What Successful Weight Loss REALLY Looks Like

(and it's not what you see on reality television)

By Jackie Wicks, founder, PEERtrainer
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2. No one is perfect 100% of the time. Sure, there are a few people that are but there are also a few people who can eat 3000 calories a day and have a perfect figure.   that's just the way it goes. Just because you went out drinking and ate all the bread, stuffed your face with pasta, and had 2 desserts, and then woke up and had a cheese omelet the next day does not mean you have failed.

Everyone does this. We all make a committment and we all slip up. just like Lombardi says, "It's not if you fall, it's if you get back up." You fell. So what? Learn what will work for you to get back on track and stop self-sabotage.  You can fall and still be on a successful weight loss track by simply making the decision to get back there.

3. You've been doing everything right and you're not losing anything aka the dreaded plateau. We rarely see members who don't hit a plateau in the weight loss process. Some can last for a few weeks. I was on one for an entire year. It's also easy to say to yourself, I'm doing everything right so this is where my weight should be. That might be true, but it might not be true. It wasn't for me. Once I changed my approach and made the decision to be thinner, no matter how long that would take, I dropped the weight. Plateaus do not mean you are done. They are usually a sign that you need to make a change. Do you have the courage to figure it out and keep on going?

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