Do I Need To Take Vitamins And Supplements...

...Even Though I Eat A Healthy Plant-Focused Diet?

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The other aspect that I'd like to talk about today is the concept that as people get more in tune with their body, exercise more, maybe start to lose a little weight, they're actually creating a need for more vitamins and minerals then perhaps they needed when they were sedentary or in a less healthy state. That is directly correlated to activity, to the exercise that we do and to all sorts of free radicals and oxidated stress that our body creates, or we create in our body, when we're active and more healthy.

And so, the key antidotes to a lot of that free radical oxidated stress are antioxidants. Some of the most potent antioxidants are vitamins and other vital nutrients that come in fruits and vegetables but in many cases, the more active we are, the more vitamins that we need, not less.

Jackie: That's interesting. I hadn't heard anyone specifically point out the activity level.

Graham: Yeah, it's one of those that I think is very important. One thing when you look at Mother Nature, nature, of course, is active. Nature conserves everything and everything is connected. And so, when you are more active and you're doing things that are better for your body, that's a wonderful thing, but just like with a car running down the road.

If you drive 10 miles you have a certain amount of exhaust that comes out of the car. If you are suddenly driving 20 or 30, you've got that much more exhaust.

In the case of our body that exhaust doesn't go through a muffler, it's actually held within our cells and within our organs and that exhaust needs to get neutralized. That exhaust, if you think of that, as oxidated, oxidation or oxidated stress or if you just think of it as exhaust, that's fine.

The antidotes to that exhaust are these nutrients, antioxidants and other compounds that can kind of neutralize that. If you don't neutralize that exhaust, especially if you're more active, you can damage your muscles, and you can also become more fatigued.

And so, one of the ways that you can actually enhance energy and enhance your endurance is to deal with that oxidated stress to deal with this exhaust that happens when you're more active. That's a little key piece that I think for the PEERtrainer audience and consumer group that I think is of interest.

Why Many People Need Supplemental Vitamin D

The other piece that I'll put out there is there are a lot of vitamins that just aren't readily available in our food supply, or in foods that the typical American would subject themselves to eat. Vitamin D is one of the key, hot vitamins out there now, and there are very few food sources of Vitamin D out there now.

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