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Team Name: Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability
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Goals: 1) For each team member feel motivated and supported, each day. 2) Daily logging of food, points and exercise--this is the foundation of long term weight loss success, and developing this habit is a goal. 3) Weekly checks of progress. 4) Have Fun!! We are an active and motivating bunch. h

Profile: Team for people following weight watchers and any other program who would like to "weigh in" each week. Daily journling will keep you accountable to yourself, and the group will keep you supported and motivated. When you log your food and exercise, you are 70% more likely to meet your goals. It is highly effective, and the group interaction makes it fun. We will be organizing weekly challenges, and otherwise have fun with each other!

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I'm 52 yo married female living in Florida I work as an administrative secretary at a local community college

I am tired of carrying around the extra weight. I have had a bypass already and I have had back surgery and these are some of the health issues that I am looking to address. I am gettng married for the first time in April an I want to be in a better physical place then.

Married, mother of 4. I work as a substitute teacher. My husband and I also have our own vacation rental business. We own a condo in Gatlinburg, TN that we rent out for vacations, honeymoons etc...

I just moved to the DC area and begin a masters program in the fall. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, always being a little "chubby". College also added a few more....or a lot more pounds. I joined weight watchers in February and have been successful with a current weight lose of 27 pounds.

I am 22 years old and well past 80lbs over weight.

I'm a 25 yr old graduate student, 5'2", 140 lbs, and my mom's been getting on my case for being too heavy. It's really just a few vanity pounds, but I would like to shut her up once and for all.

5'6 175 lbs, college student

i am a vegan chef/baker. i've been working w/ food for the past 7 years. i love food. even though i'm vegan and don't eat animal products, i still consume a lot. i don't mind exercising, but getting motivated for it is hard for me. once i'm in a routine it is great, but get off it for a day or 2 and it is hard for me to go back

I'm a 43 year old man, married, with 2 kids, I've been 70-100 lbs overweight since my twenties. I grew up fat. Polish parents that encouraged over-eating. Always had rich, heavy foods, three starches a meal, and potato chips and ice cream were in the house in abundance all the time.

I had a baby in January! I gained 40 pounds (yeah, I know, but he's my first, so I'm allowed). I am just trying to get back to bbw (before baby weight) or even better. I like to run, I eat pretty well, but I just can't seem to budge the pudge

I'm a college student, and recently I lost 30 pounds but I gained 12 back!!! I was in a crazy diet and I would exercise TOOO much. I want to get beck in to the weight I lost eating healthier and without obsessing...

I've been a yo-yo weight loser. The last time I lost about 30 lbs, but worrying about our finances when my husband started a new business has started me eating again. I teach, so I started to walk every day since school has been out. I've only missed a day or two; however, I've been afraid to weigh myself. Since I just joined this group and it's evening now, I guess I'll have to face the scale tomorrow morning.

I am a 46 year old female. I work full time as a physical therapist and due to recent health problems have gained 10 pounds. I hope to get back to my weight of 128-130 pounds.

I'm active but have never been able to get my snacking under control. I am a mindless eater and really wish I wasn't.

I am a 41 year old professional lady. I lost 30 pounds on weight watchers a few years ago, and now it is pretty much all back on. My life style has changed over the years, and I guess I need to as well.

Find it hard to stick to it since I obviously want to see results immediately. Need motivation to keep going. I

I'm 50, married, a mom to one 11 yr. old boy, not working at the moment, but was and likely will be again a middle school and high school math teacher. We have a 16 mo. old Wheaten Terrier who is great--very energetic AND very sweet. I love to sail, bike, ski, hike, but I'm not particularly good at any of it. I enjoy it all anyway!

Well, I recently married my best friend after being together for 10 years. We have 2 beautiful children. The only problem is, that I look in the mirror and then I look at my husband and wonder how he can stand sleeping with me every night. I've never been this big, and now it's affecting my heart. This has to stop. I have to do this for myself and my family.

I'm 28, 5'-8" and weigh 210 pounds. It sucks. Packed on alot of weight from taking steroids for my cancer.

I am a 25 year old stay at home mom. I just had my first baby 4 months ago and am working at getting rid of the baby weight. I only have about 5 pounds to go until my prepregnancy weight, but I would like to get down to where I was when I got married.

at this time im not exactly sure of how much weight i want to lose. i felt comfortable at 190 lbs, but i was working out hardcore back then, so i had much more muscle than i do now. that was a few years ago. since then i havent been physically active until recently. i lost a lot of muscle and got flabby and gained some weight. im getting my exercise now from biking to and from work -- about 20 miles / 3-5 times a week, and from tennis. i try to go to the gym, but only make it there about 2-3 times a week right now. last time i weighed myself i was just under 210.... but for now, ill target 190 as my target weight. i am 30/m, 5'11"

i am 23, i live in toronto, and i work full-time in the music industry (which means loooong hours, and what seems like not enough time to dedicate to ME).

I am 24 getting ready to be 25 this weekend I am over weight and I need HELP. I need someone to help me. I am going to my doctor to see what I can do. I guess that exercising is not enough so I am gong to see if she can put me on a diet that I can follow! I am very depressed and I need a friend right now that I can relate too. I am going to be getting married to the man that I have been with for 4 yearsnow I don't sonlt want to popunush him the way that I feel I am.

I am a SAHM/Entrepenuer! I have been married almost 9 years to my highschool sweetheart. We just attented our high school reunion and I was humiliated. I felt so out of place an frumpy. My husband still has the body and I felt like such a beefcake standing next to him.

1998-2001 I lost 115 lbs. I kept it off for a little while but I have found 48 pounds of it, 15 in this year alone!

Sedentary at my job.

I am turning 40 in July and desperate to lose weight! I'm a wife, mother and teacher, but staying-at-home for next two years to be with my daughter. I'm tired of failing.

I'm a married mother of 3. i'm mostly a stay a home mom but do work per diem sometimes.

I'm Amanda. I'm 25, married and have a daughter. We live outside of Dallas Texas in a suburb. I'm living the suburband life and have steadily put on weight after having my daughter. I'm looking to lose weight and get fit so I can enjoy more of my life.

I'm 37, looking for a relationship, and live with someone in worse shape than me, therefore little motivation near to me.

I am 38 years old. I just gave birth to my first child 4 months ago. I had bulemia from the age of 21 to about 24. I suppose once you deal with an eating disorder you always deal with it. Now I am on the other end of the scale....frustrating

I am a third grade teacher. I thought I was doing well this summer trying to get back into the diet and exercise routine, but once things started getting stressful around the house, I fell off the wagon. I'm looking for the motivation to get back on. I'm afraid that it will be especially difficult now that school is starting up again...

I just turned 40 in June..I am the Mom to 3 boys..14,4,and 9 months..I have been married to a great guy for 6 years..I am a manicurist, and have recently started to decorate cakes, and cookies..( that could be part of my weight problem..)

40 year old woman living just outside of Boston. Looking to drop some weight and increase my fitness.

Young professional who loves my job. I am a graphic designer and have been working and out of college for about 2 years. Since graduation, I haven't felt as healthy, so its time to step it up and be as active as I was before. I also love watching sports, being around my friends and family and the Style Network.

I am 23 and have been married for 5 years. I have four boys: Jakob 5, Noah 3, Lucas would be 2, and Owen 10 wks. I am ready after gaining 100 lbs in baby weight and emotional over eating from the loss of Lucas, to get into shape and not feel like I am not worthy to be married to my handsome husband.

Now that I am in my mid "30's" I have really been focusing on trying to lose 10 lbs and maintain it long term. I think I no longer have expectations of losing more weight that that - which is a good thing. I'm also trying hard to focus on healthy choices while maintaining an active social life.

I am 27 years old. I'm working hard to try to get back down to my earlier weight of 140 or less. I was 145 for most of my life and considered myself overweight... For me the weight really limits some of my activities so I'm looking to get back down to a weight that doesn't hinder my hobbies!

Long story short..... Born in upstate NY, now living in the sticks out side Raleigh NC.... I used to be the skinny girl in school, 15 years and 80 pounds later, no one I graduated with would recognize me. On a happy note, I'm about to marry my child hood sweat heart in about three weeks, we have spent the last 7years in love and getting fat together. I know I can't lose the weight before the wedding, but I would still like to be thin and sexy for my new husband.

I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

39, live in the great northwest and have a great size to match. I used to think I was baudy and funny. Now I am fat and on a mission to change that.

I am very active but I can't seem to drop the last 5 lbs. I lost 18 lbs on weight watchers. This program is GREAT. I started out @ 145 and now im between 128 to 133

I am married, 42 years old and the mother of 3 children, ages 19, 21 and 22

My name is Dwanette Harbin, originally from Southfield, MI. I have known Velvette since freshman year at TSU. I am currenly 26 years old, residing in Novi, MI. Currenly, I work for Comerica Bank as a Corporate Trainer/Assistant Branch Manager.

I'm 32, married w/ one child, three dogs and 1fish. I have a job where I sit all day long and is a bit stressful...which doesn't help my weight problem any. I enjoy spending time with family and good friends. I have become a real yuppie. I crave sushi and enjoy a good glass of vino.

i am 29 just had my birthday, and ive gained alot of weight due to illness. but now im working on getting myself back on the road to health

I moved to the East coast and put on 20 extra pounds and I am really not that happy with it. I would like to get rid of it once and for all!!!!!!

I'm 67 and retired

53 yr old recently divorced last year and relocated to Raleigh NC from CT; I am self employed with my boyfriend doing home improvement and various other things. Three years ago I lost 78 pounds and have kept it off except gained back 20 of it. Diets, per,se don't work for me. Lifestyle changes are what I am striving for.

I just moved to the Orlando area from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The new change has been great and I workout ALOT but since I dont know many people I am always trying to go somewhere to do SOMETHING so I dont sit around and eat.

I'm 42, single for 6 years and hardly ever leave the house, usually just to go to work and running errands. I feel so ashamed of the way I look that I don't even see any of my friends any more. UPDATE: This is so very, very sad but I wrote that in 2006 and NOTHING has changed except now I just turned 46, still single and still try to avoid people as much as possible. This makes me really sad.

I'm 25 y.o. male from Cleveland Ohio. I recently finished college and moved back home. I have an office job that requires no physical activity - a far cry from my college jobs waiting tables which helped to keep me active.

I lack will power. I will eat that donut even if I know I shouldn't but i do feel guilty. I also don't know how to eat right.

Wife of 13 years. Mother of two girls (8 & 5). I am starting to work more now that my kids are older. I will be 40 in a few months.

did not see I had more to fill out...will come back later

30 y.o female working full-time nights as a nursing manager. Newly engaged with a wedding planned for August 2007. In a bet with fiance who will lose the most.

I am a 45 yr old happy newlywed. : ) I have two children, 21 and 24 and three stepchildren, 22, 19, 16. The 21 yr old and 19 yr old live with us. We have 6 grandchildren, 2 girls and 4 boys. I am a nurse and my husband remodels houses.

I'm 49 years old. Married with one child.

I am a 36 year old, full time working mom. I live in Kansas City with my husband, Lance, and 2 kids, Megan (5) and Luke (2). I used to exercise all the time, but I almost never exercise anymore. I reallly miss it, but it is hard to get back into the swing of things. I am really looking forward to making some changes in my life. It is definitely "time".

I am 26 and struggling with a binge eating disorder. I am currently about 70 pounds overweight. I lost 50 pounds in this last year from Sept. 05-Sep. 06 but have found myself falling back to old ways after a miscarriage.

single 28 year old. i have a great active job. i've been overweight all of my life. i was at my heaviest when i graduated college. lost about 30 lbs and have kept it off, but i have stopped loosing. it's time to make some changes and finish loosing the extra weight.

Im 36...more to come :)

Married since October 1999, 1 daughter who turned 8 in July. I hate to sweat, but love it when I do. I work f/t, and have a hard time making time for myself. I am learning to take time for me finally!

I'm 27 married, and have a 2 year old little girl. Work full time in banking and find myself getting TIRED as I grow older. I want to lose the wait to feel better about myself and tone up by excersising to hopefully increase my energy level.

my name is maria i am 32 years old i work as a teacher asst. i have 4 kids and i relly need some help to lose this wieght

I'm 26 years old, I have two great children. My son is six and a half and my daughter is almost three. I go to school full time and work part time when I can. I currently weigh 222 lbs (omg, how did that happen?!!?). I lost quite a bit of weight last summer following Jenny Craig, but it was too expensive to keep up, and slowly slowly the weight crept back on, and then some!!! My fat clothes don't even fit anymore. I refuse to buy new ones so if I want to be able to wear anything nice anytime soon I gotta loose at least a few lbs to start. I find that I really need someone to kick my butt and hold me accountable, and I am hoping I can get that kind of support here!

I am a SAHM of three. A 16 year old girl, and two boys, one is 14 years old and the other is 5.5 months old. I have been married for a year and a half. We have a dog named Ricky who is a German Shepard/Lap mix and the second baby of the family.

I am 23 years old, and a recent college graduate. I love being outside and activity. Due to my weight gain I have found myslef more reserved than I use to be and uncomfortable in social situations. I want to be the outgoing, fun loving girl that I am. But in order to do that I need to gain control of my food and lose weight.

I am 51 yrs. old, married wit 3 children, 25,16, and 3. Life is very hectic and it is difficult to stay focused and on target with the weight loss regimen.

hi, i'm 32 just had my 5th baby. i have 2 girls and 3 boys. i had been on w w before and lost 25 lbs before my last 2 babies. i just went for my check up and found i was over 200 lbs, reality hit and need to do something. it's kinda hard with 3 small babies.

I am 20. I will be graduating with my bachellors this semester and I will be starting grad school this summer. I recently got engaged and I want to get in the same shape as when I met my fiance.

I am a full-time mom of three kids and I've had a difficult time losing weight after my last pregnancy. Now that my youngest is 4, I can no longer use the "I just had a baby" excuse any more..LOL! I am also a carb addict, so it's been diffiicult.

My name is Karen and I am 26 years old. I am a single mom of twins who will be 2 years old in November. I work full time at a non-profit homeless shelter and I work at home part-time and attend school part-time *phew* I have struggled with weight my whole entire life, having never been at a healthy weight. As a child, I didn't really know better but now as an adult I need to take control of my life and my eating. I just wish eathing healthy wasn't as expensive as it is.

I'm a grad student in Baltimore, age 22. I've always had a hard time with my weight, basically yo-yo'd up and down. I've recently lost some 35 pounds after having biked across the country (yes, a bicycle). While I know that I'll never be able to keep up that kind of activity daily now, I'd like to at least maintain what I've accomplished. Heck, if I can loose at least 30 more pounds, I'd love that too.

I'm 26, married, no biological kids, but I do have a 5 y/o stepdaughter. I live in Baltimore and am currenty job-hunting. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I lost over 100 lbs between Feb. 2002 and March 2003 and kept it off until a bad car accident in January 2004. I have since regained it all. I need lots of support and encouragement. It's so hard to get started again!

The baby fat my mom promised I'd outgrow never went away. I am now 41. For the last twenty years (yeah, you read that right) I've had an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, causing it to slowly become less functional and causing me to gain over 120 pounds. This year, they finally figured out what was going on. They put me on medication, are now regulating my hormones, and at last, I'm losing weight. I joined Weight Watchers in October and have lost about 20 pounds. One hundred to go! My weekly meeting leader is an incredibale motivator, but I need more, which is why I'm here.

I will be 40 in 8 more days. I have been married for 20 years and I have one son that is 12. I do not work outside the home.

Stay at home mom and happily engaged to a wonderful man

I'm 69, work part time in Beersheva, married and with six grown children and 19 grandchildren (2 more on the way).

I'm a 27 year-old woman living in Baltimore city. I married the love of my life in December, completed my Masters Degree in May, started a new job in June, and am now in the process of searching for our first home and planning for our family. It's been a busy year and I'm fighting that dreaded "Newly-Wed Nine" weight gain.

I got married in June and have been putting on weight since then. I was successful at weight watchers a few years ago, but have put just about all the weight back on. I'm looking forward to creating healther eating habits and living a more active lifestyle I can pass on to my future children.

I am 42, a working professional single mother of 3 children ages 21, 18 and 13. I have been divorced for 7 years, and in a relationship for 5 of those years. That has ended and I find myself overweight, no energy and misreable. I am active, love life and am contemplating dating again. Howwever, I want to be happy with myself FIRST before leaping off into the deep end again!

I'm a 36 year-old mother with 2 boys (ages 8 and 11). I work in the IT field full-time, but I'd also like to make time for my health and set a good example for my family. :)

Im a 22 year old finishing my last semester of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, I also work in a upmarket clothing store called Moochi on the weekends, I have always enjoyed exercise and healthing eating except I started limiting my eating and was too tired to exercise this resulted in loosing alot of muscle tone and metabolism slowing down, I then started bingeing on junk food an couldnt stop, hence Im now 20kg's (44lbs heavier) weighing 71kgs (156.2 lbs) I seem to have a weeknes for big bowls of cereal with sugar or honey on it.

well i'm 21 from ny. I'm a [lifelong] vegetarian. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis which means my metabolism is super slow. I take synthroid and cytomel for that. I also suffer from depression, adhd and a metabolic disorder that I was born with. Yay. I recently was on the path to anorexia, consuming 900 calories or less a day, and during the last few weeks I've been off of that..but i feel like its important I start that up again, cause I lsot weight while doing that. I went from265-270 to 247 in about a month and a 1/2 or so. I despise transfat and high fructose corn syrup, that is a major reason I lost weight because I just stopped myself from consuming it. But over the past week or so i've been drinking a can or 2 of soda a day, probably cause I can't get my hands on iced tea mix [whcih has sugar, not HFCS], but that stops today. I don't want that crap polluting my body. I feel week and sluggish because of it. and i truly do hate it. I prefered keeping myself pure, and so pure I shall. hopefulyl i haven't hurt myself too much in the last 2 weeks or so.

I am the 43 year old Mom of 3. Ages 18, 4, & 20 months. I have been married for over 25 years to my high school sweetheart. I am a Lifetime member of WW but have seriously fallen off the wagon running after 2 small children. PLEASE help inspire me!

I am a 51yo empty-nester. I work part-time for dh's business out of my own home. Joined & rejoined Weight Watchers numerous times, reached goal twice but never stuck with it. I tend to be lazy when it comes to eating properly, I know what is right but just don't take the time to prepare it for myself, a sweet or a bread are quicker. I have arthritis and use this as a reason I can't exercise.

I am 35 years old. Newly married and have 2 wonderful dogs and one very menacing macaw! I am a writer by profession but my true passion is dog grooming.

married, no kids, lost some weight but plateaued...oh no!!!!

I am 22 years old. I work in an office and I'm trying to stay active by coaching field hockey.

I am 58 years old. I have three daughters. I have had a weight problem since I had my first child 36 years ago. My health is getting worse being so over weight and not taking care of myself all of these years.

42 year old professional woman. Recently packed on weight during pregnancy but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Trying to lose the weight and stay healthy

I'm a college student, just getting into my sophmore year of college. I'm looking to lose about 40 to 45 pounds and get back into shape for doing fun runs and hopefully this summer to be ready to do a triathalon!

I am 17 and have always been slightly overweight. However, over the past 2 years my weight has skyrocketed. I don't know if it is the stress at school or what, but I do know that I need to take back control of my life. I am not one of those stupid teenage girls who is not serious about this. I take this weight loss of mine very serious and am determined to be fit for college next year. I have a gym membership and I just need accountability, which my overweight mother does not seem to have for me. So, here I am looking for support and motivation.

37 yo nurse, I work crazy hours, then come home and sleep a LOT (when you sleep as much as your cats, you know you have a problem). I lost 32 lbs in 2005, then I bought a house, stressed out, lost my focus, and gained it all back (and then some). Basically, I'm tired of being a fat a**, and I think it's time to start focusing on ME.

im living in japan and im 23.. the food is healthy here but it doesnt help if you bring your old eating habits here. i just want to feel great when i look in the mirror. I am 27 now...still living in Japan. I am a bit lighter but I am on the road to losing 35 pounds. I can see my goal very clearly...

I crossed a milestone of turning 50 this year and realized I hadn't made my goal of weightloss. A lilttle weight gain each year has really added up. I am a grandma and I want to share and enjoy life with my beautiful granddaughters, and still be the woman my husband wants to retire on the beach with when we are old.

I work at home and have a 5 year old. I lost 40 or so pounds over a year ago but i found it again (or it found me) and I have not been able to get back on track. I want to feel thin again, I have tasted size 8 and I want it backkkkk!

I'm a single, 29 years old. :) In 2001, I lost 40-something pounds and was looking so great! It's 6 years later and I've gained it all back...and more. I'm tired of being bigger and would really like to be healthier.

I am 44 years old, and spent the first 23 years being very athletic and the past 20 years being significantly less so. I have an athletic build but need to work out or else it's a catastrophe. I'm always surprised when I've gained weight because I have a tendency to go unconscious and slack for weeks at a time before I wake up and get back to work. My top weight was 250, I started weightwatchers a year ago at 191 and I now weigh 181. My goal weight is 145. That means I need to lose 36 pounds. Time to get cracking. Now I'm at 175 and I need to lose 30 pounds to get to goal.'

I live in Iowa. I'm 20 years old (turning 21 very soon) i weigh about 165lbs now.. i'm about 5'3. I have very low self esteem at times and it frustrates my boyfriend a lot

I am a 25 year old married Pre-k Teacher. I weigh 318 and need to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

. I retired three years ago as a professor and am involved in satisfying volunteer work, including working for a candidate and taking a fiction course

i am a 32 year old transman. i have been trying to loose weight for a coupe months now and i am unable to stay committed to a diet plan. i need somewhere to post my weight and have some accountability.

Hello I am a college student and also working full time which gets tough! I am the classic story of the once sporty girl who just stopped all activity and gained a lot of weight! I have been trying to lose weight for the past year and have made progress but maybe not as fast as I would 2005 I was at my biggest at 196, today Nov. 3rd 2006 I am 173, my goal is to see the 140's which is my happiest time in highschool!

I am 27 and a SAHM I have 2 boys that are 2 1/2 and amost 1. I also have a 7 year old step-son. I have struggled with my weight since high school. I really have decided it is time for me to get it off and keep it off!

I am a 29 year old mother of 2 (4.5yrs boy & 1.5yrs girl ). I gained alot of weight over both pregnancies and through weight watchers i have brought it down quite a bit.However,i am having trouble stayig on track and losing the last 25 pounds.I do great when i attend meetings but not so much on my own.

24 year old graduate student- whose risks include the sort of sedentary lifestyle that graduate school often affords. Although I have lost 100 pounds (using a 12 step program) and hope to lose 75 more. As a person of color, its important for me to acknowledge how overeating and harmful health-behaviors are often cultural artifacts as well as social indicators. I am a clothes horse and look forward to the many clothing opportuities whichwill arise out of weight loss.

Im a 32yr old M, married with kids. I used to be a jock in highschool, played college soccer, but after marriage and the kids came the weight. Ive done WW points before and had success, but both times I did it within a year or 2 Id gained it all back. Most recently I started WW on July 5, 2004. I was 247lb. I was very, very strict with my diet and forced myself to exercise, which I hadnt done in years. As the weeks went by the weight dropped quick.But there was a catch...I was going to work then going to the gym right after for 2hrs a day, 6 days a week. It wasnt reasonable to keep that kind of routine up. After 4 months I went from 247lb (6'1") to 192lb. Then it all fell apart and I fell back into all the old habits. I kept thinking I could get a handle on it but almost 2 yrs to the date that I was 192lb I found myself at 247.0 again! I was ashamed and disgusted. So, Im starting over.

For years I was the manager of a couple of Curves locations. I was overweight, but in very good shape since I worked out 3-5 times per day. When I quit that job and went back to the Internet world, the combination of sitting all day, not working out any longer, and the undiagnosed Thyroid disease caused me to balloon up from 180 to 212 within a year. (Of course, I got married in this time *eyeroll* ) After some searious health stuff went on and they realized that it was from a Thyroid issue, I got on meds. I figured I'd lose the weight right away. (In my dream world weight loss is easy and done quickly... darn it!) It didn't... my cholesterol was terrible, my liver was still not functioning correctly, and I was tired all the time. I decided to try Weight Watchers again, only I don't have the time to go to meetings (I have a 17 year old and a job that's very time consuming). In the last 10 weeks I went from 212 to 183.5. :) Makes me happy. I believe that my goal of 160 is a doable goal. I don't believe I'll ever be some little size 4... (or a double 0 like me daughter - sheesh.. just wanna bap her skinny butt sometimes! hehe)

37 year old married female who works as an at-home medical transcriptionist. I enjoy digital photography, digital scrapbooking and rubberstamping.

I'm a 28 year old mother of a 13 1/2 month old girl, who works part time outside the home, and full time at home. I've been working on my weight problem ever since I can remember.

Hi, I read about PeerTrainer on a health and fitness e-mail at work. Maybe it will give me the discipline and consistency that I have been missing to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. I never had a weight problem until I was preganant. Now it is almost a decade later since the first baby, and I still have "baby weight" to lose. I lost 40 lbs. about 3 years, but have regained 10 lbs. just this fall. Overall, I need to lose about 20 lbs.--25 would be terrific.

I work full time and go to school part time!

I am a college student at Oklahoma State University and I love it here. I am president of a new service sorority and I love my delta chi zeta girls.

I love painting, sewing, needlework, woodworking and my favorite is gardening.

33 years old, proud father of two boys 5'10 265 lbs

I am a 54 yr young private pediatric nurse who has let go and gained weight again. I have lost over 100 pounds not once but twice!!! I got my wake up call when I found out my cholesterol is 263. My father had 4 heart attacks and 5 heart bypasses---I DO NOT WANT TO BE A REPEAT PREFORMANCE OF MY FATHER! I want to be around to enjoy all my grandchildren. I have started dieting seriously in the past 4 months and have already lost 35 pounds.

I am 23yrs old and have been loosing and then gaining weight again since i can remember. I just want to develop healthy eating patterns and loose the weight ive gained yet again. Most of all I would like to be able just not to think about food all the time.

I am 30 years old and have a 2 year old son. I gained well over 60 pounds (I stopped counting at 60!) when I was pregnant and have only lost about 20 since then. I was overweight before I got pregnant, actually I have had a weight problem my entire life. I lost a lot of weight shortly after high school and have gradually gained it back (and then some) since then. I am a chocoholic and I have no willpower around baked goods!

I'm a 27 year old commercial real estate accountant who sits down too often and loves ice cream and cupcakes. I finally have a job where I have time to get to the gym, so I have no excuse to not take advantage of it!

I am a pretty lay back person. I hate alot of negativity around me. Enjoy the company of supportive, positive and upbuilding people. I love nature and have several cats and a dog to pour my love on. I love gardening and taking walks in the nature preserves by my home. I do have a very high stress, but who doesn't have a stressful job, right?

I'm 38, divorced mom of an 11 year old girl and my mother lives with us in her own apartment, but I am her caregiver, chauffeur and errand girl.

I've known I have diabetes for about 10 years, but probably had it more like 20. I'm on 3 types of insulin and 2 types of pills for diabetes, plus a bunch more for other things. BG control is pretty good but I'm tired of all the drugs.

I am a 44 year old married woman with two boys in elementary school. I was avery thin and fit active athlete until my college years. I have gained about a pound every year out of college on average. I am 5'4" and weigh 160. I know I would look great at 135. I just need the willpower and stick with-it determination to get this done

I am 41 years old, work full time as a special ed teacher. Volunteer at school and church on a regular basis. Married for 10 years to a guy who enjoys working out. 2 daughters age 9 and 7. Am often in the car driving to soccer practices and/or soccer games. I have never been "overweight" and have never had to watch what I eat until the past 6 years. Now I really have to be careful, and am finding the motivation to work out harder and harder with all of the family committments.

Married, mother to 3 teens (16, 18, 20), work full time, travel often for work and to see kids at college. Like to work out when I get into the habit, but boy is it hard to get into the habit. Twice a week I go to a personal trainer and about three to four times a week go on 3 mile walk in the morning with dogs and neighbors. Boy, without the neighbors and PT, I would def. sleep in.

27 year old, single, female. College educated, young working professional. Currently work 2 jobs 7 days a week 8 hours a day. Completely inactive now.

I'm a recent graduate from The George Washington University and am getting ready for law school. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Between the ages of 12 and 19, I battled anorexia and bulemia. I'm 5'1. At my lightest I was 106lbs (I was a size 1/2 and had to work hard to be that size). I believe that my natural weight is around 125. I have a muscular build. As a result of the years of abuse to my body, my metabolism is horrible, and it seems that I am making up for all the food I didn't eat. I'm a vegetarian but I'm in love with carbs--pastries are my weakness. I have a tendency to skip meals but snack like crazy on junk food. I'm semi-active but am confident that even minor changes to my routine and eating habits can make a change in how i look and feel. I'm tired of people looking at me like and saying, "You don't look like a vegetarian." I currently weigh 151. I'm scared that if i gain anymore weight, iI'll grow desparate and result to my old habits.

I am a 21 year old, SAHM to a 3 year old and a 1 month old. I moved to Chicago a year ago to be with my fiance, we soon got pregnant with our first child together, a son, who was born Nov.. 24. I have a 3 yr old daughter from a previous relationship.

I have lost 140 pounds, have maintained it for 2 years within 5 pounds, but the exercise needs to again added.

I am a 54 year old married expatriot living in massachusetts. Our family and most of our friends are scattered allover the world. Now work for a healthcare software company; a nurse by profession. Love to travel.

I am 33, a single mom of a 14 year manchild. I have a masters degree in human service managment. I work as a social worker in a charter school. I am very creative, I make jewlery and I have a small skin care company. I make all the products from scratch in my kitchen ( Hmm what else can i tell you guys? I love reading, playing scrabble on the internet, shopping and eating (im trying to change that),

Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis- not so good for my weight!

I'm a 31 year old History Professor. I am here in DC for 8 months. I move around a lot which makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult. Years ago I lost 50 lbs on Weight watchers and while I have not gained it ALL back, I've crept back substantially.

Almost 51. Unbelievable. Married 31 years to my best friend. 2 grown children. I Work 40 hours per week. My hobby is sewing, prefer quilting. Love to travel. Favorite vacation was a Caribbean cruise.

Wife of a great Guy mother of 2 young and BUsy as childcare provider.Love my life Hate my body &weight

I am 39yrs old, wife to a terrific guy and mother of a wonderful 12yr old daughter. My weight has been up and down forever it seems like. I got married 15 yrs ago weighing about 150 and 5'3". My highest weight since then was 240. I lost about 70 of that and felt great, but of course it did not stay off. Joined WW about 3 yrs ago and and had lost 30 of the 40 I put back on, but since then have gained that back and now I am at 198 as of today. Time to do something about it. 40 is creeping up.

I'm 34 years old and a single mother of one. I allowed my weight to spiral out of control and have been working on implementing lifestyle changes to bring my weight down and keep it off. Over the past year or so, I've lost 30 pounds without putting much effort into it. I'd like to step things up a bit to see if the weight can come off at a little faster pace.

I am a 58 year old male. I practiced law in Seattle for 25 years. I have been married for 28 years. My wife and I are the parents of three lovely children, ages 21, 23 and 26. I am an alcoholic who has been in recovery for more than one year. I want to lose some of the weight I have gained in the past 20 years..

I am 33 years old, and work in telephone customer service (very sedentary). I am 5'2", and 165lbs. I've been somewhat overweight to very overweight ever since I was a teenager. I got down to 135 a couple of years ago, but quickly put it all back on. I injured my knees when I was in high school, so most team sports and things like skiing and skating are out for me. I like physical activity, but rarely seem to fit it in. I do walk quite a bit, and will be starting a new job that I can walk to and from.

I live in the Albany NY area. Some of my hobbies are photography and photo albums. Very much enjoy music and art.

I'm Teresa, a sahm of two children (Ellie 2 yrs. and Thomas almost 4). I am starting WW and am very excited. I need buddies to keep me motivated and honest!

I am fifty-four and in good health but over the last three years the pounds have started to creep on. What used to work , doesn't any more. I tried WW online but got bored. I hope that a group can be motivational and help provide accountability!

I am 39 years old. Mother of one 14 year old son. Happily married for 21 years. Work full time for a therapy group and go to school part time. I would like to lose ANY weight I can and do not want to focus on my long term goal right now but set a short term goal of 15 lbs. I love to write, read, decorate and spend time with friends and family. Last year was a tough year on many levels but I am looking forward to embracing the new year and all the wonderful things that are waitng to be discovered.

I am a single 30ish woman living in the OC. I want to lose 50lbs and just be more active. I know that when I'm monitored I am more motivated to make sure I get the grade! Also, I find other people's stories inspiring -- hopefully one day I'll inspire someone else.

work many hours a week, live on office takeout. try to keep it healthy (sushi and protiens), but it gets hard.

I am 37 year old female that works fulltime and goes to school part-time. I try to squeeze the most out of my days. I joined the gym again. I am heading to my 3rd time at lifetime with WW.

I am 40 yrs old, Single mom of 2 daughters. One is 18 and in her first year of college, the other is 13 and in 8th grade. I never had a weight problem until after my second daughter was born. Now I am OVER WEIGHT, I want to get back to 128 which is where I was after I had my first daughter.

Now that I am getting closer to my goal I need to find ways to tighten the flab in my abs... If anyone has suggestions please comment me or email me at:

30 Y/O female who loves to eat!

In one month I will have been married for 33 years. I have 2 adult children and 4 of the cutest granddaughters who are all under the age of 8. I am a healthcare worker and work approximately 40 hours per week. I commute 40 minutes to work and I have two elderly parents that I try to help out as much as I can. When I write this out, it makes me think, "how could I possibly have time for myself, losing weight and exercising?' I have always been busy and have struggled with this weight problem for more that 20 years now.

I am a 24 year old second grade teacher. I have always struggled with my weight. I tend to eat becuase I am bored which is really fustrating because it keeps the pounds on. So I am finally decided that it is time to take my life back, once and for all.

I am a second grade teacher. I am a mother of two teenagers who keep me very busy.

Mother to one VERY ACTIVE 5 year old son. Graphic designer for mid sized ad agency Always had weight issues - this is not post pregnancy weight - I actually lost weight when I was pregnant!

I'm 48. Married. Self employed in high stress job. Very busy. I want to lose weight to look and feel better.

I'm a 35 year old attorney who is being healed from PCOS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and CFS. I have had hormonal issues in the past that caused me to gain lots of weight, but I am currently undergoing a holistic-based approach to heal my body completely and the weight is melting off as my body seeks to reach its perfect weight. I now have the energy to work out every day, have little or no pain, and feel amazing!! (I'm calling things that are not as though they are. I try to live by that)

I am a 24 year old grad student who has a major problem with stress eating. I work and go to school full time so making time to workout can be an issue. I have lost weight before, but the pressure of graduate school put me right back to where I started. Besides that, I love reading (from serious to trash), writing when I have the time, music, and I am addicted to my cell phone!

college student about to graduate, get married, and start Masters program in community counseling.

I'm a 35 year old computer teacher in a fantastic public school in Philadelphia. I recently moved to Philadelphia from Berkeley CA and find everything less healthy here. It influences me to eat too much and drink too much and exercise too little. I'm about 25 pounds more than I'd like. I think we'll be moving soon so I hope with this and the move I'll be back to an acceptable weight.

24, greater boston area, lost about 30lbs in college which is rapidly creeping back on. Really want to build confidence and get some exercise routines into my week. I love yoga and dance, and do the gym (mostly elliptical) but could use some accountabilty and to try some new things

Just moved to Seattle and got married in October. Was in great shape for the wedding and after that...took some time off...probably shouldn't hve.

Have 2 kids and a hubby, been married 8 years. Used to weigh 140 now I weigh 158. When I started actively trying to become more fit and lose weight weighed 173.5.

22 yrs old and just moved to PA from CT..was extremely active in could call me a "gym rat" now that I've started working full time I don't have much time to work out and when I do I'm too tired. My job is extremely stressful and sometimes I eat to make myself feel better. Looking to just trim a few extra pounds off!

I am a homemaker, and I have a lot of alone time. I am 38, live in NYC and have no children.

I am a 26 yo female who is not married. I just recently bought a house for the first time (6 months ago) with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. So this has been pretty stressful. Living together, getting use to the way we live, since it is very different! lol! Working out different money issues! Since i have discovered money adds about 50x more stress to a relationship. Hopefully after we get all this worked out one day we will get married. I am also starting school again as an "adult student" after 4 failed attempts between the ages of 18-21. That starts here in about a week. I am pretty excited. I am in a much different place in my life than i was back then so i have complete faith in myself that i will finish this time. I have been contemplating going into nursing. i have a 10 month old Bichon Frise puppy that i got last may who is a holy terror, but i love him, he keeps me amused. Hopefully me watching all these "Dog Whisperer" episodes helps with that!

I'm 28 and have always been overwieght. AM hoping a healthier lifesyle will prevent heart disease and all other obesity diseases. don't really have much support from friends and family so hoping to find it here!

I am 34 and overweight. I have two active young children who I need to keep up with. I grew up with my family being overweight and I can remember as a child that I hated it. I lost alot a weight in high school and kept it off for many years. I loved how I felt and all the energy to do whatever I desired. I feel I have NO energy and I do not want my children to feel the way I did. I made a promise to myself that I am going to look and feel better this year and the years to follow! I have done some weight watchers on and off the last few years. I cannot afford to buy healthy food and WW so I need to do this on my own. We just bought a house and we need to watch our finances. I just started and have lost 4 pounds.

I am 23, recent graduate, in between jobs..and the biggest i've ever been in my life. Transistioning to working in an office and sitting all day has made me enormous.

I have been married for 20 years. I am a mom with three boys 16, 14, and 12. I worked as a nurse for 14 years and then decided to become a teacher. I worked to maintain my weight at 140 lbs for most of my adult life. (This is actually my goal weight.) To become a teacher I went to grad school and worked too. Needless to say exercise fell by the wayside and I spent alot of time eating in the car or in front of the computer. I went back to grad school a few more times for additional degrees and endorsements. Each time back I gained a few more pounds. Now when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I am shocked. I like to travel, fish, garden, and watch my kids play sports.

I am 25 married and have two girls 4 and 2. I work at a busy pace nursing home. I try to work mon-thur but sometimes I don't get to work even that much.

I am 43 single woman. I am focused. Food is my best friend and my worst enemy. I;m on my seoncd week of ww and learning to eat right. lose weight. live right.

Married, 42, have three boys, 19, 17 and 16. In the medical management profession 16+ years.

I like to read, i like to eat (hard to be on a diet!), i LOVE sleep, video games, kittens and puppies, babies, and my friends.

I am 27 years old, married, and the mother to a two year old. I am a full time student and will be starting part time work soon. I have an extreemly suportive family, but we love food. I enjoy working out when I have the time.

I am a 39 year old male with a beutiful Wife and a handsome 3 year old boy. I am a 60% disabled vet who goes to school full time and works 2 part time jobs. Stress is my middle name.

I'm a single 25 year old that just moved to California. I'm a theatrical technician that travels the US hopping from job to job. My job right now can be high stress and little time off. And I'm pretty poor, so all these things add up to bad eating habits. I love to cook, but with only one day off a week, I'm usually exhausted. I've joined the gym in September and was going 3 times a week, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened. So back on the bandwagon with 2007.

As of Jan. 12th, 2007 I am 19 years old and have battled with weight problems, and horriable eating habbits. I am changing that now. I have to change that now.

Howdy! I'm a 23 year old undergraduate student at Texas A&M University. I have a son that is 7 months old and i'm desperately trying to loose the 13 lbs i gained while pregnant and about 30-40 lbs i already had before that.

I am a Father of 3 girls, 36 yrs old, I have been up to 265, down to 210 about 3 years ago, and have since been back up to close to original weight. I work alot of hours and have not figured out a good routine and better consistent eating.

34 mother of 3 ,4 including my husband House maker/ Wife 11 year old boy dropped all my weight after 6 months 129lbs 26 month old girl and 13 month old girl yup 14 months apart and now

Hi my name is Stacy. I have three kids. I have struggled with my weight for many years now. I started losing when I reached 210. I wanted to be healthy and feel better about myself. I started dieting in 2004 and lost 68lbs over the last year I have gained 20 lbs but am now back on track and have lost 7 lbs on the 30 I plan to lose.

I am 22 years old and a working girl. I want to take charge of my life and get rid of the weight I have put on over the last 3 years...

32 year-old, former college athlete. Currently Sr. Producer at a video game company. I like golf & sports in general.

I am Tracey and i am sick of thinking i am fat. I have always struggled with eating disorders and seem to have fallen back into one recently. I feel like complete shit after gaining my weight back and now i plan to lose it again. I dont care how i do it.I need to lose fifty pounds by april first. I also plan to weigh in at 110-120 pounds by july 1st. I have to lose it and keep it off. It will be really hard to do this with my 5'11 frame. but i honestly don't care. Support me, don't hinder me. I will do this.

I am 29 years old, a single mom of a 7 year old girl. We try to stay busy but I want to lose weight because I feel my daughter is old enough for me to start focusing on want I want my life to be. I want to start dating again, but I don't want to settle for anyone.

38 year old guy married with 3 daughters. Been struggling with dieting and trying to find a plan that works.

I guess it's time to do a little updating, although there really isn't much to do update. I am 31 years old now and currently not working and having a hard time finding a job which really makes me feel depressed. Which isn't a good thing when you're trying to lose weight in my opinion.

I'm a 34 year old gay male living in San Francisco with my partner of 2 and half years. I am about to start a new job which consists of mostly sitting but the office is close to the gym. I've been on Weight Watchers since the first week of January and have lost a total of 9 lbs. so far.

I am 24 years old and female. In August 2006 I decided that I need to change my lifestyle and lose weight. I started out at 199.8lbs. I meet with a nutritionist once per month and a doctor once per month. My weight loss as of4/11/2007 stood at 53 lbs! I currently weigh about 147.

41 single working mom of two boys, one in college, and one a senior in high school. I work a full time and a part-time job. I weigh 126 as of today, but need to lose at least 10lbs. I am petite, and when i gain it is really noticable on my small frame. It goes right to my butt!!!

I am 23 years old and have never been happy with my weight but have finally decidefd to do something about it

39 engaged woman. No kids, super stressful full time job as Ops Manager for upscale furniture manufacturer in Scottsdale AZ. Also own and operate my own horse training operation where I provide riding lessons, horse training and horse breeding of National Show Horses, Saddlebreds and Pintos.

I'm 25 years old and have had a weight problem all my life. My Highest was at 200 and my lowest was at 140. I've been gaining slowly and slowly and need a kick in the ass to get back on track.

I am in my early 50s,in between jobs,(I am a sales and marketing professional) over the past 16 months I have had much hardship. I ate myself into oblivion and packed on 35 lbs.(i was already 15-20 overweight already) I have been pouring myself into my familys' needs and lost myself in the process.I have successfully raised 4 children who are all married now with their own families,and as they keep telling me "it's my time." I don't know where to begin and stick to it!

I am 26 years old I work full time. Currently single with no children. I was pretty fit for the most part until the later part of college were I gained all this weight and there after it just kept on adding up. Now I want to get back into shape I have yo yo dieted for a while now and this year I want to lose it for good.

Well im a diabetic,i weigh 215pds,i just recenly started exerciseing,Because my docter said i was getting out of control,im a stay at home home mom .

I am 24 years-old and living alone in Pittsburgh. I work several jobs, so it's difficult for me to find time to exercise.

I'm 22, recently married, and needing to lose about 150 lbs. My husband is very supportive! My problem is more about lack of exercise than anything else. I work from home now so I have no excuse not to exercise! That's what I need the most encouragement with.

i'm 21 years old and have put on too much weight after high school gain 3 pants sizes. i have a wonderful commited boyfriend of almost 4 years and we have a gym pass because he too is unhappy, however i still can't stay motivated i work 7 days a week and the last thing i want to do is work out.

I am a 45 years old working mom to two beautiful boys, 9 and 24, happily married for 26 years. I work full time outside of home as an IT Manager in a highly demanding environment. Between my job responsibilities and being a mom to a 9-year old responsibilities, I struggle with making my eating habbits, fitness and apperance as a priority. I gained 25 lbs. over the last two years and went from size 4 to size 8. First I attribute my weight gain to having a neck surgery in September of 2006 and not being able to exercise for a while, being at home for a while wearing pj's with elastic waist and eating non-stop to comfort myself and fight the boredome while recovering from the surgery. Then after returning to work I got a new boss and situation turned to hell, I was pretty miserable, so I ate and ate and ate, and got very depressed and coudn't find the drive to return to exercising. Now I started a new job 2 months ago which I love and I am trying to get back to my old self, energetic, fit, active, and yes thin, and yes to fit back to all my cute clothes size 4 I still have in my closet. I have been on a pretty good exercise schedule for 6 weeks now, however I struggle to get control of my eating. I am being "good" while at work, then I come home and grab whatever I see that's eatable and after finishing eating it I don;t even know what it tasted like. This is where I think the Beck's approach will help me most.

I am a 31 year old mother of 2 boys, 19 months and 4 months. I have been married to my high-school sweatheart for 3 1/2 years. I teach elementary school art.

I'm almost 62, and have always looked 10 years younger, but the exercise and activities that have worked before aren't working now and the weight just keeps inching up. On top of that, when I was put on insulin about five years ago, I suddenly gained weight that I haven't been able to lose! I would really like to find a partner where we could keep each other motivated!

46 yr old woman

My name is Lindsey. I'm 29 years old. I have already lost 30 lbs. on Weight Watchers. I'm doing the other half on Peer Trainer using the WW program. I'm a SAHM with a little two year old girl named Marianne. I LOVE exercising. That is my strength. I love teaching aerobics. My little girl loves to exercise with me. As soon as ExerciseTV goes on, she is hopping around. It is SOOOOO cute! I have hormone issues. I take thyroid, adrenal hormones, cortisol, and progesterone. All of my medicines are compounded through a compounding pharmacy. When my hormones are in check and I'm on the right dosage, I do better losing weight. I have a loving, supportive husband. He loves me no matter what size I am.

I'm 6"1 280, goatee glasses and pretty happy with myself other than my weight.I enjoy being active,i love comedy and love kareoke, i love to sing and was ina band 1o years ago as a singer.

I've been dieting all my life! But I'm having one of those times I need help. So, I'm trying WW Points. I teach fitness at my lunch break unless I'm feeling lazy.

I'm 25 and have managed to gain about ten pounds a year for the past five years. I work full time at a sedentary job and go to college full time.

I am a SAHM to 4 teenagers. I am happily married to a wonderful man. I have just began Weight Watchers. I know people who have had great success with this program. I want to become a more healthy person so that I can live a long healthy life.

I am a 32 single mother of 2 pit bulls. I live with my boyfriend and enjoy being outside when it is WARM. My challenge is to eliminate the mindless munching and fill my down time with other activities rather than munching snacks on the couch.

I'm 30 years old with 3 beautiful girls 12, 8, and 5. Was 113 lbs when I got pregnant with my first child and have been gaining ever since . I now weigh 150 m 5'5 and would be quite happy with 130.

Recently married for the second time, I have a wonderful 15 year old son who I have raised by myself with the help of my mother. The man I married is the best thing that has happened to me since my son. Work full time at a state college as a Senior Enrollment Service Rep, love my job and the people I work with.

36yo mom of 6 month old baby girl. I did WW on and off for years. It always worked and got me back on the right track. I recently gave birth and my lifestyle is considerably different now. I am a stay at home instead of a work (out of the house) a holic. Being bored and easy access to food are my current issues.

I'm 27 years old, married, and I'm a teacher. I've always been very active and I'm in pretty good shape. However... I've always been a little heavy. I recently had a baby (in Nov.) and now I'm heavier than ever. I ended my pregnancy at 180 and have only lost 5 pds. since then. I expected it to be easier especially since I'm breastfeeding. I enjoy going to the gym.. but my eating habits are not that great. I'm working on changing that.

30 years old, 1 year or so away from a PhD

I'm a photographer, so I spend most of my days chasing after little kids. You'd think that would help me stay in shape, but it hasn't at all. I'm tired of feeling tired and I just want to be healthy. I'm married and we want to start a family soon. I want to be a good mom...and be around for a long time.

Hey Everyone! My name is Penny and I'll be 49 on January 16. I'm co-owner of a house-flipping business. I do "some" of the work on the houses (which I enjoy!). I get the fun part...picking out paint, carpet, new lighting, tile, faucets...all the fun stuff! I also do the bulk of the finer tile work. I do some floors but my specialty is kitchens and baths. Love it! For the most part, though my job is to find great deals on "fixer-uppers". It's almost a full-time job! I do lots of marketing and research and this is where I still get to use my 'skills' as a former freelance writer. It's exciting scouting for houses and negotiating deals. I work with people from all walks of life - from first-time home buyers to real estate developers. I feel very fortunate to love my work and not have a boss (other than Uncle Sam who makes me do things I'd rather not just to save on taxes!) Friends would call me ambitous and driven but always laid back and a good listener. I was a late bloomer....didn't go to college until I was 30. It was a proud day to graduate on Mother's Day as a single mom, 34 years old with my 13 year old daugther in the audience.

I am soon to be 47 and will soon be celebrating my 20th Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day. We have three teenage children and many animals.

I am 54 yrs old. I have steadily put on weight since going through menopause. I am 20 pounds overweight and don't want this to get out of hand. I am new to the Weight Watchers diet and don't know where to begin.

25-year-old, working full-time in my first "real job" after college. I like listening to music, watching college football and hanging out with friends. I have a cockapoo puppy named Koko and a great boyfriend who lives in NYC.

I'm a 22 year old University Student looking to readjust the health quality of my lifestyle.

I'm a 29 year old teacher in Austin, TX. I've been a WW lifetime member for several years after losing 70lbs. I was always overweight as a child and my excuse was that I was "big-boned." Was I wrong! After seeing a skinny me, I've vowed never to go back to those "big-boned" days.

28 yr old city girl who is passionate about art and culture. I live w my bf and will be going back to school this summer for a master's degree to change careers.

I'm a 24 year old teacher and very emotional eater. My mother almost died last summer and I spent two straight months in the hospital with her. She is still very sick and having to deal with that sent me on a wild emotional rolloercoaster. I have gain over 60 pounds since this summer and I have got to get control of my life back.

I am a 26 year old pediatric nurse who is getting married in los cabos in June.

im a student and i work PT as a waitress and i really want to lose 20 lbs and lose the belly fat that make me really insecure about myelf.

I am soon to be 24 (this week) and told myself at 150 lbs that I would not allow myself past this weight. Currently weighing in at 178lbs, I need to make some life changes stop gaining and get to a place where I can maintain without having to think about it!

39 yo professional with hectic professional and personal lives. I've struggled with my weight my whole life. As a child, I was always chubby; as an adult, I've been more or less sllightly overweight, except for a brief time in my early 20s when I was very thin (through a combination of starving myself and exercising constantly). Regardless of the numbers on the scale, I have never thought that I was "thin enough". To make things worse, most of my relatives are tiny, for example, my mother is 4'11"; my sister is 4'10". I am not. Regardless of my professional and personal accomplishments, all that seems to matter is my weight. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING BAD AND BEING MADE TO FEEL BAD ABOUT MY WEIGHT!!!

I am an assistant director of admissions at a private women's college. I also have a background in broadcasting and I'm currently developing a news magazine program that is going to promote well being and remind viewers of the good things that are happening out there. I have a wonderful fiance who loves me no matter what and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love to workout, read, cook, and hang out with my one year old niece and goddaughter who is the love of my life!

I am 38 yrs old. Been married for 18 yrs and have a beautiful 7yr old little girl.

I've been in Weight Watchers for years. I was five pounds from goal, then hit an emotionally rocky period and gained all I had lost, plus an additional 30 pounds. "Hello, my name is Jafael, and I am emotional eater."

I weigh 298 as of today. I have been up to 320 lbs before. I have a lot of medical problems and it is very hard for me to diet and exercise. I am going back to the weight watchers diet. I am not going to meetings. I will log on to peertrainer and see if you all can help me via support. I do have diabetes. I am 54 yrs old, a grandmother of 5 grandchildren, and many step grandchildren. I am a christian. I love God with all my heart. I believe with his help, and my friends I can do this. my user name is mustwin, and that is how I feel. I must win this time. Please help me do that. I will try to help you by being supportive to all of you as well.

I'm a SAHM of two children. Before Children I was an elementary teacher

I am a 22 year old female living and working downtown Montreal and whenever I am asked to write about myself I am never really sure what to say. I like music a lot and one of my favorite things to do is go see a good gig. I have a very wide range in taste, rock and roll, metal, jazz, blues, classical, even a little bit of drum and bass, but usually rap or hip hop will make me want to pull my hair out and twitch on the floor in frustration. I like to read a lot, same as my taste in music, my taste in books is very varied and not limited to one style or author.

I am 23 years old... I love making handmade jewelry. Still discovering who I am and what I want.. as things change I will update. =)

I'm 27, and looking to just jump into a more healthy lifestyle. I have a job, going to school a dog and a boyfriend--and they all seem to distract me from working out and eating right.

I am a college junior in California but originally from New Jersey. In high school I was a varsity athlete in 3 sports, but when I got to college, I was busy, stressed, and homesick, resulting in my gaining 35 pounds. Currently I weigh around 160. I miss wearing my old clothes, but more importantly, I miss the feeling I would get working out and running outside in all different kinds of weather.

I'm a 20 year old girl, full time university student, completing a degree in pharmacy. I never was an extremelly large child or young lady, but since starting university it seems the weight has increased. I was always an active person; I played soccer and basketball 4 times a week, however found my studies got increasingly important and all my exercise regimes became non existant. Now, I'm 69kg (152 lbs) at 5'2" and I've been told that is a lot of weight to be carrying for a person of my height. At my lowest weight I was 45kg (99lbs). So as you can see, I have had quite a battle with the control of my weight. I'm just hoping to keep my weight stable and healthy.

I am a 32 1/2 year old woman with a husband of 10 years, and 2 beautiful children 14 and 9.. I have just recently started ww and have lost 4.6 lbs so far. It is a very encouaging program, and I am very excited to be a part of it.

44 years old, 22 son, 18, 16 daughters. Married 27 years. Former gymnast and coach. Lost 35 pounds with WW, lost 40 pounds with Adkins, currently lost 30 pounds WW. I enjoy exercising, scrapbooking, bible study, doing things with my family, being active, vacationing.

I'm a 44 year old wife and mother. I have 2 military sons. 1 is 22 in Baghdad right now and the other is 20 and in Italy. My husband and I just relocated from TN to WA and I love it here. My husband works shift work which is definitely an adjustment because I find myself alone and lonely alot. I wondered when the boys left home after being a mother for so long where that left me and now that the shiftwork came into play I'm more confused than ever. I need to find out exactly who I am. I work from home which is great but not very good for social life and support.

Im 18! pretty active, i was a cheerleader for 3 years, i play varsity soccer, run track and also play really outgoing & friendly =) and im excited to drop 15 to 20 pounds.

I'm 24, finished an Honours degree in violin

Just over 50, divorced, two sons age 20 and 17. Pretty active: (weight training 3x per week, tennis 2x, XC skiing and hiking). High stress professional work with significant travel and business meals making weight loss tougher.

older tiny lady who loves lots of different kinds of music and spending time with family, friends and going out to listen to my daught play in the bands around town.

I am 26, I loss over 100 pounds about 4 years ago, now that I have meet the love of my life, I have put back on 35 pounds. Now that we are getting married in 5 months, I want to loss the weight before then. So if you know a good diet, let me know!

28 yo female in Seattle, WA- insisting that I don't enter my Thirties overweight.. I've had a wonderful stint with Weight Watchers that produced a weight loss of over 35lbs, but thought I could do it by myselfs and needless to say! I'm back..

I have always struggled some with weight loss... 5 years ago after the birth of my first son I did weight watchers and lost 25 pounds.... then I had baby number 2 and did not lose all the weight I gained with him. Now after baby number 3 I am getting serious again. I have already lost my pregnancy weight with number 3. I need to get working on my baby weight from number 2. I will be 30 this September. I teach high school math.

I'm a 30 year old engineer in Florida. I'd love to get back into my bikini this year! Since a death in the family I've put on 15 pounds, and I'd like to see them go away, plus some!

I just turned 37 and am feeling it everywhere. This has been a good but difficult year. Getting into graduate school, being in a good relationship, making good friends but the weight gain has brought me much stress, strain, depression and physical limitations.

I am 30. I work as a massage therapist full time. I recently moved in with my boyfriend so I'm trying to balance that as well as make more time for friends and taking better care of me. I love to travel, get outdoors, read a good book, and just enjoy either alone time or laughter with wonderful friends.

i'm 4'11" and an actress

I'm 41 and graduated from grad school in june 2010 for guidance and counseling.

I am63. Mother of 5,grandma to 8. I have 2 mini schnauzers. My favorite exercise is walking. I like to sew,some. And I do decorative painting,and play the piano. Not all at the same time.LOL.I volunteer at the church thrift store,work 1 day at the adult home and am a church decon. I like makeing new friends,especially with same interests.

I am a doctoral student working on my PhD in Microbiology.

28/f wants to be healthy and be happy with her body.

I have a strong faith in God and am the proud mom to a bichon mix named Luigi. I am very overweight but I don't let it stop me from living vivaciuosly. I need some support because the fact that I am "Fluffy" is fine with Luigi but not fine with me. I am tired of adjusting my life to this extra weight. I HAVE TO DO IT this time.

I am a SAHM , I am 38. I am married to my best friend a very wonderful man for 15 years. we have 3 children together and he came with a pre family of 4. As a result I am a grand momma and I enjoy spending time with my granddaughter and grandson. I was not an overweight child, but at the age of 12 I weighed in at 126 and gained 10lbs every year basically till age 29. I gained the xtra 40lbs and a baby and never lost the xtra weight and have been this weight since then give or take. I am not a dieter, I am not into fads and the latest and greatest new diet out. I WILL however be trying ALLI along with my new weight loss goals.

I am a 27 year old that just finished medical school. My passions are pediatric oncology, international medical work, friends, family and travel. I am very active- yoga, spinning, traithlons, one marathon (never again), skiing, tennis, snow shoeing, surfing (not good at it) . . .basically anything that involves being outside having fun.

I'm a 47-year-old married mother of three, and I work full-time and am also writing my doctoral dissertation. I've been doing WW for two years--lost 25 pounds and have gained half of it back, and now WW doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I have no time to exercise but know I need to! I'd like to lose 15-20 pounds before my college reunion in May.

I'm 34 years old; married to my HOT husband for 16 years. I have two beautiful daughters 15 and 9. I have 90 pounds to lose, but at this point I would be happy if I lost 5! :o) I've been on WW for about a week and its going slow. I'm hoping I can find inspiration and motivation here!

I am a university student, currently in Christchurch, New Zealand, but I'm going back home to the Detroit area in early July. I love to travel and be active, but I have been letting my asthma hold me back more than it should. I've been steadily gaining weight since high school and I want to turn it around and get back into my karate uniform & show everyone what this black belt is really capable of. Oh and I wouldn't mind fitting into smaller jeans too.

Female, 53 years of age, husband, two grown daughters, home-based employment.

I'm 24 and have about 15 extra pounds that have snunk up on me since the start and end of college, mostly from eating more than what is necessary. Before college I was very fit. I enjoy yoga and try to practice daily.

36 years old, married, two cats, no kids. Frustrated with a lot of things at the moment, and have deiced on tackling two things I should have some control over: me and my weight.

3 kids,a boy - 14 and two little girls, 3 and 1. I love to walk, run, garden, yoga and spending time with my husband and kids!!!

I'm currently a college student. taking up nursing as a course. I have 2 sisters who are not that huge in size than i am. I really love laughing. listening to jokes of my friends. or just listening to music and day dream. haha.. i'm a chinese whose not a average size chinese women we see. (but hope to one). i really like watching korean movie. i just love and drooling all over those cute leading actors.

I am 26 years old, a student and an administrative professional.

I am 24, year old graduate student, I work for the university I attend. I was always a smaller person until I hit 21, then it was like my metabolism disappeared and my weight has been yo-yoing ever since. I lost about 25 lbs. last summer but after graduating and beginning grad. school I have gained it all back. I didn't have an excess gain but, I swore I would never get back up to this weight again and sure enough here I am. For some reason my weight has a direct effect on my attitude about life, so I hope to be the happy girl I know I am sooner rather than later.

I am 28, have been married almost 9 years and have a 7 yr old son (who loves sweets) At one time I made my lifetime membership at Weight Watchers. That was 3 years ago and I have put on 50 pounds since then. Thought that wouldn't happen to me but it did and will continue to do soif I don't get in the right mind set. When I started WW in 2002 I weighed in a 230 lbs in 2 years I was at my goal weight 145 lbs--3 years later and about 40 lbs heavier I am at 189 lbs. I follow my diet very well throughout the week but the weekends it is downhill for me. I think these groups are the support I need to stay on track.

I am a medical office manager in Columbus, Ohio (no stress). We have 24 orthopedic surgeons (no stress). I do my best program while I am at work. Less access to the potatoe chip.

I'm almost 48 years old and for the past few years have been fighting a losing battle against 45 pounds that I found and can't get rid of. I have two kids, one 20 and one almost 17. I work full time in front of a computer mostly and that sure isn't helping. I live in a beautiful area and should be enjoying some outdoor activities but I'm stuck. I'm SO good at procrastinating!

Married for 17 years.....3 great kids.....13 (7th grade son), 11 (5th grade daughter) and a 2 year old son. A stay-at-home mom but also working on a degree in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in teaching Math and/or Language Arts. I should be entering advanced study in 2 years, which will take me 1 year, and then student teaching when my youngest son enters school.

I have just gone back to school to become a teacher after 10 years of working in an office. Over the past year and a half I have managed to gain over 30 pounds. I am tired of feeling overweight and tired and am determined to feel better about myself and my health.

Married, Mother of two....boy 7 and girl 10. I work part-time at a fitness club.

I am 28 years old and need to lose the 17 pounds I am still holding onto after having baby #2. I am still breastfeeding and have used this as a crutch for WAY to long! I have joined a step aerobics class at my college and I will also get to the track a couple of times a week as well but boy is it hard to do with 2 kids!

I am 54 years old, married 30 years, mother of 3- two girls and a boy. My oldest daughter was recently married. My goal was to be in shape before the wedding. Even though I was working out, I didn't quite make it. But I am continuing to work toward my goal. I work as a paralegal and actively volunterr at our local high school.

I am 37. I am married with five children whose ages range from college to preschool.

I'm someone who has had 2 gastric bypasses went into early menopause after losing all at 40! quit smoking in Nov! currently have a sit down job,and am back to 215 right where I started at before my bypasses..very very hard to lose any weight right now!!HELP!!

I'm 42, single, no kids and need to lose weight so that my doctor will stop bugging me about it! Seriously, I weigh more than I ever have. I know what needs to be done (eat less exercise more) but motivation and willpower have been hard to come by. :)

WOHM with 2 boys (5 and 3). I've been OW my whole life and have struggled with losing and gaining.

I am 44 ( 45 next week ) and presently weigh 195. I have 3 children 18, 16 and 13 years of age. I am a registered nurse and do shift work. Certain workplace stressors have caused me to go to my comfort place(food) over the years. I have strayed away from my love of cycling and am anxious to get into it again.

married with 2 boys 14 and 18...44 years old

I live in Chicago and work in Sales. I leave for work at 6:30 in the morning and return home about 6:30pm each day. 90% of my week is spent in my office or a work functions. I love to be active all the time and try to fill my space time with lots of activities, like going to the gym, horseback riding, shopping etc.

My name is Teri, and I have 3 children at home. I am a wedding cake designer, and help support the two oldest children's pair skating. They are training for Nationals this year in the Novice pairs level. I also homeschool, and am working on getting out of debt....all of this at the same time is a bit overwhelming.

Married, two kids (Andrew, 3 and Benjamin 1). Lost the weight after the birth of my first (plus 20 pounds). Was on WW for and it worked for me the first time around. The weight I'm trying to lose now is about 10 lbs baby weight and 30 pounds stress / overeating weight ;-)

I am 21 years old, 5-11 6-00 and 230.

I am a 51 y.o. RN. I ballooned up to 180 # 8 yrs ago. I got motivated and changed my eating habits and exercised faithfully 6 days week. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 4 yrs ago. Last year he declined rapidly and had to step up to the plate and help my mother. Needless to say, I slowly decreased exercising, changed my eating habits back to old and I am back to 145#. My dad died March 5th and I have lost all motivation. Thats where it ends

Mid-30's, I have a wonderful partner and two amazing little boys (although the baby weight from #2 doesn't seem to want to leave!); I love my career; I hope to finish my doctoral degree n the next few years; I am an out lesbian, an artist, an activist, a writer, and a therapist.

35 year old, married with 2 boys (4 & 13 months) and just went back to work after a year of mat. leave. I live on the East Coast of Canada.

I have a ten pound range that my weight fluctuates between, and I've been at the upper limit for a while. Sometimes I lose weight in the summer and sometimes I gain because of the easy access to food.

44 Yr old, married, live in CT. Recently lost 30 lbs on WW. I feel like I'm in a "rut", and need to refocus and remotivate. How can I get back on track?

I am a (almost) 33yo mother of 2. I lost 20lbs on LAWL from Oct 06-Apr 07. I've been backsliding and need something to keep me motivated.

Sophomore in college studying to be a NP. I don't want this to be a diet, i want it to be the rest of my life. A complete lifestyle change.

29 year old mother. Lost 30lbs 2yrs ago. Gained 20lbs recovering from a surgery. I wasn't able to excercise until now. Back to hitting the gym and eating healthy. I'm a classic emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, and bored. I know some people wouldn't think 150lbs is seriously overweight but I'm only 5 ft tall.

I am a 43 year old mother of two boys and grandma to a 1 yr old. I want to be healthy and active.

I am a gradute student who is going to school for exercise science in strength and conditioning. I am 26, I'm as real as God can allow human beings to be. I put on absolutely no ficades. I enjoy the human experience of being alive and remember that individuals have the ability to blossom when they let go and just breath. I am training for a triathlon, also to lose more weight for myself.I am one that is always in momentum to strive to balance my life.I will not lie I am an individual who is willing to take risk and be who I am. I want to inspire and have also been inspired by people that have overcome avdersity, and hard times in their own lives, Now it my turn to help individuals to make that connection of the mind, body, and spirit, and I hope I can help them have the ability to blossom when they let go and just breath, and take one day at a time and in order to lose weight you must love yourself first. Anyone that I meet I believe that they have sense of self-respect and diginity to whom they are to be successful in life.

I am 29, married mother of 2.

I am currently in graduate school studying School Psychology. One more year and then I'm finally done! I enjoy outdoor activities: cycling, swimming, camping, cooking out, etc. My best friend just asked me to be her maid of honor, which is just more motivation to lose some weight and get into better shape!

I just finished my first year of college. I am majoring in English and want to become a high school or middle school teacher. I have two amazingly hyper dogs who will hopefully let me walk them in effort to lose weight. My mom is completely supportive of me in this diet and is helping me make better food choices.

I am an actor-producer who also writes and creates humanitarian media campaigns.

I am a 28 year old graphic artist. I LOVE MY JOB. I design screen printed t-shirts for different licensed products. I love to create art. I want to expand my creative catalog and even have my own show opening. Music is my second love. I wish I could play an instrument. I am a fan of live music and John Mayer is my favorite artist hands down. I love to travel and road trip for concerts.

Hello everyone. My name is Jay. This is my first time using this site. I use to blog on but everyone in my group dropped out and I starting to lose motivation. I need other people to help me stay motivated. On my last workout/meal plan, I started out at 208 and ended at 185lbs. I hope to lose 20 lbs this time. I am most definitely here to stay if others are wiling to succeed w/ me. I'm glad I finally have another site to log in my progress and see others succeed. Good luck to all of you.

I am a 29 year old working, married, mother of 3 small children. I have 3 yr old twins and a 2 yr old. I have always struggled with my weight so before I got pregnant I wanted to get in my best shape ever. I was down to 120lbs and a size 4 when I started trying to get pregnant, but unfortunately we had trouble so after 2 yrs, a lot of weight-gaining fertility drugs, and gaining about 30lbs back, I had twins. Before I had a chance to lose my "twin" weight (I gained 70lbs w/ them) I got pg again (on my own, no fertility help, go figure). After my third child I wanted to get off all my pregnancy weight and it seemed to really come of very easily. I lost 35lbs w/o even trying but something didn't feel right. I found out I had Grave's Disease (an overactive thyroid), which was why I was losing my weight so quick. I had a very severe case which was affecting my heart so after a few weeks I had my thyroid radiated and "killed". It took several months to get my thyroid dose correct and for a period my hormone levels went really low and I put on weight rapidly. Now my thyroid problems are somewhat resolved and I weigh 196lbs (I only 5'2' tall). I feel like crap and look like crap.

I am a 23 yr old female. I live in Boston. Teach 4th grade special ed. I am a great person, but i always seem to make excuses why i can't do something. i am WAY to easy on myself. Im 23 yrs old and i dont want to live my entire life in a body that is "not really mine."

I am a 36 year old mother of 3, and stay at home mom. After the birth of my 3rd child 5 years ago, I lost about 60 pounds. Since, my weight has gone up and down 10 pounds. I would like to make my diet and exercise more regular and keep off that last 10 pounds.

I am a teacher and I need all of the energy I can get which is why I need to shed 55 pounds! I also love the beach!

I am married to a great man, he has two sons that live with us and I adore them as well. I have been at the same job for 14 years and enjoy it very much. I very much enjoy being with my family and friends.

Love dining out

Married african american male who allowed himself to balloon to over 300 pounds. But motivated to get down to 215 and keep the weight off. My dad got a foot removed last week and my brother lost a couple toes several months ago but of diabetes and I don't want that future.

I am a 5' 2", 38 year "young", lacto-vegetarian East Asian (Indian) woman, who has slowly but surely crept back up to a whopping 152 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been! I take full responsibilty for my present physical state, and attribute it entirely to my mind-less eating habits, poor food choices and phycially inactive/somewhat sedentrary lifestyle. It's no longer about merely suriving - it's all about "thriving" now!

I am married with two children - ages 4 and 16 months. I work in Human Resources for my real job and am a personal trainer on the side.

I am 45 and work full-time. I am married & have 2 teenagers. I have been following Weight Watchers on and off for about 18 years now. I started right after my 1st child was born. I have about 10 lbs to loose which I know doesnt sound like alot but its probably the hardest. I am only 5'2" so it is alot for me. I am very motivated to keep exercise and healthy eating in mine and my families daily life schedule.

I'm newly married - well just celebrating our year anniversary next month. No children yet, just a dog. I really enjoy gardening, getting together with friends, scrapbooking, crafts, cooking, and relaxing. I love doing different projects around the house.

I have 3 children 9, 6, and 15 months. I stay at home but run a business with my husband.

I am 24 years old and I have recently graduated from college with a Masters in Elementary Education. I want to have a healthy lifestyle.

I am 21 and i have a 2 yr old daughter and i live with my boyfriend. I have battled wight my hole life and Im fed up with it. I have tried dieting before and it worked but i got depressed then pregnant so i now weight 289 lbs. i refuse to see that scale tip over 300! So here i am to make myself a healthier woman. I have always wanted to run so thats what Im gonna do, i realized nothing is stopping me from running so watch out world here i come!!

I am 47 years old. I work at home as a home transcriptionist. I have two children 26 and 16.

I'm 30 years old and want to lose the weight that's kept me "trapped" for years. I'm ready to work hard and lose the weight; finally and permanently.

I am 62 , divorced after 40 yrs , of marriage it was real hard for us both but we are happier now and doing good .. I like ro garden ,read, walk and sitaround a camp fire ...and love to cook ...I woul like to talk to any one who needs help and i need the support to ....

I have always struggled with my weight. Even as a child I was one of the fat kids. I don't want to be like that forever. I know I can do it. I just need some help, motivation and to stay on track.

Ready to reach my fullest potential for my overall life. I saw Kate Smith on GMA and was totally inspired to get moving with Peer Trainer. I have Candida and a Hypo Thyroid so I have a fe restrictions on my diet. I was diagnosed towards the end of last year but failed to take action. I recently got on the scale and noticed that I am now 270 (5/2007) and I am very afraid for my health and life. I have a fantastic husband and two wonderful children and I want to be here for them and more active in my life.

I'm age 39, single, I like to work out and have done triathlons, but I like to eat too much! I love reading and movies, and I would love to do all kinds of active sports like climbing, skiing, SCUBA diving, and more triathlons, but I'm too fat right now!

I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters. I have always been a little overweight but never as bad as I got after I had kids. I started on my healthier lifestyle path in March of 06. I started eating alot better and walking. Slowly I started doing the Denise Austin Fit and Lite workouts. Through her workout, tips and guidence and my daily walks I was able to lose 50 pounds. I had some problems with ovarian cysts and ended up having surgery in November. I got completely off track after that. I just stopped all working out and wasn't eating that great either. I didn't get my second wind until the end of March 07. I'm back to working out more than ever and eating much better than I ever have. With my renewed faith in myself and my families complete support I hope to drop another 50 pounds this year.

I am a mother of 2 boys 6 and 19 months. I was on bed rest for most of my pregnancy and gained 70lbs. I lost 45 and then gradually put back on 20 because of stress. I don't have a lot of energy left at the end of the day (after taking care of the kids) and by that time I just want to go to bed.

I'm 49, married 25 years to my HS sweetheart, have a teenage son, a job I thoroughly enjoy, and, overall, a great life. I have struggled since childhood with weight. Finally at a place in my life where I feel as if it's okay to take care of myself.

I am a young(I think!) 50+ married with 2 "kids", 20 and 23. I live in NYC.

I am going to be 47 yrs. old in June. I have been married for 27 yrs. We have 3 daughters (21, 16, and 14)

I am 31 years old. After a car accident & knee surgery I have packed on the pounds and I am very sad to admit I have turned into quite the little pork chop. I've had enough...time to get back in shape.

I am very active, always on the go, a college student, I have a job, travel, and an internship which means I am extremely busy and makes it hard to stay in great shape. Although I always find time to workout I also always find time to snack! Also, I grew up eating AMAZING food and now that I live on my own I am eating food that doesnt live up to my expectations and leaves me wanting more to feel satisfied. Thus I am learning to cook because I cant stand college food any longer! Last summer I lost my freshman 15 pounds in a very healthy way and I hope to do it again.

I am a 37year old mother of 2. I would like to get to a size 7/8 which was always the norm for me. I'm now a size 12. I have a closet of clothes I would love to feel comfortabel in.

I am 30 years old and have 1 son (5 years old). I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I've tried every diet under the sun and here I sit today at almost my highest weight ever (exception; pregnancy). I recently seperated from my husband and will soon be divorced. I'm really looking forward to the new life ahead but I want to start it as a healthy single women...not a frumpy depressed one. I am looking forward to the support that I hope to receive from this team.

I am a 27 yr. old mom of a 1 yr. old daughter and have lost most of the baby weight. Just needing help losing the last 15 pounds. I work full time at a desk job and need motivation to get up and start moving after work.

I am 5'7" and I live in WI. I am married. Every time I try to start a diet I seem to fail that same week. I crave the junk food and sweets. When I get home from work its the worst. Im good all day at work but after that it its down hill. I like working out when Im doing it but getting to actually doing it is the tricky part. I enjoy shopping and spending time with my family. I dont have any kids yet but would love some soon.

I recently graduated from college and I'll be going back to school for my Masters in the fall. My interests include reading, writing, movies, the outdoors, anime, horses, photography and long naps. :P

56 yr old married with 2 cats. Floridian who loves outdoors .

I'm 35 - have 3 kidlets 7, 3 and 1. I have, on occasion, been referred to as a domestic goddess, but I have trouble seeing the divinity in changing diapers and wiping up goo-smeared faces.

I have 3 kids I am 25 years old I am married to my high school boyfriend.

I recently got married (March 2008). The same month I finished my Masters in Science degree. This has been a busy year and I think I have been cleebrating with food since March.

29 year old mother of 4. I need to lose about 107lbs. I weigh 247 today.

I am 47 years old. I have been a Weight Watchers member since 1986 - YIKES. I am 5' 7 and have lost 30 lbs. I work full time

I am 34, have 3 kids, love music and love having fun!

I love Bible studies, gardening, home decorating, reading, and traveling. I also enjoy watching documentaries on archaeological sites. I am a Christian, married for 24 years with 2 sons.

I am about to turn 30 and I really want to lose weight. I lost about 40lbs last year but gained it back. I felt great, but I let myself get out of line. I find that I need to be held accountable adn I need structure.

I am 46 years old, have two children, and 8 yr old, and 5 yr old. I home school the kids and want to be around and healthy long enough to see them to adulthood.

Trying to lose that baby weight! I've been counting points and running, but its hard for me to control myself after the kids go to bed and during naptime. Oh those binges!! They just kill me!

I'm 21 and I'm only 5 feet 2 inches. I weight 115 pounds and since I am short it looks like i weight a lot more. I really would like to lose 10 pounds. My friend is getting married on July 27th and I would like to lose 8 pounds by then.

I'm a fourth year Ph.D. student in linguistics at the University of Southern California. I'm starting serious work on my dissertation now, so I really need to get my eating and exercising under control - since I'll be going through the most stressful part of my degree in the next 2 years. I have a wonderful supportive husband who makes it so much easier than it would be otherwise.

I'm 38 years old, married with kids. I'm currently in law enforcement, and would love to stay in decent shape

Married, 2 children (22 & 20), grand daughter (2) and now I have no excuse as to why I weight so much - 215.

I'm 49, been married for 26 years and have 2 grown daughters. Although I've always exercised I have slowly put on 15 lbs over the last 10+ years. As 50 approaches (December) I want to get back into my best shape going into this next phase of my life. I have been trying to change up my exercise routine, adding additional w/o's, more weights and longer cardio but it's been a real struggle to lose these extra pounds.

I am a 25 year old college student in dire need of some motivation. I need to lose 30 pounds so I can feel like myself again. I am so tired of not wanting to go anywhere or see old friends and I am too darn young to not be confident.

37 year old female from a rural area in PA.

I am a young mom at 22.. i have a wonderful 1 year old boy. I am a stay at home mom. Last year i god so depressed because of my weight. i hit 162lbs and i was on and off my diet. I hate exercise and my goal is to reach 120lbs. 2 months a go i joined the gym but didnt finish my program. Im lazy... and last month i joined boxing and paid for a month's program. and tried walking atleast 10thousand steps .. even bought pedometer.. I dont count calories.. i just limit a 1/2 cup rice every meal and drink tons of water. Now im losing 1-2 lbs a week and im happy. Im 143lbs now..:) MY GOAL is to finish all my workouts for a week. ONE DAY AT A TIME.

I am a 26 yr old who loves to run. I did triathalons for a few years which culminated in Ironman in 2005. I became a litte training sour afterwards and really slowed down in 2006. I have been re-focusing my training towards trail running which is the thing I enjoy the most. I am also battleing a very frustrating knee injury at the moment!!

I am a 33 year old working mom of 1. I have had many ups and downs in my weight and I seem to be stuck between 180-190. I have followed WW before and found it perfect for me, when I stuck with it and had the support. My height is 5'10" and I would feel very comfortable at 155. That's 25-35 pounds. I can do this!!

I just turned 37 and I feel it is time to get in control of my weight before I turn into a 40 year old blob. I am working on creating more balance in my life. Also, I am trying to loose weight before I get pregnant.

I am 31, married with one 3 year old daughter, I work from home doing ebay, my husband is very supportive no matter what weight I am, he just wants me to be happy, so in that aspect I am very blessed,

I am the mother of 5 kids (4 boys and 1 girl). I am 37 years old. I moved to Alaska 20 months ago. I use to do triathlons and road races. Since moving I have done nothing but gain weight. I want to become a healthier person!

I am 23 years old. I have fought being overweight since I was 12. I was doing well after dieting with the South Beach diet back in 2005, when I lost 15 pounds in time for my wedding. Unforunately, I gained back 20 pounds when cooking ever night for dinner. And now 2 years later, and a 12 month old baby, I am well over what I was at 168 pounds. I would like to lose so I can eventually have another child and for my overall health.

Hi I am 29, married, two step kids. I got to an all time high of 260lbs and have lost 60 of it since august 2006.

I am 5'9" 244 lbs, 21 years old and not happy. heart disease runs deep in my family, i am bipolar and most of the time depressed. If im not mistaken it's time for a change. All i want is to be healthy first and then happy because being healthy usually leads to being happy. Last summer i lost about 40 lbs by running. somwhere between there and now I lost my drive (depression) and gained most of it back. I am heading out to Wyoming this summer, like last summer, to work on a ranch camp for kids and while there intend to take the oportunity to kick start my start into health. In the past year i have been through alot and learned alot. One thing that i know now more than ever is that making a mistake is not the end of the world. yes it is a setback but not a good enough reason to stop everything and just give up!

I am a 35yo male, 5'11" 191 lbs. I'm married with 2 boys age 6 and 3. Recently went on 10 year anniversary trip and didn't like what the pictures showed.

I am married and have two children, five and three and I can't keep up with them. It makes me sad that my weight is in the way of having fun with my kiddos and my husband.

i'm 30 years old, and right now i weigh more than i ever have before in my life. it's time to do something about it!

Hey I am amie, I am 17 years old and I am at a boarding school for overweight teens called Academy of the Sierras. I am going home soon though, actually in about 11 days. I am sooo stoaked. (I am leaving on 6.2.07) I started at 374 and I am at 270 now. I still want to lose 100 more pounds and am totally excited to do so, but I will be doing it at home instead of at school. I am a little worried but I am ready.

I'm 41 mother of a boy 14, and a girl 11. I own and work in a brekfast and lunch restaurant and is hard for me to stay away of food.

I am 29 will be 30 on NOV 21 2007. I am Married and do not have any children. I have been over weight since early in my childhood. I Love listening to music , reading , the outdoors Movies, Las Vegas(Married there in NOV 2000 and spending time with my god daughter (she is 12, 13 in June)

I'm 46 years old a mother of a 27yr. old son and happly married to to the same man since I graduated high school, Love him more each day, Our son's says we make him sick cause when we go out we hold hands and hug, nothing wrong with that. .

Looking to be more "Flab-U-Less".... :)

I am 5'4" and weigh 183 lbs. I am a nurse and a new mother. I work nights so that I can stay home with my baby. I am realistic about my body and my weight loss goals. I am very active and I generally have a lot of energy despite a sleep deficit. My husband does not need to lose weight but loves to eat healthy foods. There are very few foods I dislike but I have a penchant for pasta, rice, and other such starchy foods that seem to go straight to my lower half.

19yrs old, always been heavy, senior year of hs started to take aerobics class n lost a lot of weight but now im out of school and gained maybe 5-6lbs. that feeling of wow, im looking good, that feeling of i can do anything, that feeling of im proud of myself...i want that back. i started at maybe 240, at the moment im at 213, my goad wight is 160-150.

Single g-ma that enjoys life and loves travel. Work full time, have 11 grand kids, and just turned 60. Amazing and yet a stark reality that I don't have forever to lose this weight! lol

I am a 29 year old married mother of 3, I am a stay at home mom, and run the business aspect of our landscaping company. I also recently became a Cookie Lee Consultant. I am active at church, help out at my kids school alot, and am generally an active person, however, over the last year or so have gained about 10 pounds on top of the 10 I already needed to lose. I am becoming increasingly frustrated and depressed about the way I look, and know that there is a slimmer me just waiting to get out! I need to get motivated, and stay motivated!!!!!

I am a 26yr old stay at home mom, with a busy 2 1/2year old son. I love to do anything crafty, like knitting and making jewelry. I also love to cook, but not always grocery shop! Especially with a toddler.

I'm a single female in her thirties and fifty-sixty pounds overweight. I want to look good among my family and friends and look hot naked. I want to be athletic and toned, the way I know I can be. I want to take back responsibility for the health of my heart, my lungs, my bones and muscles, and everything else that gives me life. I'm educated, have a good job, have been told I'm beautiful here and there since my teens, and have great family and friends. Except I'm overweight. And I'm embarrassed and ashamed for it. Every day. I'm ready to get serious about losing weight after many, many half- hearted starts.

I turned 30 in April and it's time to get in shape. I have a bad back and losing the tummy weight will really help my back out.

I work 4 10hr days a week- but because of my section, I get called out for very long days

I am in my 50's with a husband and two kids. Weight has been a lifelong struggle and it is time for me to get it under control. A few health issues have begun and I need to learn to take care of myself. I am going to make ME a priority.

I weigh 160lbs right now. I used to weigh almost 210!

I'm a 27yo female and a newlywed. Now that I have time to breath and am no longer planning a wedding, buying a home, or proving myself at my job I have time to focus on myself and my body. My hubby lives fitness and is training to run the 26.2 mile marathon with a friend and I want to share this big part of his life with him. Running is out of my comfort zone and will be a rewarding challenge. I'm psyched and ready to go!

I've been overweight for all my life, but I'm finally taking control of my life and losing this weight!

Ultimately, I'm hoping to lose about 70 lbs. It's gonna be a challenge, but it will be so worth it!

I'm going through a (on again, off again) divorce and need to become more healthy for a variety of reasons - work, dating, being around to see my grandkids (my 2 boys are 13/11). Was a QB in HS and played a year in college. That was 120 lbs ago.

I am a games tester in Frankfurt am Main

I just graduated from graduate school and will continue teaching next year, so my schedule is still a bit crazy. Ultimately, I want to feel good about my body, so I've decided to actually commit to making a lifestyle change that will make me a healthier person!

Turning 30 in September, 79 lbs down & 87 lbs to go, single-divorcee, working in insurance, living in alberta. missing nova scotia.

I am 50 years old and enjoys life. I have a wonderful husband and a supportive family and friends. As I get older I choose wisley and no stress; there is no room for DRAMA. I have 6 grandkids( a set of twins). I love taking their pictures and scrapping. I also love to travel and have girl's weekends.

I am 30. I found out in 2006 that I had PCOS. I am supposed to be taking metformin for PCOS symptoms but stopped due to the side effects (I'm sure my endocrinologist will not be too happy).

I am a 26 year old woman who has recently ballooned to 150 pounds after having major jaw surgery in December (132 lbs, when I went in for the surgery). I am a flight attendant and struggle to eat right on the road!

I am a 26 year old partial stay at home mom with 2 year old son and 8 year old daughter. I have been married almost 4 years. I am about 35 pounds overweight right now. I have lost and gained and lost and gained again. I am hoping to stop this cycle once and for all!

I'm a 35 y.o. married mother of 1 daughter (age 5). Professionally, I'm a CPA in California with my own practice. My weight has always been an issue for me. I, like most of us, have been on so many plans over the years that you would think I diet for a living.

I am 34-years old with 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. My boy is "the baby", he's 3, and I have a 4-year old and a 13-year old daughter. You'd think all the running after the two little ones would keep me thin, think again! LOL I found this sight while looking for a printable walking journal, what I came across is much better!

I am a 28yr old mother of two, 7mos old son and 7yrs old daughter and is married to my high school sweetheart. Right before I had my son, I quit my job so I could go back to school full time and accomplish my true goals. Its time for me to lead by example and really love me again. After I had my son, I was 255 pounds and now Im 214lbs. I want to lose 85lbs before my 30th birthday and join in with the phrase 30s is the new 20s.


I'm a divorced mom of 3 children (2 girls ages 14 & 10, and 1 boy age 9 who are with me full-time & hardly ever see their dad), who works full-time for the phone company. I lost 80+ pounds 2 years ago, was dating a guy (single dad of 1 girl) for 2 1/2 yrs. that I love to pieces, and I'm now broken-hearted as we broke up a month ago. I've gained 30 pounds back from stress, and depression. I'm determined to get back to where I was (which was a good, healthy weight, and felt like a million bucks!).

Hi, in January, I moved from the UK to Brussels in Belgium. It's the home of chocolate and very good beer and I have put on 14lbs in just 4 months! I have two little boys aged 4 years and 18 months, who keep me pretty busy!

I have 3 children (7, 3 and 1). I work full time and never seem to find time to exercise.

I am 31 years old, 5'4" and I weigh 167 lbs. I have been married for 5 years (but together for 10 years) and we have 2 little girls (4 years old & 8 months old). After my 1st pregnancy after delivery, I weighed 180 lbs. I then did the South Beach Diet and within 8 months I was at 126 lbs. I was on the treadmill daily, 30 minutes. Then a year later I gained 20 lbs because we moved and I did not run on the treadmill daily and I was eating everything again. I also had a very long commute (I am a teacher, but we had a house 1 hour 1/2 away each way!) So I gained those 20 lbs and I was not able to fight them off. We then got pregnant again and after delivery I hit 180 lbs. Since Thanksgiving I have not been successful at losing weight because I was not working out consistently (baby up at night) and working out for longer periods and trying South Beach Diet did not work this time. This has been a huge problem for me mentally and I was becoming unhappy and frustrated because all I wanted to do was lose weight. I was always skinny but would gain 10 lbs and lose it and then gain it back etc as I got older and then having kids really changed my body. We moved again this time for the last time and we are getting settled. I was lucky to take this year off again to be with the 2nd baby. I am now reading more about how to lose weight effectively for the long run and how to be healthy. I want to change my eating habits (I LOVE junk food). We haven't had chips in the house for years because my husband Ethan is pretty healthy and has gotten me into wheat bread and healthier snacks, etc. But still when I was pregnant I was at McDonalds every other day, it was awful. I am french/american and drinking red wine is very part of my night, I love to "party". Ethan and I will drink wine every night and we are working together to cut this out. Red wine is good for you, but we sometimes have several glasses because its fun after the girls are in bed. But this has affected my eating habits even more and our relationship. So now I am READY and I am looking for others who have similar weight goals. I picked up the latest People Magazine and read the stories and discovered the PT site. I am very excited about doing this with others who have the same situation.

I am single, work for a homebuilder where I travel every week. I have decided once and for all to shed the excess weight.

I'm a 18 year old girl, I know you must think I'm young but I'm sick and tired of being uncomfertable with my body. I had lost 30 pounds before going to university and gained it back and more while living in residence. I think I need help and this seems like it would be a perfect way to do it

I am a 21 year old with a 7 month old baby girl. I am currently in the military and going to school full time. I am recently sepertaed from my husband, so now I am a single mother.

I'm 28, married and have one beautiful child. I've been overweight since childhood. I have always been content with being overweight until now. I'm also a nurse that works nights so I do have difficulty finding time for workouts.

I am a 21 year old college student. I enjoy being with friends and family, running, reading, playing with my dogs, and going out.

I am the lead Surgery Scheduler at MoBap Hospital. I schedule for over 200 doctors and have 21 OR's. I have to juggle doctors, staffing, and patients. I do sit all day, and most days I have to eat at my desk. The Cafeteria food is sooo bad for your health, but so tasty.

No motivation to lose the weight! ugh.. 4'11, weighing in at 171 lbs, been fat my whole life, not sure what else to do....

51 yrs old RN with 2 adult children and 1 17 yr old daughter. I'm happliy married. I enjoy going for walks, laying by a pool, camping, reading, and my 2 yr old grandaughter.

Need to loose 60-70 lbs, daughter on program too!! Want to eat and exercise better!! I am 45, married with daughter 14, starting high school in Sept...June 19 Brynn lost 15 lbs in three weeks!!!

I am going to lose weight for good this time! I have twin daughters that are 7, a great husband and a full time teaching job. I have tried different things to lose weight and this time it needs to be for good. I find that I am a stress eater - especially during the school year.

I am a retired nurse living with my husband in Maine. I am 58 yrs young. We have two grown sons who live in Colorado and Arizona 27 and 29. The 29 year old will be married to a lovely young woman July 29. I am bored and an emotional eater, but determined to get fit and lose weight.

I am a 27 year old stay at home mom to 3 (ages 5, 3 and 2)and I am now looking to re-enter the workforce. I currently weigh 185 and am appalled to say that I have gained about 35 lbs since last year this time. I want to lose the 35 lbs that I've gained and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I always liked sports but have never had the body for it. I guess I just love food too much even though I pay attention to WHAT I eat I think my biggest problems is HOW much I eat

I am 30 years old and finally engaged! After 7 years with a man I am absolutely in love with I can not wait to tie the knot. the Problem, I yo yo with my weight ridiculously, just last fall I was at a size 5 and now I am back to a size 10. With my wedding fast approaching I want nothing more than to be that size 5. Please Help!

I am a full time student looking to make a lifestyle change. I am 5'5 and 210. The highest I have ever been was about 235, 2 years ago. July 1: 210 July 10: 205 July 17: 207 :(

I am 19, living in Florida. Being around the beach sometimes makes me aware of how big i really am. I want to prove to my parents that I can take care of myself. I can do something for me.

After having 2 kids i realized that i need to lose weight and have more energy to offer the best of me for them. I began to exercise 1 month after i had my second son on december 2005, at first i did not see any difference on weight but i had a lot more energy. after 3 months of exercise and healthy eating habits i began to lose weight. i lost 16 lbs and felt much better. I continue to eat healthy and exercise daily. I still need to lose 10 lbs that have been incredibly hard to lose. i'm still working hard and can't wait to ger rid of them...

I am Australian.. living in Canada.. I married a Canadian! .. I am 25 and would love to be a thinner healthier me, which I have not been since I was 16. There is not really much to say except that I am easy going and would love to get to know you all better :) Team work!

50+, extremely busy(think 2 major careers plus a busy social life).

I'm 57, weight 172 and know I look like crap, can't get into any of my clothes any more, had my sugar tested last week, came back that if I don't lose weight I will have diabetes, I need help

I've been a stay at home mom for almost 6 yrs.and I don't work so I know that's causing weight gain.So I really have to watch my weight and my activity levels.

I've battled with weight since adolesence. I did WW 20 years ago and got to goal weight and kept it off for a good 5+ years. Then health issues followed by 3 children added pounds I'd like to shed. I've "yoyo'd" a bit in the past few years, but I would like to settle into a flexible plan that can work around my busy schedule and with a family, so I'm trying WW Flex Points.

Married 10 years; age 40; two children -daughter 16 son 9; love playing hockey; baseball;volleyball; and going to the gym if I have someone to go with.

I am a 24 year old young professional. I am about 5'4" with an average body frame. I would like to have a leaner body, and be able to have more control when it comes to snacking, espicially at work.

I am the mother of 3 (9,13 and 16). I was a stay at home mom, but have been back in the work force for 1 year. Now is the time for me to look after me. I am initiating a lifestyle change with the hopes of dropping the unwanted weight, and feel more energetic and healthy.

I am in my early 50's and have 4 teenagers.My husband is very supportive of whatever I want to do.We live in Canada

I'm a recent grad taking some time off to study for the LSAT while looking for jobs, hopefully in the art world in the LA area. I know its important for my health and for job prospects to lose weight. I also have diabetes and high cholesterol in my family history and want to avoid that at all costs. I love food and love to cook, therein lies my problem. I hope to control what I eat, be healthy and be able to buy all those clothes I've never been able to fit into!

I'm a research scientist, I work in a lab that does Infectious Disease researchdown in Galveston, TX. I have a nasty habit of sitting down in front of the TV after work and not moving for a couple of hours. I'm trying very hard to break it.

I am 30 yrs old and I have been married for the past 3 years. I am currently in grad school working on my Masters in Counseling.

I am 29 and have decided that enough is enough, this is the year to get my life back, I have been married for 10 years and have two kids, 9 and 7. I have changed some of my old ways but am still struggling.

I am 31 years old and have 4 children they are 8mo., 9,12 and 13. until recently I was a stay at home mom now I work with children.

I'm a part-time grad student and work full-time at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm currently pursing a Master of Science in Biology and plan to attend medical school once I'm finished. I Married my boyfriend of 5 years last September and have a beautiful 7 month old baby boy.

I am a 27 year old woman, happily married and enjoying life. But I need to start planning for a family and definetely need to loose some weight before that! I cant stick to a diet or excercise...I keep starting something and then just trail off. I hope to change this and be more diligent about my weight loss.

I've been married for 4 years and have two boys - a 10 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. I work full time as a public defender and usually have pretty busy stressful days.

I will be 52 next month. I have had weight issues since I was a child. I worked in law enforcement for many years, then went to graduate school and became a researcher. I have worked in universities for about 20 years now. My children are all grown except the youngest, who's entering his senior year in high school. My husband is working out-of-state for a year and is only home one weekend per month. When Alli was released last month, I decided to give it a go. What have I got to lose by weight and a few bucks, right? I have lost about 11 pounds since that time. I've experienced none of the highly-publicized treatment effects because I'm following the rules. Don't exceed the recommended fat intake and there's no trouble!

I am a 43 year old male living in the UK. My weight has crept up over the last 10 years and has got to the point where I need to do something about it. I have tried various approaches in the past, but always seem to give up after a couple of weeks. I need to motivate myself - and quickly!

My name is Julie, I am 45 years old and I have 6 children from age 5 to 20. I am married, 22 years this August. I teach preschool during the school year and freelance technical writing from home. My youngest started Kindergarten this past fall and for the first time in 20 years I do not have a small child at home all day. This is the year I regain my shape!

I am 43 years old now.. I have accomplished alot on this journey.. I started out at 415 pounds.. Im still a work in progress but have released almost a whole person. I have more work to do. In 2011 I lost my dad to cancer from smoking and I let my life go. I was also taking care of my disabled mom until last month. I met a man this year.. Bry is so amazing and supportive.. I moved to PA away from my family to be with him. He cares about living a healthy lifestyle and were finishing our journeys together. no more yo yoing. I am finished with that. no more excuses its tie to finish what I started years ago. enough of letting my life go. its time to take it back and thats what I am doing this new year.. alot of changes to come. my life is still unwritten. and im writing it this year!..

I'm a Realtor so my daily life is completely hectic ... I can't plan more than a few hours in advance or I end up changing those plans for clients. I have a teenaged son, am seeing a wonderful man and in general, life is awesome. I grew up eating everything I wanted and never gaining an ounce until I hit 25. From that point on, it's been a struggle to lose even 5 pounds. Needless to say, my old ways of eating are still very ingrained. I have the support of both my son and the man in my life ... now I just need to commit.

I'm 21, i live in chilliwack, BC. I'm engaged to a wonderful caring man. I just finished cooking school and taking some time off to de stress and take care of myself. I've lived all over canada. I'm into family, friends, movies, my native culture and so much more.

I am an 18, almost 19, year old female that is about to head off to college. I am about 20 lbs heavier than I would like to be...really only about 10 over what I should be. Anyways, I am pretty good about dieting and exercising but I do it in spurts where I do amazingly for a couple of weeks and then I relapse. I need support to stay motivated and get healthy, ideally before I go to school but enough to make good habits that I can maintain while at school.

My name is Christina and I'm a rising junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology double majoring in Economics and Math. I played a ton of sports growing up -- soccer, tennis, field hockey, track-- and never had to worry about anything I ate, but after coming to college, I quit playing sports and watched my weight start creeping up. I want to get back to the fitness and health level I was when I played sports...hopefully!

26 yr old yuppie looking to lose a lot of weight so I can start enjoying life more!

Currenty I'm around 219 pounds. I have been doing WW with my wife for the last six weeks or so. I have lost approx 22 pounds at this point. My weigh ins are on Tues.

I am 36 but that number does not resonate with me at all. I feel 26..sometimes 12. I recently graduated with a Masters in Education.

I tend to snack a lot, particularly on junk food.

About two years ago I worked really hard and went from about 250 to 195, but gained it back after moving across the country. I remember how wonderful and strong and capable I felt, and I want nothing more than to get that feeling back, and this time keep going! I moved to Durham, NC from Seattle, WA in the fall of 2006 to be closer to my boyfriend, a PhD student at Duke. I'm a live-in nanny to three children ages 4, 2 and 4 months.

I am a 51 yo woman who divorced after a 21 year marriage (ex and I are still friends and business partners). I own a sales rep agency and a day spa and I think I am probably a workaholic. Only a couple of years ago, I was very good about working out 3-4x a week and while my body type doesn't allow for me to be "skinny" (not that I want to be skinny anyway), my weight was ok, and my body firm and strong. Somehow in the last two years... everything changed... I bought the day spa, got divorced and added 50lbs to my frame. I cannot seem to get the motivation back that I once had about going to the gym. I always felt good when I did, so I don't know what is stopping me.

I'm a horse breeder and trainer and I have 3 gorgeous daughters. I just hit 35 and do not want to be overweight any more!!!

I am a single mom to a 2 year old. I work full time and I am in school full time in the evening. I have a hard time finding time to workout because I don't feel safe walking at night by myself.

I'm 25 and like any type of activity. Sometimes I need a jump start on excersicing but once I start, watch out I get really involved. I just started rowing 3 times a week! I'm learning how to discipline my portions and feel that is the area I need most improvement on. I don't want to loose weight over the course of a month and because of a three day splurge gain it back.

Married with 2 teenage girls, work full time outgoing, reading, talking to people and love dancing, baking, watching tv, exercise

34yo 1st time mom..gave birth to the love of my life on may16,2007 via emergency c-section. I am a PA in the army-been in 11 yrs. Been to Iraq twice. Set to go back in Oct.. :(

i'm a stay at home mom waiting to return to work in the fall. i have a 12 year old son. i am his personal driver! i eat when i'm sitting down! i've allowed myself to gain 10 pounds in the last year. weight watchers helped me to lose it last year and i'm hoping for the same this time. will you ladies help keep me on track? and, how may i assist you?

I am a 37 year old married stay at home mom of 2 beautiful kids. I love to be creative. I love to scrapbook and decorate my home.

I am 42, a attorney. About to make a career change. Would like to fit into my old suits again. Gained weight after my pregnancies. Weighed about 160 at my heaviest. Lost 30 pounds over the last 6 months. Now trying to get healthy again, and be at a comfortable weight of 110 lbs.

I am a 47 year old woman, married with 2 children. I have lost weight before, and always gained it back. My last successful diet was Weight Watchers, and I kept off the 30 pounds until I quit smoking and turned 40!

I am a 30 year old woman with a 5 month old.

27 yrs old, married, live in New York City.

I'm 19 years old and trying to get down to my high school weight. I'm currently 134 pounds and want to be around 122. I'm a new vegetarian...I became one of April 27 of this year. I still eat fish and dairy and everything, so I guess I'm really a pescatarian. Maybe someday I could be a full-blown veg, but as for now I can't give up sushi.

I am 26 years old, full of energy and am very outgoing. I love parties, friends, the outdoors, and my job. I'm a freelance makeup artist.

I love life and I want to enjoy it more by being flexible, healthy and active. My life has been filled with roller coaster dieting and, ultimately, the inclines are always steeper than the declines. I have lost 40 lbs in the past year, have many more to go and look forward to finishing the final downhill slope of the end of the ride all the way to the end.

Height: 5'6" Weight: 198.4 lbs BMI: 32 Body-Fat Composition: 35.9% Pounds of Body Fat: 71.23 lbs Lean Body Weight: 127.17 Waist Measurement: 37.5 in Hip Measurement: 47.5 in Thigh Measurement: 29 in


I am a 20 year old college student and full time employee. I am trying to not so much lose weight as to get into great shape (:

I'm 6'1 and 16 years old. I just want people to treat me with more respect and get girl's attention more. I noticed (just recently) that skinnier people get more respect and have an easier time getting the ladies.

74 year old ex-marathoner, ex-long distance cyclist. Fine art photographer and published author. Having a mo9nth long exshibit of my Asia and Newfoundland images at world known Canadian museum of photography in September. Returning to Yunnan, China in November to photograph ethnic people.

I'm a 5' 11", 38-year-old single male living in Boston.

I'm 33 years old and have been overweight most of my life. At 26 I began to get sick and found out that I had a pituitary tumor that caused Cushing's Disease, which accounted for even more weight gain and tons of other health problems. Three surgeries later, I'm feeling better and am working to improve my health and get rid of some of this weight!

I am 43yrs old and married with 4 children. My oldest son is 17, next son 14, daughter 12 and youngest son 8. I work full time after being home over 16yrs. Work is an adjustment. I sit at a desk all day long. I work out almost everyday. I run and lift weights. This summer I have been doing an outdoor boot camp.

I just want to be healthy, happy and feel great about myself!

I'm 45, and live in New Zealand. I work full time in my own business, and live with my husband and two teenage children. I enjoy dancing, sewing, reading and gardening.

I am too young to be so big (24 years old). I have a huge personality or so I would like to think. I am very lazy and I find any reason not to what I need to do. I really want to lose 40 lbs by my 25th birthday which is in 9 months.

I'm 27 years old and a wife and mommy to a 6 year old boy named Gabrael and my daughter Marina is 2 years and 2 months. I am a registered dental assistant. I just recently lost my brother 1 year ago and my mother on 8/17/07. When I lost my brother at first I couldn't eat, now I am finding that eating is very comforting. Right now I am trying to avoid comfort eating and really want to get back into exercising more so to be healthy. I 'll be damned to leave my kids feeling the way I feel without a mother. So I am looking to lose a few and/ or maintain where I'm at. I hope I can find other's out there as well. I have already lost 50 lbs.

23 year old college student. Getting married soon to my highschool sweetheart! :)

I am 63 years old and have always been told that I look at least ten years younger than my age. Up until the last six years of my life, I have maintained a weight range anywhere from 110-115 during my life. I enjoyed looking and feeling great and having energy. I love fashion and enjoy the creative process of selecting clothing that represents how I feel about myself. Lately, after 35 lbs of added weight, I feel that I have "lost" my spark and would like to reclaim it. I am married, have two adult daughters, am a social worker working in healthcare.

I have a son 18 mos old. I had dropped 20 lbs before getting pregnant and was happy that before going back to work I was only 5 lbs heavier than before pregnancy. But since being at work and developping bad eating habbits due to lack of planning and organization, I have gained 10 more lbs.

I am 36 with two children 12 & 7 and have struggled with my weight since having my first child.

I'm a 47 yr old ex carpenter , now supervisor( no excersise,lotsa stress) I have a fit wife who can eat anything and still look good( I cannot)I love to be active but I'm finding I can't, out of shape, everything hurts , feels like I'm dyin' ( I know boo hoo) but I'm confident that with calorie counting and weight lifting I can turn things around! Help!

I'm a 33 year old stay at home mum with beautiful 2 year old son. I was fit and healthy and at a good weight of 60 kg before falling pregnant with my son but put on over 20 kg during pregnancy. I enjoy excercise and healthy eating once I get into a routine but have been eating too much takeaway and only thinking about the exercise I should be doing.

i am a wife and mother of 3.last year i lost 57lbs but then i lost my job and got depressed.which means i stopped workin out and whatching what i was eating. so now im back where i started.

I am 5' 2", 26 years old and weigh 211. I have been playing the up and down game for 10 years. I lost 5, gain 10, lose the 10, gain 15 latest stint was I lost 34 lbs and GAINED 48 back! I am in this for real now, I need to do this for my health.

I'm about to turn 30 years old, and I have a wonderful husband. I also have two beautiful children, but they sure take a toll on your body. I have a 5 year old boy, who just started kindergarten, and a 16 month old daughter, who's just adorable. I work full time in a job that I don't like, and will be switching occupations in the next month. All this turmoil, has put a major amount of stress on me, and I'm indulging into bad habits, like overeating, sweets, not counting calories, and just letting myself go. I'm a pretty happy person, and I've been wanting to achieve this goal for a while now. I can't wait until I do.

49 year old female. Never have been extreeeeemely overweight (the most has been 25 pounds over ideal weight). Just got tired of feeling crappy and felt it was time to get back to living a healthy lifestyle. Man......what a difference it makes, too!!!!!!!!!! I feel 100% better already.

I'm a 19 year old girl from Alberta Canada. I have just finished my frist year of College in Saskatchewon. I like adventure and trying new things. I believe in full confidence and i believe through stretching yourself and areas of your life confidence will become a display of what you think about yourself. I am working this year in Edmonton at starbucks and Lululemon, I hope to go back to school next september to get my degree in social working. I want to move to Vancouver B.c eventually but we will see where the adventure takes me. The adventure is life.

I just moved in with my boyfriend and am currently adjusting to living in a new city without friends or family nearby. I know this is a dangerous time for me because I tend to overeat when I'm stressed or uncertain - no to mention lonely from time to time.

I am 37 and live in Brookline mass.....

I am 31, a teacher, mother to a 5 year old son. I am single right now, but hopefully not for long! I actually had gastric bypass in 2003 and just within the past 6 months have started to gain weight.

33,Married ,stay @ home mom of a 3 yr old

I'm 43- too young to be in this state! I work fulltime in a very demanding job and look after a family. I rarely make time for myself

I'm 28 years old and joined WW a few years ago and lost 46 pounds. Unfortunately I gained most of that back and I've been really depressed about it.

My name is Bobbie (and yes I am a female) and I am 32 years old. I live with my boyfriend in San Jose, CA. I work at a high tech company in Silicon Valley. I have been on WW for about 5 years and I love the plan. I use to weigh over 200 lbs, but I have lost quite a bit of weight since then.

I am 50 something, very unhappy right now with my weight. After the death of my mother, I completely lost all desire to exercise and have steadily gained back all the weight I lost and kept off for 3 years. Now I have to face the mirror again. I need plenty of help.

I am 22 yrs old. I work at a job that i love, but i dont love sitting on my butt all day! Its hard to keep in shape when you sit for 8 hours!!

vegetarian, 42 years old, no children, husband is a great cook, and I love to eat.

My journey to weight loss and health.

I'm a 20 years old guy. I'm not huge, but 30 pounds is a lot to lose. I've been in diets for the last 10 years and I'm just tired of trying everything.

I am a 37 year old mother of 2. I am fit - I have always worked out in some fashion or another but I eat WAY too much. I am a terrible snacker. WW works for me initially but I always end up bored and losing track. I am hoping the peer connection will help.

I am almost 28 and I weigh too much for my height. I let my weight bother me everyday. I am trying to work out more, I average about 3-4 days a week at the gym.

I'am 24 yrs old, mother of 2 wonderful childern, Gabe 4 and Adriana 1. Married to a wonderful man that loves me no matter what. I'am very outgoing and caring.

Im 28 years old, I met the man of my dreams and we are getting married August 15th 2009. Im working full time in a group home with behavioural female teenagers. I love my job, it's amazing knowing I can help teenager girls overcome their difficulties or problems that may occur in their everyday life.

i eat too much, i eat when i am stressed, i eat when i am bored, i eat alot because food is just so damn good, i eat because i am sad, i eat because that yummy cake wont be there tomorrow and i can start over.

Ten years ago, when I turned 40, I began running marathons. Since that time I've completed 21 of them. In 2005 I lost my job and retreated to the couch (with lots of ice cream). I gained 30 pounds, which I've been lugging around ever since. Fast forward to 2007, I have a great job and life is good. Unfortunately, I am still carrying around these extra 30 pounds. It's time to ditch this "couch" weight and move on.

I'm single,37 and really starting to realize I want to live the life I know I can. I am very artistic and creative by nature. I've recently applied to and am going back to study film.

I am a 27 year old professional who has a very hectic lifestyle. I was in good shape in University, but my busy lifestyle and desk job has casued me to gain weight. I like to exercise, but sometimes lack motivation.

I have been on PT since September of 2007 and have had much support and success, almost reaching goal weight and feeling better that I have in years, but have lost focus and lost a lot of ground. I am starting over. If I did it once I know I can do it again. I am a very busy 36 year old SAHM who doesn't always practice what I preach. I eat a healthy diet overall but tend to binge at times and lose focus. I am a caretaker by nature. I don't spend as much time with myself and working on myself as I would like or need. I am working on that. I have 2 awesome kids, a great dog, and a wonderful and supportive hubby. I love music, hiking, camping, knitting, reading, cooking and baking, and spending time with friends.

I am 54 and work in an office. I try to get to the gym several times a week - spinning and bench aerobics. I eat when I am bored/tired/stressed/tired. I lost 20 pounds last year on weightwatchers and have kept it off, but i need to push to lose the last 10-15 pounds.

I am a elementary teacher. Teachers and students are always bringing snacks to share. I have a terrible time saying "NO" to snacks. Also, when I eat...I eat way too fast!

37, single, mother of 2, work in medicine, love my work, like to read and sew and cook

I've been married for one year. My husband was recently transferred to another state, so I'm 5 hours away by car from my family and friends. We're hoping to someday be graced with children. The clock is ticking ;-)

I am a 41-year-old professional who lives in Australia with my husband of 15 years on a 10 acre farm with a heap of animals. I have lived here for 10 years but was born and raised in LA. I have overcome a number of health issues and I now need to complete my health transformation by achieving and maintaining a trim and fit body.

25 years old, love living in Minneapolis

28 yr old guy living in the country. Full Time Paramedic with a schedule that never stops and has nothing close to regularity to it. I want to maintain my weight in the 150s and work on getting defined abs before I enter my 30s.

I am 35, 6'1", average build. I am married (9 years) and have two children (6 and 2). They keep me pretty busy but I still do not exercise enough, if at all.

I am a 31 yr old mother of two and like every mom with children and a career, Im extremely busy. I like to run, I have run a marathon and was in training to do it again but Football season for my 6yr old started and I dont have the time. My eating habits are terrible!!

I am 24 years old and live in Coram, NY. My weight has always been an issue for me, ever since I was a kid. When I was about 15 I started getting into weight training, bulking up for football and wrestling. About 6 years ago, I met my fiance and soon fell into that dreaded "comfort zone" and started packing on the pounds that I had always battled with. Now with my younger brother following in my footsteps with the body building and weight training, he has resparked my interest and given me the motivation to hit the gym once more and get back into shape. Hopefully I will be back to where I once was in time for the FDNY Physicals.

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer at age 27 in Nov. of 2006 and I gained 30 pounds during my chemo and radiation treatments, due to the steroids in all the meds I was on. I am still on them but I feel more active now and am ready to shed those extra pounds plus a few more.

I am 19 years old in college. I like to draw and write. I am majoring in Animal Care.

19 year old female, put on what i'm guessing is the "freshman 15" . . or 20 . . or 25. . during the past year or so and just recently noticed it. I would ultimately like to lose 30 pounds and maintain the loss.

I am 23 years old and I have a 2 year old boy so I cant blame my weight on having a baby anymore! I weight 165 and would like to weight 135-140.

39 year old women who would luv to lose weight and actually keep it off!

22 year old married mother of 2 boys ,ages 4 and 1. I am attending school full time and need some motivation.

I am a 39 year old stay at home mom of 3 kids ages 17,10, and 1. I gained weight while pregnant and just have NEVER lost it and am tired of being fat.

I am a 25 years old and have been overweight my entire life. I can't remember a time I was ever a healthy weight. I am dating an amazing man that has lost over 100lbs in a year doing weight watchers. I'm going to school for a nursing degree and work full time. :)

I am 36 married and have one daughter who is 13.I am a housekeeper .I enjoy watching hockey and baseball and i am learning how to cook and play golf

I'm a 25 year old male from Wisconsin. I'm married and my wife is currently expecting our first child. I'm a maintenance worker for apartment buildings.

I"m 35 and I've lost 100+ pounds over the last 7 years. I just need to keep motivated to keep going. Remember what it was like at 320 and apply that to now (around 215) and how I would feel at 150 or less.

I have 3 sons, 19 yrs, 16 yrs, and 3 yrs. I am trying once more for that GIRL, thru IVF. I know that at 41 another pregnancy would be much easier if I start out thinner and healthier.

Nursing student, nurse aide in Hospice, mid 40s, in long term relationship. I did weight watchers a few years ago and lost 25 lbs. put the weight back on and tried 2 more times but failed. My schedule is such that i have a difficult time making the meetings.

I'm 54, 5'2 and weigh 165 lbs. I would like to lose weight to be healthier and have more exercise. Easier said then done, and really need help along the way!

I recently graduation from law school and got married.

I am a 55yr old woman, married w/ two children Son 19 Daughter 12 I work out of my house, have joined ww before and lost 18 lbs and kept it off for 2 years. It is creeping back on and I want to get in better shape and stronger to be able to 1. Get into my ski suit and 2. Attempt to keep up with my husband without keeling over. The meetings took a lot of time and the money was an issue I am willing to start again but need a boost!

I am a medical professional who counsels others on health and diet issues so I have no excuse for not using this information for my own benefit.My weight has increased over the past 3 years. i am unable to fit my clothes and not in a financial situation where I can replace them!

I'm a SAHM to 3 beautiful girls, 3yo, 2yo and 2 months old. I'm also a navy wife and currently alone.

37 yo self-employed professional, married with no children. I've heard great things about this site and am looking forward to getting myself back to the real me :-)

I'm 58.  I live in Phoenix after having lived most of my life in the SF Bay area.  I am semi-retired, working a part-time job doing business proocess documentation.  I used to be in the SW development business which seemed to go hand in hand with an unhealthy life style, now that I look back on it.  I have been consistently overweight since my mid 30's.  When I was younger I would gain weight and then lose it easily.  My husband and I are both vegetarians.  No children. Love to read.  Love to cook and I have thousands of cookbooks (mostly in boxes right now).

I am 50yrs and I am 5 8 1/2, I weigh 168lbs an have the most weight in my mid section.

I am a 5'3" female that weighs 183 lbs. I have been this weight for 10 years. I want to lose this weight permanently by changing my everyday habits of eating and not exercising. I work full time but should not use that as an excuse not to stay healthy by not changing a few habits.

I am 27 years old. I am a teacher and am currently teaching pre-school in Korea.

Im 37 year old mom, who likes to read, scrapbook, work on my marine fish tanks, and hang out with my family.

married with 3 children. one who is in Kuwait, one who is planning her wedding and third one at home. (teen)

42 year-old mom of two great kids...young adults :) My daughter is 21 and a bright, independent young woman. My son is 19 and a Marine in Iraq...I can't wait for him to come home! I work at a job that I love and am successfully getting back on my feet after going through a divorce last year. There are so many pieces to pick up after a twenty-two year marriage disinigrates! The only thing I would change about my life is my weight....that's why I'm here :)

I have an adoring husband and 3 wonderful children in 2 1/2 years...they are 2 girls and a boy...ages 9,8 and 7. I have an MBA in Finance and Marketing and I am a Finance Manager at a high volume car dealership.

20 year old college student who is looking forward to being able to go spring break, eventually

I am a former professional Dancer. Now 29 I have not danced for over 2 years and I have really started to notice the change in my figure. I also am carrying hip and knee injuries so physical activity is incredably painful at the moment. I just dont feel healthy about myself anymore. I have a great job that for the past year has been extreem in hours. So having moved cities whilst still working for the same company I have a great opportunity for a healthly lifestyle change. I have studied nutrition and naturopathy but dont always practice the principles I know..... Time to grow into it now I think.

Married, 32, no kids (maybe soon). I am a busy-body. I usually work about 40 hours a week, 9-5, in a finance-type position, I try to get to the gym 3-4 times a week, I also work as a realtor in my spare time, serve as a deacon at my church and as the Treasurer of a non-profit Christian camp.

Single working mother of a delightful little baby boy!

width = height (uggh)

Working mother of 2 kids trying to lose 20 pounds I gained since having my second child.

Single Mother of preschooler, full time attorney, overworked and stressed out. Trying to overcome stress and emotional eating. Just started portion control with Manhatten food delivery service. Still have to find the time to exercise...

36 yr-old SAHM to four children. I've lost 30 pounds so far, but seem to have stalled.

I am 23 and work at a job with unpredictable and often long hours. I have maintained my weight since college, but would like to drop a few and have more energy.

I'm a working mom in Ohio. I've been going to WW meetings for the last 3 months with not much results.

Well, I'm 23, from college and "kinda" single. I was in a rollercoaster relationship for years and ended up turning to food and gaining 75+lbs. I've lost a little weight over time, but would like to get healthy and fit again.

Married, 54 years old. Semi-retired CPA. Travel a lot. Live on Pickwick Lake in TN. Spend summers in U.P. of Michigan and winters in Ft. Lauderdale. Love to cook, entertain a lot. Appetizers are my dieting downfall....

energetic!!! self-loathing right now about the weight gain....need to get back on track!

I'm a graduate student right now, and being so busy is one of the reasons I'm struggling. Another is my husband, who is really sweet and supportive, but is also UNDER-weight, so balancing both our needs can be tricky.

Sophomore in college who wants to start disciplining myself and feeling better about myself by working out. I want to stop being lazy and get myself to a place where I know I can get to with some work. I also may be starting a new job at Anthropologie (fingers crossed for that 40% off discount) and wanna look good and feel confident while I'm at work.

46, divorced and expanding Always had a weight problem, fat kid, fat baby, fat adult. In Feb 2005 I joined Weight Watchers after getting my head into a good space, lost about 10kg, then joined Weigh Less and lost another 5 or so. A year back lost motivation, have put on about 6kg and now weight 62.5. I want to get back to that 58 and stay there!

I'm 27 years old, married, have a handsome son, and a great dog. I work full time. In my spare time, I enjoy watching our son play his sports. I like walking and and challenging myself to excersise everyday.

I am 25 years old and I've been out of school for almost 3 years and have gained 10 lbs. each year! I don't intend to continue this route! :)

I am 25 years old, and currently living with my mother. I am planning on returning back to school, but the weight that I have gained is keeping me from even wanting to step outside of my house.

My name is Kathy I am 24 years old I have 2 daughters one 3 and one 1. I am a full time mommy and a full time student

Hi. My name is Linda. I am 49 and live in Kentucky. I am married and have 2 children. My daughter is 28 and my son is 26. I work full time in sales . I was a healthy weight when I was in my early 20's, then I had children. The 60 pounds I gained with them has been lost and regained a dozen times over the years! I am so sick of it all! I am lucky...I'm still healthy. No heart problems, no diabetes, but I know I'm tempting fate by carrying around all this extra weight! It's got to go. I had severe arthritis pain in both knees for many years. This kept me from exercising. But now I have no excuse. I had my left knee replaced on February 28, 2007. Thanks to WW and PT, I lost 40 pounds before my right knee replacement on December 5, 2007 . Now 2 years later I've regained all that and I can't blame my knees anymore! This time it's all on me!

i am married have two kids and feel better theni have in years i enjoy reading and watching tv with my family

I'm 31, recently divorced, and have moved to a new state. I grew up in Ohio and have now been in Michigan for about a week. I would like to lose about 19 pounds.

im 24, i used to be very athletic however i was injured in a car accident and developed bad habits. now i just dont have the energy to do anything. i hate the way i feel about myself and i hate not being able to find anything that fits.

I'm 29, a mother of one adorable 2 yrs-old son.

I'm a 26 yr old indian, at grad school in USA. I have been on weight watchers since September, 2007 and shed 20 pounds. I am currently following the core plan.

55 years old, a teacher

I am 26 years old and ever since I got married 7 years ago I have gained weight and gotten to the point where I have felt I have lost control.

I have been married for almost 12 years and have 3 boys and 1 stepdaughter. Ages are 12, 11, 8 and 1. I am in a worship band called Vertical Sounds. I am also in school to be a teacher and the worship leader at my church. I do a lot with my family and with the church family.

Married mother (3 boys: 4yrs & twins 1 year).

26 y.o. , married to a wonderful guy, just moved from CT after 5 years to PA, works full time in the insurance industry & goes to beauty night school!!

I started this lifestyle in February of this year. I have lost 42 lbs so far and currently weigh 164 lbs. I went from a 38 waist to a 32 waist. I go to the gym 3 days a week, and I also play racquetball once or twice a week.

i am a constant traveler. i travel at least 10 months out of a year in an rv with my sweetheart and our 2 dogs and our bird.

My name is Zoe, I'm a 21 year old college student living in Southern California. I've always been a bit of a foodie, so that hasn't helped my weight any. When I went away to school I gained the freshman...uh...50. Haha. I am 5'8' and weighed a bit over 200lbs last year. I managed to lose a lot of it, and now weigh in the low 160s, but I've hit a plateau and it's very frustrating.

I'm 26 years old with two kids, married, living in pittsburgh.

I am a focused and dedicated 28 year old female who's weight has fluctuated back and forth since 2001. I work full time and sit at a computer for most of the day. So my exercise at work is minimal and resisting the food that my co-workers bring into the office is hard. In January 2006 I was at my highest weight ever of 181 and I stand at 5'1. Currently my weight is 166. In May 07 I have what my doctors considered to be a major surgery to remove seven cysts from my ovaries and uterus. Because of this I had to take a break from exercising for over 9 weeks until I regained my strength and recoup my body. Since then I have been trying to get in shape. I have one child (11 years old boy) that I gave birth to and and a 15 year old foster son. Since my surgery I have alot more energy, determination and confidence. It seems to be rather hard for me to lose weight (i believe because of my eating habits). I have no problem exercising but making the right food choices is where I seem to lack. I really have no reason why I havent been able to lose all of the weight and keep it off ... but I look forward to starting new today. Your encourage is greatly appreciated in advance!

Four years ago I was running 8 miles everyother day when I fell down some stairs and could not run any longer. Starting slowly I have been walking at the gym and hope to start jogging soon.

I am 25(almost 26) and a very busy person. I am a photographer and a mary kay consultant and also have another full time job at Southwestern Seminary. I am fed up with seeing pictures of myself and being disgusted! I know I can do this!

I am 45 years old, married for 25 years and I have 1 grown daughter.

I am a 37 year old Detective Sergeant, I live in Nassau, Bahamas. I had a weigh struggle for a while and recently joined Weight Watchers. So far I have lost 8 pounds and I am proud.

My name is Angie and I am 28 years old. I have been overweight my entire life. I have yo-yo dieted for years but have not had any success at keeping the weight off. Now I have decided to change my lifestyle in order to get healthy, not just to lose weight. Maybe the shift in focus will help me.

I love food and I know that if I get bored I want to eat and that is something that I have to stop. I'm 23 and weight around 250 lbs

Hi. I'm a 53 year old school nurse here in Las Vegas. I have my Masters degree in Nursing, have been divorced for 11 years and have recently experienced the "empty nest" as my daughter and best friend (also a nurse) just got married 6 months ago. This is a new phase of life for me! Not sure what to make of it, but I'm sensing that it might be pretty COOL! I have great health so far (take meds for blood pressure, but feel great and no limitations on exercise). I have a lot of background in coronary care and heart disease- vegetarian fare is the best for me, but I'm not a religious zealot- if someone comes to dinner or asks me to dinner I don't make a big deal out of it- I'll prepare or eat some chicken or fish! :-) I stumbled across this site a few minutes ago and I'm glad I did!

Stay-at-home mom with two boys (8) and (5 1/2). I like to garden, cook, and do volunteer work.

I am 30 yrs old and have two children ages 7 and 3. I am a waitress and work quite a bit. I have always had a problem with my weight. I am currently 208 and am 5'7". I can do really good for about a month and I will drop the weight very quickly then I just lose control and eat everything and gain it all back and then I start all over again. I want to stop this, and lose it all once and for all.


Everyone says i look fine and that i am proprtionate to my height, but i look in the mirror and cant stand the belly i have. and my love handles, and i just dont feel good or healthy. So with this site, some motivation, and recources. i will try my best to get to where i want to be and stay there!

lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for over a year! Want to lose 10 more!

I wasn't overweight when I quit smoking, but I sure got that way afterward! I'm in my late 40's and waiting for the latest growth spurt to stop.

I'm an extremely busy college student. Its hard to eat right when I am trying to cook my own food, save money and I'm always on the go! I used to be really healthy so I am trying to get back into that because I feel better when I eat right and work out.

I'm a 40-yr old divorced mom of one. I lost 35 lbs due to the stress of a collapsing relationship almost two years ago and am just now starting to gain it back. I don't want to!

33 years old and want to fit into a size 6/7 again and lose my buddha belly. I play in a percussion band, like to dabble with paint and stained glass projects, and can be VERY LAZY. I really want to spend my free time traveling, hiking, and kayaking, but watch the boob tube to much. I think I may throw it into the trash.

Just retired from my full time shift work job (age 59) Still working part time at another job (~10-12 shifts per month) Love the outdoors Love to travel Want to learn how to quilt

I lost over 130lbs with WW over a period of 2yrs approximately 2yrs ago. For me watching what I eat is a way of life, not just a diet.

I'm 28 and work in banking. I was at one point close to 300lbs. I joined a weight loss program and lost around 90LBS. I remeber weighing in at 196LBS. Well a few months have past and I have gotton off track. I am now back to 235 and I need to do something.

I'm 29 years old, married, no kids yet. I work as an environmental scientist in Chapel Hill, NC.

34 years old

23 and unti-social due to being overweight, hoping this will help! Just had my 23rd b-day and my goals will be reached!

im 25 5'5 and weight 220pd i have a 8yrs girl who loves to go outside and b active sometimes i just dont feel like it.

I am a personal nanny, so I spend a lot of time with kids and I LOVE them, they truly have my heart. I am involved in a ministry working towards establishing a 24/7 prayer ministry and we currently have 14 one hour shifts a week. I've been married for 3 years this comming Feb. and I love my husband more and more each day! Anything else youre wondering about, just ask!

I'm 20 years old and I've spent most of my life being the fat girl among my peers. Getting picked on almost constantly for one thing or another in highschool- I've come a long ways though. I use to weigh 225 pounds- yes, little five-one me!!! I had gotten all the way down to 149 while trying to get into the Military- but I gave up and started Cosmetology school. I've put 9 pounds back on and I'm looking to loose it again- for good!

I did great on weigh watchers - lost about 25 lbs.  Got a wonderful boyfriend, he moved in and I got domesticated and started to cook for him - gained all my weight back plus an additional 10 lbs. 

I am a 24 year old Hairstylist. I have recently started my own company that promotes holistic health and beauty. I know how to make beauty work for any face, hair, body type. Everyone has their weaknesses, and mine is keeping a disciplined routine. I know I am only as strong as my weakness, and I also know that being physically healthy can change your whole look and life. I want to be fit, not just know how to make myself look fit. Also I am a Dancer that no longer dances due to my insecurity of my overweight body. I miss having the energy I used to have when I was in college dancing with a busy social life. I love to paint, write, dance, host parties, and meet new people. And all of these hobbies are being affected by my weight gain. I can't wait to shed this weight in a healthy supportive manner so that I can go back to living my active and confident lifestyle!

I am a married 30 year old mother of two girls (ages 3 and 1) I have lost weight several times over using WW. I am back to my pre prego weight but this body is not mine :) Hoping to lose the last 25 pounds I have always wanted to lose...and not jiggle so much.

I am 49yrs old and I have became less active over the last few years and really need to change that at a gradual pace. I do walk at least 30 minutes a day. but I have never joined a group for weight loss but have thought about doing it for some time so I was glad to find this group.

I used to run 5miles a day and lift weights and swim. I let myself go and became a workaholic. Now, I want to turn my health around.

Have had a series of life events that have contributed to my emotional eatting. I need to lose this weight or seriously consider surgery to help me. After a car accident in 2006 I have been unable to work, I am still in physical therapy and have lost 25lbs last year only to gain it all back and then some. I find it hard to stay motivated. I recently had a sleep study done and am now on Cpap and using it faithfully to hopefully get more sleep. I had been seriously sleep deprived for a while. Hopefully getting more sleep will help my overall healing process.

I am 28 and recently married (070707)! I live in AZ with my hubby and our 2 "kids", a Rottie named Tank and a German Shepherd named Chewbacca. I have the most amazing family and thank God everyday for all of the blessings he has given me. I love the Dallas Cowboys, so football season is my favorite time of year. I work way too much, but I live by the saying "Work hard, play harder" I have recently lost about 15lbs and feel great. My clothes fit, I have more energy, and I feel good about myself! Even with that, I have hit a road block. I have a serious lack of motivation all of a sudden to drop the last 10lbs. I need a pick me up!

24 yr old chocoholic in CA. my dad had a heart attack recently so i want to be healthier, for both of us.

Working mother of 3 (3-18mo-2mo). Obviously I have no time to workout or eat right but I am going to try my best to live a healthier lifestyle from now on.

I'm 5'4", 21 years old, and weigh in at 168 lbs as of 11.04. I'm a senior in college majoring in Communication Disorders, and work part time to pay the bills. I'm just starting on the my weight loss journey!

I'm 23 years old (times flies) I am an Online Marketer by trade, and an aspiring entrepreneur. I just got out of a 2 year relationship, and am looking to get back into shape so that I can find a beautiful partner to share a life of abundance with.

I am a stay at home wife and mother of 2 teens. I have steadily gained weight since I got married 19 years ago. I am currently about 160lbs overweight. I have struggled with my weight since I was 11 and think about dieting every day and am finally deciding to do something instead of just thinking about it.

I work in education / technology for the state. I love my job and the people I work with. I am also earning my next degree. I have a son who I adore and I love 'our time' together. He always amazes me. He has a wonderful inside quality.

I am a 22 year old mother of one, a beautiful 3 month old girl. I am about to graduate from college and start grad school in January.

Recently seperated, mother of 1, work full time.

I'm 19 almost 20 female at my heaviest (200lbs). I'm 5'6" and would like to reach my ideal weight of 150lbs. I'm currently a student studying Nursing at night and working a full-time office job during the day to pay off my debts. I live at home with my parents and fiancee (long story) and there's always food available [and they're not exactly the kinds of food that you'd want to eat to lose weight]

26 y.o Active duty nurse in the Navy, work in a hospital, plagued by working long hours, nights, and all the unhealthy food at the hospital. Currently weight about 158, but could safely lose 15 more pounds to look leaner!

I'm 43 and single. Lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers but put 20 of it back on in the last year. Made it my goal for 2007 to learn to cook and be more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. Am looking for motivitation to get rid of the 20 and lose another 30-40 in addition to that. Also want to keep up the cooking - it was fun!

Im 55 years old and have no children living at home.I want to lose weight slowly and keep it off.Exercising is what is lacking for me, but currenythealth hinders me for most of it,so that really what I ned the help with ...along with encouragement.

I am 20 years old. I currently live with my boyfriend of 3 years and we raise our 4 year son together. I am a two year college student. I am in nursing school right now and will graduate in December.

I am a new mother (10/12/07) to a baby girl! I plan on returning to work in January 08. I enjoy cooking (part of my problem), working out (haven't done that in months!), and going to outdoor events (concerts, festivals, boating, etc.)

Chiropractor, Naturopathic Physician, Practicing Hypnotherpist

I am a 24 (almost 25 year old) who lost a significant amount of weight at the age of 18 (almost 60 lbs) and have since kept most of it off. My weight has fluctuated over the course of the last 5 years and I seem to be on an "up-swing" so I want to get back and focused on losing and then maintaining my weight loss. My biggest challenge is finding time and motivation to work out as well as having a boyfriend who can (and does) eat anything he wants but still remains a picky's a HUGE temptation for me and I am concerned about it as we will be living together starting in August.

i am a 4'8" and i way 171 lbs i have had 2 kid in less then 2 years

Struggled and obsessed with 15-20 pounds for 15-20 years. Tired of the obsession. Tired of not really doing the work to get the weight off when I know what I need to do. Ready this time. Help me, please.

I am 22 years old and mother of a beautiful two year old daughter, I work part time and go to school part time and I am looking forward to obtaining my nursing degree. I got engaged in April and am very excited but I am overly obsessed about my weight. I have managed to lose 35 pounds already through the Weight Watchers program and exercise, but I have been at the same weight now for about a month or two. I need some extra encouragement (outside of home,work, and friends) and am excited to meet some new people who are looking to become healthier as well!! I believe Peer Trainer members can give me the extra push and guidance I need.

30 something mom.

I am a 40 year old single mom of two girls, 16 and 12. I was married for almost 14 years and divorced now for 3. This fall I decided to go back to school part time to finish up my degree. This along with being a single mom, has made my eating habits terrible and I am not making it to the gym as much as I want to or need too. I decided to join here, so that I can stay motivated and lose this extra weight.

I am a 28 year old single mother of 4. I work from home and also as a product demonstrator.

I am a 53 year old woman with 50 plus pounds to lose. I had lost 20 but have put all but 5 back on on weight watchers, I guess I will have to track a little better.

I'm a 28 y/o science museum exhibit developer- Have been single for almost a year. Recently relocated to Portland from California (well, I guess is was over a year ago now...time flies). I am a little bit of a foodie but also love the gym, it's all about striking the right balance. I am ready to slim down and firm up and get back on the dating scene (:

I'm a 33y.o. male. I currently weigh about 235 (at this morning's "weigh in", and would like to feel good again. I currently got licensed in Ohio as a Massage Therapist (Whoo-hoo), and school is part of the reason I gained so much weight over this past year and a half.

I'm 42 yrs old, commute 45 min/1hr commute each way to a job I really enjoy but makes working out challenging with my schedule. I'm trying to lose the 10 lbs that have crept on during the past few years.

I'm 25 years old..soon to be 26. I have a great family, friends, and boyfriend who support me and love me the way I am. I need to lose a little more weight for myself and no one else. Also, I have bad knees (from years of sports) and I know that the less weight I have bearing down on them, the better.

30 year old mother of 3; married to a wonderful guy of 10 years; work full time in accounting; am so involved with my children and their activities, I've lost "me".

I'm a college student and am not happy with my body. I'm doing weight watchers and working out.

I have been overweight most of my life. Graduated high school at almost 190 (I'm 5'3!). I'm 35 (36 in Jan), still single no kids (unless the dog counts) but I'm proud to have managed to loose all but those last 10lbs to put me at 118! A weight I haven't seen since about 4th grade!!

I am a 42 year old mom with 1 child. I am 186 pounds and am at the heaviest I have ever been. I hate being this heavy, I work in a stressful business with my husband and can't seem to stop eating. I lost weight with ww 3 years ago but in the last 2 years gained it back.

I am in a transition stage in my life. I just recieved my undergrad degree and I am starting a new career in insurance. I also prefer to spend my spare time with a camera in the woods!

I am 48 years old, married, grown children. I've already lost 68 pounds with WW. My husband has reached his goal after losing 80 pounds. I want to reach my goal.

Hi, Im a 22 yr old guy, I used to be into all sports and at the height of fitness all year around and because i was contstantly working out i could eat what i want . I suffered a serious injury 3 years ago and only been able to get back working out in the last year or so. I piled on about 80 kilos in the time i was inactive and really want to get the weight off so i can feel like me again!

I'm 43 and work in public relations for a state university. I bought my first house a couple of years ago and am still working on decorating and landscaping -- probably a never-ending project.

University student Weight has fluctuated over the years (emotional eater)

I am 45 years old and 5' 10". I presently weigh 220 pounds and would like to lose about 40 pounds or more. I have been gaing weight for over ten years and have not tried before to diet/exercise. Now I feel that I have to! I can't afford to put on any more weight. I am tired and don't have a lot of energy and would like to lose the weight so that I can feel good about myself and so that I can be healthy and stay around for my husband and daughter.

I am a 33 yr old mom of 2 who has been married for 10 years. The most I've weighed is 206 pounds and had gotten down to 130lbs. Over this last year I've gained 15 pounds back by letting my diet slide and I'm committed to getting that weight back off.

I am a 21 year old that lives in Dallas, TX. I am a capricorn. I love to exercise. I love to eat.. :) I have high expectations for myself

I'm a 31 year old single woman with no children. I love ballroom & latin dancing, ice skating, traveling, photography, art and all water sports.

46, divorced mother of a 13 year-old boy, work full time, feel exhausted a lot, reward myself by collapsing on couch and "rewarding" myself with yummy high-cal/fat food. Example: "I've had a hard day.." Reward: 2 huge slices of pizza, dessert.