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Wednesday, August 1 
laura823's daily log

 Last posted Mon. Nov 19, 2:44pm

My goal is to lose the weight I want so I can be confident, healthy and fit.

"short-term goal" - to weigh175 by October 16, 2012. Using NOOM app on my phone to track my progress and PT of course! I weigh about 192 now.

07/31/12 Couch to 5K. I'm going to do this!

my notes
Tired today.

I stepped on the scale and see that I finally dropped 2 lbs after trying to change my habits for 3 weeks now. I can do better and will! But I'm happy to see that scale move in the right direction!

AM:1.87 miles for couch to 5k day # 2
burned 206 calories

PM: walked 1 mile burned 111 calories

1 egg 70
1 toast 130
oj 110

Giant salad...600 (guessing probably less)

pretzels 115
grapes 60
sourdough bread slice w/honey 150

1015 before dinner
spanish rice, mini corn on the cobb, slice of sourdough bread, 1% milk 550

total 1785 - 206-111 = 1468

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