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Member: nete
Member Since: 5/17/2008
City: Holland, MI

at 166 w/ my famed neighbor, Marge
at 152 - Christmas party galore!

My Goal:
Eat what I regard as healthy food (organic, whole grains, good fats, etc..). Stay active...while having fun. With that, I started out at 166 and I would like to weigh 125-130 again.

Overall my goal is to age gracefully and savor as many moments along the way as possible. My 94 year old neighbor Marge is my role model...we should all be so fortunate to have her mental and physical agility.

Jan 2012 - 162.4 / 39 1/4 - 34 1/2 - 44
Feb 2012 - 157 / 39 - 34 - 43
Mar 2012 - 160.8 - 38 1/2 - 35 1/2 - 43 1/2 (me + seattle)
April 2012 - 157 - 39 - 34 - 43

About me:
I'm 54 years old and am 5'5". I've always weighed around 125-130...however in 2004, I started to gain some weight. When my weight topped at 166 in 2007, I was VERY alarmed. Since then I have made myself my job. I am eating right, getting involved with new (and old) activities...basically, focusing on my self and trying not to feel too guilty about it.

Diets I like:
Eating real food. If I can't pronounce it, I stay away from it. I cook from scratch and try to stick to the organics and whole grains. I do eat meat but try to buy grass fed when possible. I've adapted many of my family's Italian and Hungarian recipes so that they have a healthier slant. I read the book, "Omnivore's Dilema" and LOVED IT!! I'm naturally not a big sugar junkie...but will always buckle for a great creme brulee. My main philosophy is moderation. I'm currently counting calories so that I can reign in my portions. I drink 2 quarts of water a day and keep alcohol at 1 per day....okay...sometimes 2 per day!

Workout of choice:
First let me say, I hate to sweat...and love to have my workouts have to meet both criteria and have variety. They include: *Monday: 1/2 hr Rebounding, 1 hr equip Pilates; *Tuesday: 1 mi swim; *Wed: same as 1 hr equip Pilates+ 45 Tap Class; *Thurs: same as Tuesday; *Friday: 3 mi walk, 1 hr 15 min equip Pilates; *Weekends: walk, bike and/or yoga...or nothing!

My plan:
Hitting my all time high of 166 was my wake up call. That's when I went back to eating in a healthy way, started taking supplements, cut back on the alcohol, and began my "Workout of Choice". Contrary to all the experts, I weigh myself daily and keep a chart and do measurements at the beginning of each month. For me, this works....helps me to stay focused. I also have a metronome ticking away while I exercise...another tool to help me to stay focused.

I need the most help with:
Staying focused and not slacking or justify "diet vacations".

Additional Info:
In Mar 2003 I fell down the steps hit the back of my head and my hip...and my life changed ( I forgot that Mollie the cat sleeps on step #4). The fall created neck and hip hip got torqued which pulls on my left neck muscles and hyoid bone and vagus nerve...and was giving me a choking/hungry feeling most of the time...and when one feels hungry, one eats...and in my case when one eats, one gains weight. Additionally, I had senior care of my aunt and then my mom. My aunt passed away in June of 2004 and at that point my mom's alzheimer's really started kicking in. Sadly, she passed away Dec 7, 2007. Caring for my mom was an honor and I wouldn't change a thing...she was the epitome of love. We then had the care of my father-in-law...he passed away Jan 19, 2009. With my physical ailments due to the fall and the emotional grief, I quit exercising, started eating poorly (and lots), increased my alcohol consumption to 2-3 drinks/day and the weight started adding up. It was a 5 year downward spiral. thankfully, we're onto a new chapter in life. I'm grateful for a supportive husband, one birth daughter, 3 step daughters (two of whom I raised), and one grandson. Dogs have died and we're down to one cat. We're empty-nesters and loving it. Professionally, I was a computer trainer until '98 and then I took an event planning position with the Tulip Time Festival. I quit that job to focus on my mom. I am now (attempting) to focus on myself. I still do contract event planning for the city and for the last two years have started to help in my husband's office.