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I have always had a weight problem.

early 30's, sedentary job, always been heavy. Need a change, as this clearly isn't working, and I am not happy. Hoping for the motivation I need to make this life better.

I am 21. and have been struggling since I was 13 to be of average weight.

Homescooling my 10 year old son. 52 and feeling my age

I just turned 52 this past summer. I have been putting on weight slowly over the past 6 years after an auto accident that initially left me paralyzed only on my left side. I don't have all of my mobility back, but I can function and adapt my workouts to what works for me. The problem is inconsistency, laziness, and some depression. I know what I need to do, how I need to do it - I just don't. I'm tired of it, so I came across this site through Facebook, and thought if you're accountable to strangers, you can be accountable period. we go!!

Hi this is Mylan Francis, I am an General cosmetologist, and a beautician.The staff of Mylandre Spa & Salon School in Old Town Alexandria are licensed master estheticians and certified for Sothys treatments for men and women. Sothys is an exclusive brand of skin care products from France that has not become mass produced. It is not sold in discount stores like many other brands .

Im a designer and mostly sit on my behind all day...

Grandmother and dog lover

I am a single mother of two teenagers, 51 years old, and sole owner of a small business helping senior citizens downsize for moves into retirement communities. (That's the simple explanation.) I have always been in pretty good shape but this past year has really thrown me off. I want to get myself back on track by losing the weight and becoming stronger.

I am a 58 yr old married woman with 7 grandchildren. I want to continue to be healthy to enjoy these plus more grandchildren.

I am 5'4''. I love to interact with people and am most successful with support groups such as workout buddies, etc.

I am 44 years old and wanting to lose weight.

I am a happy stay-at-home mom of two precious children (3yrs old and 5 mos old) and am happily married to my husband Clay who supports me in all that I do and is constantly encouraging me.

I'm a mother of three who works full time. I need to lose about 80 pounds while figuring out how to balance a challenging carer,cleaning the house and cooking for everyone (including a naturally thin husband and daughter, finicky toddler and baby). Baby steps...

I'm 32 year ol mother of two. A 3 yr old boy and 23 month old girl. I've always played sport or done some form of strenuous exercise since the age of 5. Though now balancing being a mum, with a stressful job, and setting up my own business has meant that I have very little time and energy to exercise as much as I would like. In addition I find myself constantly snacking when I'm stressed and have too much on my mind. So want to get back to feeling physically and mentally strong, in control, and fit.

heavy meat eater nearly turned vegan

I have inflammation in my body from my food addictions. The food addictions caused food allergies which gave me RA. I have lost 100 lbs and take supplements that reduce my inflammation and get rid of the RA.

I'm an easy going person,work full time 7days a wk. I enjoy spending ime with my family and friends.

I'm a 35 year old single female living outside Washington, DC. I have over 100 lbs to lose. I've lost and gained numerous times. I tend to sabotage myself. I'm doing a Cleanse this month. I log my food/exercise on MyFitnessPal as 57bananas - feel free to friend me there.

I have been up and down on the weight loss roller coaster for years. I don't want to pass these habits on to my children. I am ready to enjoy life and be comfortable in my own skin.

I'm 22 years old. I've been up and down in weight loss and gain. I want to lose the weight once and for all.

I am 44 years old and I live in the Seattle area. My goal is to drop 30 lbs

I've lost 78 pounds over the last three years but have been on a plateau for months. I'm hoping to get the weight loss started again.

I'm a 37 year old stay at home mom. I put on about 10lbs with each child. I've tried everything and nothing is working. I'm hoping Peer Trainer will help.

28 years of age. Busy mother of two boys.

I'm 32, married, SAHM to my 4-year-old daughter. Passionate about health and nutrition!

I live in jersey and I like golf I am 64 and would like to loose weight for health reasons as I am diabetic and as I am taking pills for under active thyroid I find it hard to loose weight and if anyone has any tips I would love to hear them

I am turning 50 in November and would like to get in shape so I can enjoy my Fabulous 50's!!

I'm 31 and live with my boyfriend between Cape Cod, MA and Providence, RI. I spent over 10 years living in New Hampshire, and love being outside. I have an adorable Boston Terrier named Sheldon who is our little man. I love love love to snowboard and ride my Harley. Life is so good - but I'm very distracted about my current body and am constantly struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I am a professional wedding photographer, and love to make people look their best in pictures. I also run a successful consulting business, which leaves me very little time - most of which I like to spend with my wonderful hubby and 10 year old puppy.

Im 39 years old. Ive been gaining weight for the last 5 years and really want that to change. I struggle with my diet more than anything.

I am 60, I am active -- I take Pilates with a personal trainer 3 times a week, I walk about 2.5 miles every day but I also sit a lot at my job. I have pseudo-gout and have lost both shoulders and one hip. I am pre-diabetic -- my mother and her mother both became Type II diabetics in their 60s.

Wife, no children. Bible teacher and mentor for teens Precept Bible Study Leader Creative in arts, crafts, needle work of all kinds. Fasinated by interior decorating and Archeology

I fully intend to have a pink embroidered Thai silk dress made for me when I can fit into my old favorite dresses as a treat to myself. Then I'll start the hunt for the *perfect* pair of shoes.

I am 300+lb 47 year old woman that has never been skinny or average weight.

I am an artist and art teacher, 31 years old, active and keep within a normalish weight range for my height. At my current weight I can afford to loose ten pounds which will hopefully help reduce inflammation in my achilies tendon. I love to run and to exercize in general. I plan on completeing the New York marathon in 2013 and reducing inflammation in my joints and tendons is key to completing this run pain free.

49 year old RN, work half time in a busy nursing station in the the other half of my life in the tropics on an island off the coast of Honduras. Sounds like paradise right??? It can be exhausting travelling back and forth every 8 weeks... I have felt overweight my whole adult life, but was probably not between my first and second child..... it was after that the weight came on and just stayed.

45 yrs old. Married with 1 child.

I am a wife, mother of 2, and work full time. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. My hobbies are reading, four wheeling, and fishing. I have 3 dogs, 2 labs and a mastiff/great dane mix.

Im a mom of three that need to lose ten pounds from each pregnancy

I am a married father of 3 (and 1 in heaven) in my late 40s.

Have been overweight my whole life and know there are many factors that keep me there. I really want to WIN THIS BATTLE! and hoping that this group/site will help.

Been overweight most of my life but as I have gotten older am now an emotional eater.

I'm 29 yo and since my early teens have been chubby. I was in the military for 10 years and even working out 5 days a week I never slimmed down but im fit. Ive have lost 2 immediate family members in the last year and gained a child as well as 25 pounds on top of an already full frame. I'm so tired of continuing this cycle and ready to move on.

Married my HS sweetheart, and we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next month. I am a super blessed mother to 3 beautiful children. I've gained about 50lbs since I've had my babies and I need to get back in shape!!!

55 years old & menopausal. Don't need to lose weight overall but have problem areas such as rolls waistline and flabby stomach, arms, etc. Looking forward to commit 100% to cutting out the 7 problem foods to identify problem foods. Eaten whole foods and very little processed but love my desserts & chocolate. Menopause kicking my butt.. losing muscle mass and skin tone at what seems to be an accelerated pace... HELP!

I am 28 year's old and I'm ready to change my life.

I go through periods of being active, then couch potato-ey. This last episode of Lazy is longer than I'd like to admit.

46 yr old male 5'10 254lbs

I'm in my mid twenties and since college have continuously gained weight. I'm pretty short so every pound counts, there's no hiding it! Please help keep me motivated to lose it!

I try , I don't quit but as soon sometnihg stress me it's done

hiii ...i m 21 yrs old...i am a student.....i love dancing,playing badminton and reading novels....

I'm at uni and I'm literally the fattest person in school, i have been trying to loose weight since the age of 10 :( nothing has worked i am still obese and i need to change that!

Very obese and is on the path to lose about 100 lbs. I need to get healthy and feel more physically fit; everyday is a drag!

I'm a 27yr old mother of 3. My high school sweetheart and I have been together since our junior year (2002) so 10 years. I would like for us to show up at our 10 year class reunion looking as good as we did our graduation day.

I am 35 years old. I am about 205 lbs right now. I am a mother of 2 little girls, 3 and 6 months old. I am married and am a stay-at-home mom for the time being. When working I teach high school. I am a bit of a foodie, I like to cook and especially to bake. I have always been interested in healthy, local and organic foods - I just eat them in unchecked quantities! I haven't taken care of my physical health much in my adult life and with the shift of focus to parenting, I have really just thrown self-care out the window. I care for others and that's all I can manage. This hasn't worked out well for me and I have been putting on weight for a while. I don't diet and I rarely have watched what I eat. I have always been a bit chubby and have encouraged myself to not worry about it but this is not a responsible way to live. I am determined to think of health before weight... but weight is an effective measure of change. I want to lose weight and learn to live healthily and enjoy food in moderation.

About to turn 55, female, in a long-term (24+ years) relationship. Didn't have a weight problem until I turned 35, quit smoking and drinking, and got comfortable in a relationship. Since then I have put on close to 50 pounds. I have no motivation or energy to do anything that I should or want to do, other than going to work and taking care of the dogs. Even cooking, which used to be a pleasure has turned into a chore. Need to fix this soon.

I am a soon to be divorced mother of 3. 18, 14, 12. I work on a computer full time and have my kids most of the time.

I am 23 years old and currently working full time and going to school almost full time. I am recently engaged and want to lose weight before my 2014 wedding. I have struggled with my weight my whole life but most recently I have put on the "comfort weight" since I started dating my fiance. Looking to lose the 15lbs I have gained in a year and a half and then some! Hoping to learn better portion control and to lead a healthier life.

I am a mom of two who has struggled with weight for the last 8 years.

Elementary school teacher, single income household, turning 55 in April 2013, mother of 2 adult girls who are my life; animal advocate

I work on a computer from home. I belong to a gym. If I can make myself go there, I do a good workout but I hate exercise!

I'm a 26 female who would like to establish a more healthy lifestyle (and relationship with food). Over the past two years I have lost and gained 40lbs. And although before the losing seemed so easy - it is now become something I struggle and think about all the time. So much so that I've developed a fast or binge mentality. And I am too obsessed with food. I would like to return to the point where my thoughts weren't 100% directed on food.

I'm twenty one, and currently in a size 14.

I am 24 years old, and have struggled with body image/weight issues for 6 years. I have had an eating disorder the whole time too - restrictive eating for most of the time, bulimia for 7 months - and am finally at a point that I just want to be free from obsessive eating, whether it's restricting calories or binging on everything in sight. I'm a baker as well, which makes it hard to develop good eating habits!

fatty bombatty

I am a pastor's wife of 35 years. We have 2 children and 4 amazing grandchildren. I've been overweight most all of my life. I work as an administrative assistant but am going back to school to become a Christian Counselor.

I am in my late 50s, and have lost 40 # so far this year. I feel great about that, but I still feel I need to lose 10-15 to b where I should be.

I enjoy healthy plant food!!!!

Mom of 2 preschoolers, always busy!

I have struggled with staying motivated. I am my own worst enemy, last year I was doing great... Working out faithfully and was down 28lbs. Now I am back up. Once again I am 75lbs from my goal. I had 3 kids back to back 13 months a part but they are now in school so I can no longer use the "I just had a baby" line with regards to my weight. Lol

I'm a teenage girl, going on 18 now, I've never been over weight however I've always been at risk for developing diabetes and the rest. I'm on doctor's (and family) orders to keep myself healthy and fit as to avoid that

My name is Jessica and I currently live in South Carolina and I have 2 children. I am trying to lose about 47 lbs. I am at 182 and have a goal weight of 135. I have to limit myself on exercising due to me having a herniated disk. I have decided to eat more fruits and vegtables as my diet plan. I take a mutiple variety of vitamins daily.

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43, married, grandmother

I'm 18, currently weighing 228 lbs, hoping to be 150 by next year!! :)

Single mum of 4 young children, aged 6,5,3 and 20 mths. Working 4 days/week, with little support. Used to be fit and active before kids, and life, and have fallen into bad habits. Also developed an narrative thyroid which did not help.

I don't feel sexy at all! Some people think so because I have big hips and a big booty. BUT I WANT A SMALL WAIST so I can look right, feel right, be more active for my 3 year old daughter and be more active for my fiance in the bedroom ;). I AM 23YRS OLD, I HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, AND I OWN A TOTAL GYM BUT CAN'T SEEM TO GET UMPT TO DOING IT REGULARLY. :(

I have been on a weight loss journey for 2 years. I have dropped 25 pounds and kept it off. I know that I will be on a journey now for the rest of my life. It is a change of life not a diet. I am just stuck right now and cant seem to see any results

I am 46 years old with a small bone structure...need to get to a healthy weight. I have two beautiful girls, and I plan to be a great healthy role model for both.

I am a late 30-something father of two little kids. I've been healthy and trim and heavy and in poor shape in cycles throughout my life. Everyone in my family is the same way. I'm looking to drop some weight, improve my cardio vascular fitness and hopefully do a better job maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Amy! I am 30 years old and live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a 42 year-old mom of three great little kids! I have been working toward a healthy lifestyle for a long time and am ready to put all the pieces into place.

Female, 42, 7 year old daughter. Need to lose two stones. I've been on Cambridge Diet on and off for 7 years, need to stop now as I'm losing sight of what's!

I am 28 have been into fitness since I was 14. I started running marathons at 24 and ran 6 of them and quit doing that last year. Now I'm focusing more on lifting and a balanced approach that involves lifting, running, and yoga.

I'm a widowed single mom and with work and all of the running around I have to so I don't take time for myself. I want to change that and get healthy!!!

Married, 39 year old woman with no children. Still getting established in my career and want to move up the ladder, but realize to do so, I need to be more marketable - like it or not, fat doesn't impress.

I am married. I have 2 children. I work full time. I love the outdoors. We spend alot of time fishing on our off days. :)

I am Self Employed, I enjoy bike riding and music. I have been on and off diets for most of my adult life. For the last 5 years I have been a Vegetarian. My weakness is Beer.

53 yr female, novice runner. 4 half marathons and several shorter runs. Running Iron Girl 10 mi on Dec 16. I want to be running when I'm 80!

I have been somewhat overweight pretty much my whole life. It has been a sad story I have been telling myself for years, as my weight went up and down. At 41, working full time with two young boys (8 and 5) on my own, I find myself wanting to be healthier for more practical, less emotional reasons. I want to have energy! And I want to be around when my boys have their own kids.

I am a female with Autism. I had a Gastric Bypass surgery done on July 24, 2012

I'm 59, happily married, no children, work a full time job that I love, but that is very sedentary and also requires an hour commute each way. I do love exercise, especially walking and yoga, but have been sporadic with both for the last few years. This is partly due to my schedule, but I've also developed bad habits I want to replace with good ones.

43 yr old Mom, wife and employee. On meds for various health conditions and not overly motivated to exercise or diet. This needs to change for sure! =)

I'm a 41 yo wife and working mother and I have two small sons (ages 2 and 4). I'm about 5' 7" and want to lose 100 lbs. I used to be active and fit, but I had a knee injury in my early 30's that I've allowed to side-line me ever since. I really started putting on weight after I got married. I gained mimimal amounts of weight with my two sons (I was already overweight when I got pregnant) and lost the pregnancy weight and more both times, so I can't blame the extra weight on that. I'm at my very highest weight ever and I HAVE to make a permanent change. My knees have started to hurt, I feel tired all the time, and I'm starting to feel depressed. I absolutely don't recognize myself and hate the way I look. I don't want to be the 'fat mom'. I want to be a sexy wife and active mom.

Slowly having gained about 25 lbs about 5 years ago. Then lost about 10 to be stuck at least 15 from where I was and 20-25 from where I want to be.

I am a 47 yr old mom to four having difficult time losing the pounds I put on after having my son (14 yrs. ago). I want to feel good again, like I used to feel when I was at a healthy weight.

I am a US Navy veteran. I got out in 2008 one month before giving birth to my first daughter. I use to work out 6-7 days a week and eat clean. I gained over 60 lbs during that pregnancy. Although I lost half of that within 10months, I hit a plateau that lasted over two years no matter what I done so I gave up and gained all that weight back. I then got pregnant in September 2011 and gave birth to my second daughter with N additional 45 lbs on top of what I already had to lose.

Yo-yo weight lose/gain has got me down! Want to lose it and maintain it!! Making the change to a healthy lifestyle for good!

Menopause, lazy, smoke, bad bad girl.

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55 year old male

I am a 43 year old single mom to an awesome two year old little boy. His father is not in the picture so I am doing it alone without financial support. I have just started back to school online and have 60 weeks of classes to get my bachelors in business administration. I work full time and my son is in an awesome daycare. I have a treadmill that I try to meet up with but have had trouble doing so with so much on my p,ate. Speaking of plates I love to eat!

I am married with two young kids. I am a stay home mom but we never seem to be at home. I love playing sports and last year I tried skiing for the first time, I enjoyed it.

I'm 28 living in Mexico. I enjoy playing tennis, running and recently I discovered rock climbing, that's my main motivation for getting fit, I want to be leaner and stronger. I love eating.

I am a 57 year old female. I have neglected my health for the past 15 years. Prior to moving to Florida to take care of ailing parents, I lived in NYC and Seattle where I ate well and exercised and enjoyed living a very active lifestyle. Sadly, my caregiving duties and dissatisfaction with life in general somehow gave me permission to neglect my health and my self esteem. I've decided to take my life back, and I've lost 30 pounds since June by not eating bread, and cutting down on night eating.

I am a widow for the second time and live in a high rise on the Country Club Plaza, here in KCMO. I have one daughter (only child) 43 who is married to a retired USN aviator. They have two children and currently reside in the Boston area. I am active in the arts, as a producer and benefactor for same in the community. I am currently seeing a very nice gentleman, who is also widowed. I love and cook and entertain and am extremely careful about my calorie intake. I take pride in the way I look and look probably 15 yrs. younger than I am. I avoid the sun (especially on my face) which is way I have very few wrinkles. I am outgoing and love entertaining friends in my home. For twenty-five years I was active in local and national politics and worked the advance teams in Jackson County. Who wants to join me in losing weight and exchange ideas and encourage each other when each of us gets discouraged....especially with the holidays here. Thanks.

I am 54 and want to be my healthiest by my 55th birthday - Dec. 17. Will be celebrating my 35th Wedding Anniversary June1st and will be going to Kaui for Christmas.

I'm a female near mid-life who has tried many life changes to lose weight. I exercise regularly, eat clean, and struggle with losing weight. I am currently in a plateau and am looking for a way to get through it.

I was a gymnast for 13 years but had to quit due to injury. I have found that I am gaining weight easier than I did while I was training.

I just turned 46 a mother of three boys ages 10, 16 and 20. I never had a problem with weight until my twenties and I would do the yo-yo dieting to keep my weight in control. After a life changing event 9 years ago my weight just continues to increase. I have tried everything and am to the point of thinking maybe I should just keep gaining so I can get the lapband surgery. I know deep down that is not the right attitude and a friend sent me the link to PEERtrainer and I am going to go for it!

I am 39 years old, a teacher, and have 2 children- 12 and 14 years old. I always seem to be too busy to take the time to exercise. Either cooking, cleaning, or driving my kids somewhere. This is the heaviest I have ever been, and I feel awful.

After an active childhood, adolescence, and college experience, I lost my mom and I soothed my grief with eating, drinking, and watching way too much TV. I was already not in shape when she died, and now, 20 pounds later, I've been thinking about getting in shape, but then I say, ohhh, I'll do it tomorrow. Well, it's tomorrow, folks. Gah, it's hard to start! Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!

I am 58, female, and have been overweight for over 25 years. I have always worked long hours and have either had no regular meal breaks in my day or worked where I am in constant access to food. I want to break free from the control that food has in my life. I want good health to be my focus but also to feel good about my body again.

56, work 2 jobs (as a cook in a daycare and as a baker)

I am a full time mom. Have a greate life and a wonderfull husband. I struggle with my wight because I eat wrong food. I want to be heatly

I am a single mom of 2 boys. I am going to school and working part time so I have no time for myself. Losing weight for me has been a difficult struggle.

I like walking, jogging and most outdoor activities.

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Busy but productive. Lots of great things and people in my life. Really want to be healthy so that i can enjoy all that I love longer and more abundantly.

I am a mother with 4 children, ages 8 months thru 10, and I am trying to turn over a new leaf in my life and be healthy and set an example for my kids. If I happen to lose some weight in the process and end up looking fabulous, so be it!!

Female, 46, maried, 2 kids

I'm 27 and wasn't ever very active until about 6 years ago. I started competing in triathalons and 5ks, however this last year I have been slacking and lacking any motivation to be active. I wouldn't consider myself fat, but I'm definitely not where I want to be.

28 years old

Mother of 3, school full time (until May!!) to become a elem ed teacher after many years of government work, part time Zumba instructor (classes 4 nights a week)...with my busy schedule and stress I tend to eat WAY too much mindlessly

I'm a freelance writer, artist, and illustrator who's based in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines. Since my job is sedentary, I easily gain weight if I go for long periods of time without adequate physical activity. I'm not the outdoorsy or athletic type, and I'm no good at sports, so I rely on the exercise equipment we have here at home. I also take brisk walks around the neighborhood.

I'm a female in my early 20's. I currently study full-time, and try to toggle in my ambitions as a writer. I'm sick and tired of being this way. I've been obese since childhood, like my mom, and aunt. It's thanks to them I have very poor eating habits and knowledge of food. They are also responsible for the terrible self-esteem I have, but that's a long story. The way I look today was caused by others to start with, but how I go about this today is my own responsibility and I need to fix it. On my free time I enjoy writing, drawing and reading.

I'm a happy-go-lucky type of person. I always have a big smile on my face. I'm fond of cracking jokes with my friends.

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I am 47, married and have 4 children. 3 are now in college so only 1 left at home and finally taking the time to focus on me! I have struggled with weight loss for years now and even my doctor said I was putting in too much effort to not work! I've gained rather than loosing:(. Have been doing the cleanse on own and in 3 weeks have already lost 5 lbs:). I believe I'm sensitive to gluten so trying to be sure to eliminate it all.

 of two girls (6 &20mos) part-time...although i don't do as much as i'd like to these days i am a runner/jogger...1 marathon....3 half marathons and loads of 5ks under my belt

27, M , Procrastinator, Lazy, Fluctuating Will power. I could quit smoking and drinking but cant seem to quit my indulgences in eating and being a couch potato. Weigh 172, 5'8", 24% BF.

45 year old loves my shar pei, yoga meditation and the beach

I'm 41 and was former college basketball player. I like a lot of different activities including sports, outdoors, movies, and reading. Probably like a lot of others I struggle more with the diet than working out. So hope I can have some interaction with all of you and we can help encourage each other in those weak moments. :)

I am a 30 year old mother of 6! My oldest child is almost 12 and my youngest is three months. I have been either pregnant or nursing for a very long time! haha! I have been holding onto a lot of weight since my first pregnancy, and I'm ready to be done with it. :) My husband and I are professional photographers and we love what we do!

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