost 99 pounds, and got down to 150.5. In 2008 I ran a half marathon! In 2009 and 2010 I gained 45 pounds. I want to get to a very healthy, happy weight and be in awesome physical condition!

I'm a 46-year old single administrative professional living and working in Manhattan. I've found that clean eating and getting enough sleep and exercise really goes a long way toward reducing my cholesterol, migraines, and stress. I find it fairly easy to stay motivated with regard to food - I have the occasional 'bad' food, but mostly I don't. When I overeat, I tend to overeat the 'good food'. I'm a stress eater. I work way too many hours, so am often too tired to work out, and I'm trying to train myself into the habit of working out first thing in the morning. so that I'm not having to have a battle with myself after work.

I am a 63 year old entreprenuer (editor/publisher/real estate broker/PrePaid Legal Executive) and grandmother who used to race triathlons (I competed in the Ironman in Hawaii twice) and counsel people on diet and exercise. Now, I want to get myself back on track and in shape once again. I am hoping that group accountability will be the magic bullet for my motivation since I'm not racing anymore.

I am 41 years old. I've been married for 4 years to a wonderful man and I have an adorable 2 1/2 year old so who I absolutely adore. I work as a Registered Nurse in the Psychiatric field.

Working mom of 2 girls. Would like to lose 15 pounds.

I am 48 year old mother of 1 teen and 1 tween, working full time and trying to find for me. Meditation and yoga have been my salvation. I love hiking with friends and family and reading good novels. Just finished the La Cuna and loved it.

I am a 61 year old former psychiatric nurse.....I have been living alone for a long time now.....I have a cat named Emily....I am currently recovering from a total hip replacement.

Almost 45 year old, married with 3 teens (17 yr DD, 16 yr DS, 12 yr DS). Have been on Atkins with a primal leaning for over a year. Have binging issues big time. I sort of sabbotage my diet every few weeks and get very frustrated. Love to exercise and try to do so at least 5 days a week. Can stay for weeks off "bad" foods but then go and eat 10000 cals without hesitation of all the foods that make me sick.

48 yr old single mother of three, full custody 10, 14 & 16. Work full time. Been dieting since I was 12. Heaviest I've been since I was pregnant. Emotional eater and wine lover!!!!!

I am a 43 year old single mom of a 16 month old boy. I gained 15 pounds while trying to get pregnant and then 45 lbs while pregnant. Now here I am over a year after my son was born with 25 lbs to lose. I can't stand only having four pairs of pants to wear to work because I don't want to buy new clothes..... I feel it'd be giving in, and I don't want to give in to being overweight! I want to look and feel great, and I want to be healthy for my son, and be a good role model for healthy living.

I am 49yrs old and work a second shift job--I have a goal of being still active @95. Yeah!!

I am a 46 year old single mom to two young men, 18 and 20. They have both left the nest so it is my turn now!

I'm married and have two kids, a tween and a teen. I work full time in a job that I enjoy, but demands a lot of time.

Just a middle aged dude who likes to keep fit and healthy

I am a Hospice worker and I often eat on the run or at fast food places. To many coffee's a day and ice cream

I am a female with Autism. I had a Gastric Bypass surgery done on July 24, 2012

57 years old High School Teacher Swimmer Single - 2 kids

Single Mother. Recruiter in Healthcare industry. Have always exercised but gained 15- lbs all of a sudden when I was trying to lose weight

I am a journalist, a mother of four and a wife who has recently decided to make my health and fitness needs a daily priority.

I'm 43, married, busy working mom of 3 kids ages 9, 6 and 31/2. Never had a problem losing my baby weight until I had #3 in 2010. Have struggled ever since to lose 15 lbs and thanks to a brutal winter, now 20 lbs. I work out pretty regularly, but need a diet overhaul and revamped fitness routine. I'm ready!

I'm an ice cream junkie!!

I am a mother of 4 and a wife. I work for a government agency and sit most of the day. I work 5 days a week and commute about 80 miles round trip

44 grandmother of 1 and mother to 2 boys... married to a great man who loves at all sizes... wanting to get healthy and stay healthy for me! all kinds of issues run in my family -- heart disease, diabetes, hypertension... Been gluten free for 4 years now.. I also have hashimoto's disease from years of not being diagnosed correctly with thyroid issues...

I am 39, I weigh 138 lbs. I am a mother of 5 children. I have had trouble with losing weight. I've become too settled with gaining the weight and not able to shake it off. I am here to try to gain support as well as hopefully encourage someone else.

I am a working Mom with 2 active boys who play baseball, ice hockey and surf. We love the beach so I don't want to be the middle age mom at the beach all covered up. I also had the boys later in life so I an older than most of the other mom's in my boys classes. After turning 45, the fat went straight to my belly!!!!! I just want to be a healthy example for my kids and still look good on the beach.

I'm 44 years old, married and have one beautiful, 8-year-old daughter. I don't want to just exist, I want to live and enjoy all the time I have with my family and friends. I want to be able to serve the Lord wherever I am to the best of my ability, and to take care of the body he has given me to serve him.

I am 56, mother of two wonderful daughters, just retired and working toward a second career in teaching.

I am a very active 42 year old with two girls (8 & 10). I am not overweight, but I have gained some weight in the last few years I would like to lose. I am finding it harder to lose weight than it was in my 30's. I need some new tricks and/or motivation!

Age 41 male married with 5 kids.

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