How to Make Weight Loss Simple

The One Thing You Need Bring Focus To

By Joshua Wayne, MA
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So let’s take it a step further.  What I want you to realize is that every decision you make is going to lead you in either a positive or a negative direction.  Just two choices here (remember, we’re keeping it simple) and it’s definitely one or the other! 

Whether it’s a decision about what to put in your mouth, whether or not to exercise, or even how to think about how your overall weight loss effort is going (make sure you get this last one- it’s very important), you are either moving in a positive direction or a negative direction. 

How do you know the difference?  Well, it may already be obvious to you, but I still think it’s a good thing to expand on.  It’s positive if it makes you:

•    Feel more hopeful, powerful and in-control
•    Feel excited about the direction you’re heading in and excited about what’s possible in your life
•    You feel proud and loving towards yourself and your body
•    Want to keep working at improving yourself and your behaviors
•    Want to share you success with others (and maybe help them as well)

It’s negative if it makes you:

•    Feel guilty, angry or frustrated with yourself
•    Question why you’re even bothering in the first place
•    Want to just give up and say “who cares?”
•    Hard and judgmental towards yourself (or others or that matter)
•    Makes you want to just isolate yourself and hide because you’re embarrassed about your body and your behavior
•    Feel pretty much anything that is not moving you in a positive direction (remember, it’s one or the other)

What I’m getting at here is learning how to engage in positive thinking in a very practical way.  A lot of people believe positive thinking means telling yourself half-serious affirmations, or really hoping or praying that something comes true.  What I’m talking about here is literally understanding positive thinking in the most practical way possible.  It’s present (or the opportunity for it is, I should say) in every single decision you make, and in the way you already think about the circumstances of your life. 

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Joshua Wayne is a Personal Development Coach and Trainer who focuses on weight loss, fitness and mind/body wellness.  He is the co-creator (with PEERtrainer co-founder Jackie Wicks) of the “Point of No Return” training program that helps people adopt the thinking and behaviors necessary to finally get “un-stuck” and overcome frustration and hopelessness in their weight loss efforts.