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The Virgin Diet, By JJ Virgin

A Summary and Review Of This New Diet

October 6th, 2012

By Jason Boehm
Edited by , PEERtrainer Founder

The Virgin Diet is a new diet, from nutrition innovator JJ Virgin. The Virgin Diet is a 3-cycle plan that involves removing seven highly reactive (high-FI) foods.

    Cycle 1 -- In this first stage, you remove all top seven high-FI foods. You can lose up to seven pounds in the first week on cycle 1. Cycle 2 --In the second stage, you re-challenge your system each week with one of the four most reactive high-FI foods: soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten. Cycle 3 --In the last stage, you incorporate this plan for life with exercise and lifestyle habits most effective for long-term success. You'll also incorporate cycle 1 and eliminate the top 7 high-FI foods once a year.

PEERtrainer's quick review of the Virgin Diet is that we know that this will work for many people. Our biggest observation is that everyone is different and that you have got to test these things yourself. In our view if you have weight to lose or a health problem to tackle, give Cycle 1 a shot. You have nothing to lose and potentially a ton to gain!!

Cycle 1

This cycle produces dramatic and fast fat loss. A study from the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine showed that people who lose weight fast are five times more likely to keep it off for 18 months than people who lose weight more slowly.

You will completely eliminate all seven top-FI foods in cycle 1. The seven high-FI foods are:

    Gluten Soy Dairy Eggs Peanuts Corn Sugar and artificial sweeteners

This is crucial: you cannot do just a "little" of these foods. You must completely remove them for three weeks to recover from the inflammation and get rid of the immune complexes that create uncomfortable symptoms such as joint pain, headaches, bloating, gas, fatigue, and brain fog.

Even a little of the high-FI foods during this period will trigger the release of IgG antibodies and create more immune complexes, unraveling your healing process.

You must always read labels, since many processed and packaged foods contain hidden sources of these high-FI foods.

To avoid deprivation, you're going to create lateral shifts to replace these seven high-FI foods. The right foods will help heal your body, maintain steady blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and trigger fast fat loss.

So what do you eat when you eliminate these seven high-FI foods? Plenty:

    You start your morning with a Virgin Shake: pea/ rice protein, berries, flax or chia seeds in So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk. It's fast, filling, inexpensive, and keeps you full for hours. Every meal consists of:
      Lean clean protein -- top choices include wild-caught fish; grass-fed beef; free-range chicken and other poultry; pea/ rice protein Plenty of green leafy veggies High-fiber starchy carbs -- sweet potatoes, lentils and other legumes, and quinoa Good fats -- avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut oil/ milk, olive oil

The good news is that people lose up to seven pounds during the first week on cycle 1 when they eliminate these seven high-FI foods. But you can't do it halfway: you have to completely remove them for three weeks to get these benefits.

Cycle 2

Cycle 2 helps you customize your diet and discover which high-FI foods are really causing you trouble. In this cycle, you will re-introduce one high-FI food -- gluten, soy, dairy and eggs -- every week to see if you can incorporate that food back into your diet.

(The other high-FI foods -- corn, peanuts, sugar and artificial sweeteners -- should either take a permanent vacation from your diet or be eaten very sparingly.)

You might have considered these foods healthy and eaten them every day for years without connecting them to your symptoms. When you re-introduce each of these four foods, you will soon know whether you have a reaction and whether or not you can re-incorporate that food into your diet.

Cycle 3

In this cycle you learn long-term maintenance strategies to keep your weight off and stay lean and sexy for life. Many programs focus only on fat loss but not maintenance.

For instance, a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that of the 36 practices associated with successful weight loss, only eight were associated with weight-loss maintenance. The study concluded: "Successful weight loss and weight-loss maintenance may require two different sets of practices."

Cycle 3 is about utilizing the right exercise, lifestyle measures, and other components to keep your weight off for life. You'll receive effective strategies that help you make fat loss permanent and easy. You'll also learn why it's important to do cycle 1 and completely eliminate the seven high-FI foods once a year.

The Virgin Shake Recipe Guide:

For a limited time PEERtrainer has access to a 16 page recipe guide put together by JJ Virgin and her team. It is excellent and free!

Link: Get The Free Virgin Shake Recipe Guide Here

The JJ Virgin Cleanse

We hosted a live call with JJ Virgin earlier this year where she shared with us her view on what the "real deal" is with cleanses and detoxing. In her view there is a lot of value to cleanses, but you have to know some things before jumping in to anything.

This is an area of particular expertise for her. For the last 15 years, her main job has been teaching doctors how to help their patients get better nutrition, health and lose weight. As you may know, doctors don't get much of this kind of training in medical school. 

In this (free) class you are going to learn:

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