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PEERtrainer "Weight Loss Bootcamp"

Series Focuses On Fundamentals Of Weight Loss

How Does This Work?

PEERtrainer has put together a program that introduces and reinforces the fundamentals of successful, long term weight loss. The format of the program is a series of four 25-30 minute weight loss coaching calls/webinars. These calls feature personal coach Joshua Wayne. Joshua is a trained psychotherapist with an emphasis on weight loss motivation and mind/body wellness.

They also feature PEERtrainer founder Jackie Wicks who presents a series of very practical rules to help you through real life. The theoretical is balanced strongly with the specific and the practical. For example you will learn the 5 rules to eat at a restaurant and lose weight, and the 5 rules to use while at a party. You will also learn how to sustain diet motivation as well as get the motivation to exercise more.

The calls are free, and when you sign up they are automatically sent to you each week.

Both Jackie and Joshua have years of experience in the health and weight loss field, and their unique strategies have literally helped thousands of people lose weight permanently and make dramatic, positive life changes.

The feedback to these new calls has been incredible, and you can expect to hear a lot more from Joshua and Jackie after these calls are complete.

Recent Testimonial

"I thought the call last night was very helpful to provide focus and encouragement on achieving healthy goals. I was tired, had just wolfed down my dinner and was ready to not focus on this. The call helped me to re-energize around how I can be successful in losing weight, being healthy and still having fun! Now, as Joshua says, I have to actually do the right things!

Thanks, I am a little slow in starting, but I really like the concepts of this program and am pressing forward.


Here is some of what you will learn:

  • How to create overwhelming motivation to start and stay with your weight loss plan (and how to keep going when the going gets tough!)

  • The 5 Secrets of Eating Out and Maintaining Your Diet Successfully- Every Time

  • How to start easily integrating exercise into you daily life

  • How to consistently make smart food and portion decisions

  • How to simply and easily say "No" without guilt to bad foods in social situations

  • Adopting the 2 most important mindset tools that every serious dieter has to know (without these, you are likely to fail)

  • How to get back on track IMMEDIATELY after you eat something you shouldn't

  • Our own dietary strategy that we have used to help 1000's of people successfully lose weight and keep it off (this is not a gimmick diet that loads you up with chemicals- it's a high nutrient eating program that will help you be healthy and strong for life)

  • How to eat like a naturally thin person

  • How to successfully deal with emotional eating and night eating

  • Breathing through procrastination, hesitation and fear and committing to a lifetime of health and happiness

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