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Group Name: Want to join a group of daily loggers?
Members: 4
Location: Fortuna, CA 95540

Goals: To commit to self-defined goals and to seek support from and offer support to one another, cheering each other on as we face life's challenges and practice better, more healthful ways to cope.

Profile: Older but wiser, 50 and up, committed to daily online logging except when impossible to get Internet access.

Last posted: Saturday, August 22, 2015, 4:35 PM

Other Info: We're looking for someone who will take a few moments in his or her day as often as possible to respond to posts and to scan each other's logs.

Members profiles:
I am a 61 year old schoolteacher, happily married, two grown kids. I am entering final phase of pre-retirement career, and have a goal of becoming more proactive in terms of what is happening with it.

I'm 64, married 42 years with two grown children. I became a grandma in 2011 when each of my kids had a boy within a month of each other. The grand-daughters arrived in June and October of 2013 I've come through some serious health problems. I am now healthy and ready to lose. More detail on the health problems. In 1996 I caught whooping cough in August and it was really bad. I didn't laugh again without coughing until January. The coughing disrupted my sleep which I think was a factor in my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was just starting to pull out of that when our neighbor used herbicides inappropriately and I was poisoned by lettuce I ate. On and on until 1998 when I decided I would give myself one year to see some improvement in my health or I was going to move on. I worked really hard on diet, exercise, sleeping, and mental health so by 1999 I did feel better. Had surgery on both knees and uterine fibroids removed in the 2000-2004 range. Thought I'd learned my lessons about slowing down and taking care of myself but no--In the spring of 2004 I feel and broke three transverse processes in my back. While lying around waiting for those to heal I decided to go back to school and study nutrition. I spent 2004 through 2008 getting clinical certification in nutrition and herbalism. Through this time I learned more about how to nourish myself and although I didn't loose a ton of weight I did come through much healthier. I feel good and strong and I don't take any prescription anymore. Currently I'm spending time taking care of my grandchildren. I also volunteer for our city as a naturalist, leading hikes and going to schools with presentations. I love to canoe and we try to get in at least one long trip per year. I think we are looking at Boundary Waters again this year. I have a "herb den" in my basement and give workshops to explain how people can make their on personal products, like lotions, deodorants, bath salts, etc. I make a few things to sell but I'm not interested in a big business. During June and July I go to Washington to pick herbs that I dry, make into oils, and tinctures. I sell the dried herbs to a local apothecary. The other two things I dabble in are a dream group and mandala group.

I am an ESL instructor and tutor, and take regular lifelong learning classes at a nearby university. I am 68, married, with two married children, and two grandchildren. My current goals: to be able go on long walks, to garden, to participate in fitness classes, and to chase after a young grandchild. Lost 16 pounds since joining PeerTrainer summer 2009, but gained some back this spring as I recuperated slowly from arthroscopic knee surgery In late winter. Slowly resuming activity after knee surgery in mid-February, ongoing physical therapy, and gel injection in late May. (Setback in late March when I climbed full sets of stairs and walked too much ..way too soon.) I love to walk (except in H-H-H weather), cook, have given up much of the baking, and read. I love to try new restaurants and enjoy travelling (when I have the opportunity). Guess you would say that I live to eat, but need to shift the emphasis to eating to live.

59 years old, I lost 12 lbs after joining PT in 2011 and gained all back and then some! I never thought it would happen to me but it did. So this time, whatever I do has to lead to weight/fat loss that is sustainable. To me that means a diet based on nourishment and enjoyment and an exercise program based on strength training. I have overcome a long standing back problem and work with amazing trainers to establish good alignment. I broke my ulna near the elbow in Sept 2014 and still working back to full strength and full range of motion.

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