Your Big Fat Boyfriend

A Conversation With The Author, Jenna Bergen

By Habib Wicks, PEERtrainer Co-Founder
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What kinds of people did you talk to while writing the book?

I spoke to study authors, dieticians, therapists and aerobic instructors. I also interviewed over 50 women about life with their BFBs. Their stories are hilarious! I included a lot of them, as well as many of their tips and tricks to keep love-associated lbs at bay, in the book.

What were some of the things you learned writing the book?

That this it’s a proven fact that guys can cause women to gain weight. They can really affect your waistline and your health if you’re not careful. I also found that knowing so many other women were going through the same thing helped me stick to my own eating habits/workouts even more. It was great to know I wasn’t the only one going through this.

What was your biggest struggle in the process of getting the book from idea stage to the bookshelf?

The first was time. I had to work very quickly. Quirk wanted the book written in three months, and I’m also on staff at Philadelphia magazine and I also do quite a bit of freelance health writing. I’ve written for Men’s Health, Women’s Health and SELF. So it’s been a crazy year! But I love to be busy and working so I am incredibly thankful to have these opportunities.

The other was not having enough room—there was so much more I wanted to include in the book, from vacations to road trips to holidays. And there are always new studies out and new tips I want to talk about, which I’m now doing over at my blog,   Continue Reading Interview...

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